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Combining to Mitigate Negative Effects
Piperazines (BZP & TFMPP)
by Slight_Perfection
Citation:   Slight_Perfection. "Combining to Mitigate Negative Effects: An Experience with Piperazines (BZP & TFMPP) (exp53580)". Dec 1, 2006.

  repeated oral Piperazines (pill / tablet)


After reading various accounts of BZP + TFMPP (combo/frenzy/ice diamonds etc), and having done my own experimenting with both individually and various combinations (and currently T+2:30 into the above dosage), I feel I can offer something new here to people who are interested in trying or re-visiting this. Many have concluded through their experience that the negative aspects of the comedown make BZP not worth it. However, these negative aspects can be greatly reduced.

Hype: Firstly, BZP is often marketed as an MDMA substitute. In my opinion, BZP is no more a substitute for ecstasy than a blueberry muffin is for LSD. However, itís definitely not without its merit, and personally I find if I follow my own set of tips and tricks I can have a consistently great buzz every time.

Acceptable? Iím lucky enough to live in New Zealand, so itís legal which eliminates the acquisition and procession paranoia that you might experience otherwise. NZ has a comparatively lax controlled substances list, but youíll get really busted up for something thatís on it. BZP will dilate your pupils, although with TFMPP mixed in it does not seem to nearly as much.

Combo? Taking a combination of BZP and TFMPP is much better. In my experience BZP on its own is way more edgy and Ďchemicallyí feeling with a more torturously slow burn off of euphoric effects. Having the TFMPP mixed in makes the experience more trippy, have greater feelings of wellbeing and empathy, a bit speedier and generally Ďfriendlier'.

When? I like taking it in the middle of the day on a Saturday for the following reasons: I donít have to be at work, I might be socialising/relaxing/listening to music (all of which are enhanced and more stimulating than usual), and Iím not expecting it to provide me some unforgettable night out dancing with unlimited energy (because I know itís not going to). I found taking after eating caused mild nausea and reduced effect, so I have it instead of lunch.

Why? In line with other accounts, I experience a little bit of trippyness, quite a bit of euphoria, a fair amount of mood elevation and a mild increase in feelings of empathy. I also experience increased vigilance and concentration on any task at hand. I donít drink alcohol with it. I find I can drink an unlimited amount but it just makes me feel like utter crap. I also drink plenty of water Ė itís diuretic. My mouth is too dry for gum.

Afterwards? The manufacturer of the ĎParty Pillí containing the chemicals in the above doses include a couple of Ďcomedowní pills containing 50mg of 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). I was initially sceptical as to whether this would actually help, but it really does. 5-HTP is a Ďserotonin precursorí that can increase a cellís output of serotonin. Most reading this will know that a small percentage of the serotonin in a human body resides as a brain amide helping process mood, decision making and sleep patterns (amongst other things). Basically, when I take BZP without taking anything to Ďrecoverí I feel like crap and have a really bad headache for 24 hours afterwards. When I take the BZP + TFMPP combination and take the 50mg of 5-HTP at T+8hours I can get to sleep fine, feel much better the next day and do not get any headache.

So, if I judge it on itís own merits, donít combine with alcohol, drink plenty of water and take 5-HTP when I'm done, I find this stuff provides a nice physical buzz thatís definitely worth doing occasionally.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2006Views: 13,340
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