Phenomenal Body High
Carisoprodol (Soma)
Citation:   Jorge the Giant. "Phenomenal Body High: An Experience with Carisoprodol (Soma) (exp53508)". Oct 24, 2008.

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Hello, this is my report of my first experience with the muscle relaxant/sedative carisoprodol, soma, and how it led to my month and a half long psychological dependency/addiction. It all stated one night in February 2006. My four friends and I return from a night at the park.

9:00 P.M.
We arrived at the home of one of my friends that I am with. We are the party animals of my school so we were pretty let down that we had no alcohol and no marijuana, our drugs of choice. My friend says his mom usually has a bottle of liquor in the fridge so we go to investigate. We open the fridge and see one wine cooler, which makes us feel even more let down.

9:15 P.M.
Two of my friends, their dating, went to go to bed out in the trailer and the two others and I were watching TV. We wish that we had drugs as we sit there and watch 'Lord of War'. I suggest getting some grub so me and the friend whose house it was, we'll call him D, go to get a bite to eat. We call my third friend, we'll call him B, in to see what we had discovered. Bottles stacked up, all saying: 'Generic for: SOMA, 350 mg'. D's mother has a back problem and is prescribed this medication but almost never took it. Our mouths water.

9:30 PM
B, D and I all consume about four pills each, about 1.4 grams, and go back to watch the flick and let the effects kick in.

10:00 PM
We notice that we are paying more attention to the pleasant muscle buzz. The best way for me to describe this feeling is this, you know when you wake up and stretch in the morning or try to make a tight fist, that pleasant feeling of relaxation. We talk about it and see how it seems funny to try and walk or hit your face lightly. The mental feeling is like a mild alcoholic buzz, that nice gentle feeling of euphoria.

10:15 PM
We think that we are not messed up enough yet. The soma trio returns to the kitchen for more. B and I consume three and a half more, D on the other hand takes 5 more, 1.7 grams. It seemed to make sense because D was much heavier than B and I, D weighs about 280 lbs. We go to enjoy the feeling.

10:30 PM
We have completely forgotten about the movie. We are now spending the evening telling each other how much we love each other and hitting each other and laughing about it. D took out his digi cam and we did our best to take photos but it was pretty difficult. The body feel at this point was phenomenal, better than sex in my opinion. I was in a pit of happiness. The mild euphoria has now become mind blowing. I don't know if this euphoria was an effect of the drug or just my response to the muscle relaxation. We could barley walk at this point. D lay on one of the sofas and B and I sit on the other.

10:45-50 PM
My memory at this point isn't that well but I do remember taking three more and then splitting a fourth one with B. D took about four more. This was a mistake on our part.
This was a mistake on our part.
We are still laughing, in euphoria and trying to walk.

11:00-11:45 PM
Not so sure on time, sorry guys, but I don't think that it could of been over an hour. At this point we looked like a group old bums after happy hour. I remember grabbing D's camera and heading out into the back yard. D and B follow close behind.
The first thing that I remember about walking outside was D's dog. She was a young black Labrador and was very playful. We started to play with the dog. I noticed that it was very hard to have any hand eye coordination. Any motor control skill seemed as if we were really intoxicated from alcohol. At this point our bodies felt like beautiful women were messaging us everywhere, wonderful. It was twice as good as it was in D's living room. The mental feel was pretty euphoric and almost like having an empty mind, but you can still think about what your doing. The three of us played with the dog and took some photos.

9:30 AM
I open my eyes and it takes me a minute to realize where I am. I'm in D's bed. I roll over and see D laying there. I wake him up and before I get a chance to ask him, he says: 'What happened last night?'. After realizing that we had taken a large amount of soma we go down stairs. B is laying on the big sofa with the DVD menu for 'Lord of War' on the TV. We eat breakfast and then talked to our friends from the trailer. Boy did he have some stuff to tell us about our little adventure.

We were told that M, the male in the dating couple, woke up to B, D and I trying to flip the trailer over. He said that we came awfully close to doing so. He came out to call us assholes and tell us that they were trying to sleep and he saw that we were clearly under the influence of a drug. He told us that we all tried to fight him, no physical contact but many threats. He said the he told us to go back in the house and relax until we sobered up. Once he saw that we could not find the direction of the house he knew he had to help us get there. He said that it was a very difficult thing to do, M only weighs about 135 lbs. and the three of us all weigh well over 200 lbs.

He took one of us to the kitchen and asked what we had taken and whoever he took in the kitchen told him. M was very concerned about us and went to do some online research about carisoprodol dosage. He said that if we had taken anymore than we did he would have induced vomiting on us. Apparently the whole time that M was trying to help us we kept on calling him names and threatening to beat him up. He said that when he was helping me and D up into the room that we were practically falling up the stairs. He said that he was really scared for our lives.

After that first experience with soma I had realized that what we did that night was rather stupid and could have resulted in the death of one of us.
After that first experience with soma I had realized that what we did that night was rather stupid and could have resulted in the death of one of us.
I wasn't really afraid to do soma again. The night after my first carisoprodol experience I was using it again. This time I only took 6. One thing that I would like to point out for all who are using Carisoprodol for the first time is that you should be very patient in waiting for effects. If my two friends and I had shown some patients I wouldn't have turned out as bad as it did. Anyways when I took 6 the second night it was a great experience. I was not to strong at all. A nice body fry, again that feeling you get after you stretch in the morning. A nice, mildly strong feeling of euphoria. This is the amount that I use nightly, usually with D, for about a week.

After a week I started taking about 8 or 9 a night. This is when things for me and D got a little serious. D's mother wanted an explanation for all the missing pills. A total of 450 pills were missing. Needless to say D and I were not getting any more soma. Without my soma at night is was hard to sleep. It was hard to deal with the stress of the day knowing that I don't have anything to help relieve the stress. To this day, about three and a half months after it all I still have cravings, I had one today. In fact that was the craving that motivated me to write this. I didn't really go into detail about the psychological addition because there really isn't much to say, I wanted it very badly every night for about a month.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53508
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 24, 2008Views: 212,458
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