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Fat Blue Tabs
by Three Railz
Citation:   Three Railz. "Fat Blue Tabs: An Experience with LSD (exp53475)". Jul 20, 2007.

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


My friend and I's first experience with acid happened May 12 of 2006. We had just gotten out of school so we figured hey, lets get some acid. We'd both done shrooms a couple of times before but that was it for hallucinogens.

7:30AM - we had only gotten a couple of hours of sleep the night before (anticipation) and decided we'd go to the local waffle house for a nice breakfast of Acid and water :) We put the fat blue-stained tabs on our tongues on the way and got our semi-retarded but sober friend to drive us there. Our first indications of anything different were probably about an hour after the drop at the waffle house. With the tabs still on our tongues, we decided to swallow them with water at our table. My friend looked down at a spoon that was next to me and said 'Oh fuck' because my face was starting to 'transform'. I didnít notice any change until we got up to leave, when suddenly I felt really unnaturally tall. The ground was kind of slanted and colors took on a brighter, more vivid effect.

Then it happened. As we got into the car, we went into neverland. All of a sudden it had the effect of a mild mushroom trip and we decided to head for my friend's house because his parents were out. By the time we arrived, it was really starting to hit. Nothing freaked us out at this point even though neither of us had experienced as intense a thing as this before. Once inside, the hallucinations started happening. My first one I'll never forget was lookin at a statue on the mantle and watching it transform into a serpant and slither around. My friend started talkin to the horse head picture on the wall - he said it was pokin out and talking to him. Every aspect of the room seemed to be alive and in its own universe.

Our other friend/sitter decided to go out on the porch and smoke a joint while we continued trippin our balls off. Next stage of the trip, the bathroom. I walked in to take a piss and before I was able to turn on the lights, I had the most intense, realistic hallucinations of people and character's faces coming at me through the darkness. I yelled at my friend to get in there and he saw igniting sparks flying around his head. While our friend was blazing outside we went into the basement to attempt to play pool. HAHAHA. Right. We ended up hunting giraffes on a safari thinkin the pool cue's were spears. Our other sober friend came downstairs and I tried talking to him but I kept seeing things manifest from his face, mainly banana-stalks and images of fruit.

My trippin friend had left the room to go watch his countertop 'breathe' so I took the opportunity to stick my head into the freezer. Man the images I saw, I canít even describe it. Eventually all 4 of us wound up upstairs and then all hell broke loose. Our beautiful experience was about to turn into a hellish nightmare by the call of one person, my friend's dad. Apparently his dad chose this day of all days to hound his ass on the phone about him not coming home the night before and fully expecting him to be home in a couple of hours. Now we were in trouble - we had planned to stay the entire trip at his house and we had to leave. As if it weren't enough, our friends both bailed on us and so there we were, 2 acid heads outside watching our friends drive away and trying to figure out what to do with poolsticks in our hands.

After an eternity of panic (2 real minutes) I called my other friend and told him our situation. We convinced him to drive down and babysit us, so again we were good for about another hour until my friend's dad started calling again. No way could he have talked to him on the phone, we were so far gone from reality at this point that nothing, not even 4 word text messages made sense to us. So began our grand journey. We got our friend to drive us to the local park so we could walk around. We were so fucked up that our only goal was to kill time until we could come down to reality and face society again.

As soon as we were on the walking/bike path, we noticed our first heavy tracers when bikers would go by and their doubles would keep passing us for another 2 minutes. The jungle had never looked so alive. Everything was moving and breathing, and I think this is where sounds started to mesh with sight and taste. I remember 'tasting' the green of the leaves and hearing the trails of the bikers. Well that lasted about 5 minutes real time (3 hours ours) so we told our friend to drive us anywhere else, which ended up being another park. When we stopped in the parking lot we met another friend who freaked us the fuck out. He kept saying he had a friend who was a sheriff and he was gonna get us arrested and into a drug program.

So then all of us went to this pizza joint and ordered a large pepperoni. My friend's distorted image of the waitress was beyond ridiculous, he said 'When she put the pizza on the table her face went with it and landed in the middle of the cheese.' By now people's faces were melting and shape-shifting, it was nearly impossible to talk to people, or so we thought, apparently we sounded fine the whole time but we sure as hell didnít feel like we did. There was pizza in front of us and we just couldnít eat - just too fucked up, so its about hour 5 or 6 with no food. Next we, in our brilliancy, decided it would be smart to try to go to a movie just to pass the time. This was the dumbest thing we've ever done. On the way to the theater we happened to see a live car accident as it happened (confirmed by our sober friends), and as if that weren't enough all the times and titles on the theater listings were backwards in real life, which just made us feel more crazier.

By now we started to get worried that the trip wouldnít end - that's where the panic started. When we walked into the theater, we thought we saw a crowded room with people in every seat, then our friend told us there was only one lady in the very back and suddenly we saw how empty it was. This made us just lose it. The sound meshing of the theater's bass mixed with our howling screams (at the previews) was too much to take. As my friend was busy watching the spindles of light manifest and rotate about the movie screen, I went into the deepest meditative state I've ever been in my life. My eyes were crosseyed and I literally saw what I'd call the spindles of consciousness. Two spinning fibrous greenish tornado beings is the best I can do to describe it. All the while my friend was too freaked out to sit still and started yelling at me in my ear. It sounded like he was a hundred miles away, I could barely hear him I was so far in my own mind. So our sober friend quickly ushered us out and back in the car, 20 dollars wasted on a movie where we didnít even make it past the 3rd preview.

We went to another friend's house who had just gotten home from school and her parents were gone. We tried hookin up the xbox and playin some halo2, I think I got 26 suicides while seriously trying to play and my friend kept dropping the controller and staring at the ceiling. And then outa nowhere her mom walked in. I can't even tell you the panic. Somehow we talked to her for a few minutes and she left, and then we went outside to the tire swing. This was def. one of the best and scariest parts of the trip. We had our friends wind us up and spin us on the swing, and when we opened our eyes it was like total mind-meltdown, I couldnít even tell you what planet I was on.

So even longer story short, night came and we were about 14 hours into the trip and still hardcore tripping, I mean tracers and hallucinations, no sign of a comedown. This is what freaked us out the most, everywhere we read had said 12 hours max and we were fucked beyond yesterday. We panicked cause we both were supposed to be home at certain times and we had to get our sober friends to write text messages to our parents telling them we were out for the night. Our best idea at the time was to tell our parents the next day we had been wasted cause anything would be better than them finding out we did acid.

9:45pm and only a small hint of a comedown. our friend said she'd drive us to a local pharmacy and get us some herbal shit. It was supposed to 'detox' us or somethin but we both knew it was bullshit and we couldnít remember how to swallow pills anyway so we stuffed em in our pockets and pretended to take them. When we got back to her house we were way freaking out and decided it was up to us to learn how to 'reintegrate into society'. We tried immitating the other 'humans' aka non-acid-takers we saw in her house by eating muffins and playing cards. That lasted 20 seconds, we were too fucked to tell what our cards were or understand any purpose of the game.

11pm still trippin and we have our original friend from the morning pick us up and take us to his house to crash for the night. In the meantime we had talked to dogs, plotted a genius escape by making our caretakers think we had disappeared and killed each other, and watched the most beautiful sunset you could possibly imagine.

So back at the house we attempted to go to sleep. 2 in the morning and we knew we were coming down but we still weren't sure when the hell it was all gonna be over. We had told our friend to sleep in the room with us in case his mom would have come down or something but that lazy mullet-haired water-head down syndrom son of a bitch said he wanted to sleep upstairs and that he'd be back in the morning. So after he leaves, we freak out for the last time of the trip and take it upon ourselves to create a 'fake friend' for our comfort lol. We put covers over a bunch of pillows to make it look like someone was asleep on the sofa and for whatever reason it just worked, totally reassured us for the rest of the night.

About 4am and we were in and out of sleep, still really restless from almost 20 hours of non-stop tripping and NOTHING to eat all day. The tv was on but anytime we'd see human faces it would just freak us out and remind us how not normal we were, so we put it on the golf channel (and we HATE golf) all night just because there wasn't anything to horrific about watching a ball cross a green. After what seemed to be nine eternities (literally watching the seconds of the clock for hours) we somehow slept for a couple hours and awoke in the morning.

Visuals had returned to normal but the lingering psychosis was still there, we just didn't feel like ourselves. We felt in some way detatched and we didn't think we were ready to go back into society. But we went our separate ways and that was that, followed by the next two days of reintegration. Things and thoughts became normal but it was an agonizingly slow process. The first time I talked to my mom the day after the trip I almost puked I was so nervous, but I sounded fine on the outside.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 53475
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 20, 2007Views: 34,592
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