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The Bible
Amanita muscaria, Cannabis & Syrian Rue
by Traveler
Citation:   Traveler. "The Bible: An Experience with Amanita muscaria, Cannabis & Syrian Rue (exp53588)". Erowid.org. Feb 28, 2008. erowid.org/exp/53588

30 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (tea)
  6.0 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  6 hits smoked Cannabis  
  66 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria  


The following was taken from a book I wrote in, on May 22, 2006 while tripping. My friend and I took Amanita Muscaria, Syrian Rue, and Cannabis. I drank a tea consisting of 30 grams of Amanita, and 6 grams of Syrian. I also ate a Amanita cap that was 6 grams. I also took approximately 6 hits of marijuana. We had been planning this trip for a very long time. I was very excited to actually go through with it, and I had prepared my mind and body for it extensively. I had been meditating almost every day for 3 weeks prior to the date. I also fasted for 20 hours, with the exception of a glass of organic fruit juice and a vitamin at 8:00am the day of.

The day leading up to that, we smoked some medicinal marijuana, and I got quite stoned. And the day before that we tried around 25 grams of dried Amanitas with some more marijuana to quell the nausea. During this time my friend (who was with me during all these experiences) and I had many great conversations about life and other important matters. I think this helped me, because it gave me some preparation for the 'big trip' and gave me some ideas to contemplate. The following is word for word what I wrote, the only corrections I will make are spelling, and anything that could help easily identify myself or friend.

One final note, you will notice that I did in fact drink my urine during the trip. If you have never heard of this being done, it may sound very strange to you. It was my first time, and I had decided to do it because of the overwhelming evidence that ancient cultures did it with great success. If you want to find out more about it, please research it...James Aurthur talks about it as well on his web site and in his book.

Symptoms experienced from Amanita muscaria:
hot/cold flashes
extreme sweating
watery mouth
blurred vision

(The only time I will put anything in there that wasn't wrote while I was tripping, I will put these 3 stars *** before and after)
Ingested first cup of Amanita/Syrian Rue.
Took 2nd cup. Starting to feel 'sweats' from Amanita. Stomach slightly upset.
Took 3 puffs of MJ, feeling trip definitely now. Urinated also, next one I will drink.
Thinking I should take more, watching Fear and Loathing by myself. Having a fascination with poking myself with a football. Had this last time also...it's kind of a hard poke, but with a blunt object. ***Looking back on this, it doesn't hurt, but simply feels good to have the sensation in my body.***
Took a few more mushrooms. Peed, decide the next one would have more muscimol in it ***And I was kind of scared to do it***, but did drink water so I'll pee again. Decided that I want to listen to techno on iPod so I actually think instead of being fed everything with TV. ***In case you don't understand the point I was trying to make...I believe that TV doesn't allow your own thoughts to occur. You are simply watching mindlessly, and don't have to think for yourself. There has even been a study that proved your brain is actually less active watching TV than sleeping.***
Starting to get watery mouth again.
Just finished drinking urine. Found that lemon extract and ice make it taste a little like lemonade if you use your imagination. Just found myself wishing I could write faster, like on a computer. I am waiting for my sister and friend to get back so I can smoke. And I want to talk with friend I'm doing this is feeling it. ***I meant to say, to see if he's feeling it*** I am listening to Delerium outside looking at the Rockies. Going to try stretching. Weed run unsuccessful, friends are back, and we're going to smoke more resine. Be advised of the planning if you decide to do it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING well before the planned date where you CAN'T touch them.

Drank another cup. ***Funny story behind that, I had come out of the bathroom with the cup filled with ice, lemon extract and urine. I assumed my friend knew this, and I make a joke when I got next to him, saying 'want some lemonade' and handed him the cup. He asked me if I put lemon extract in there, and I said yes, and showed him. He took the cup from me because he thought I was handing it to him, and he took a drink. I wanted to say something, but it was like I was frozen, and I just started laughing after he finished. At that point he realized my urine was actually in there, and he said 'I'm gonna have to kick your ass tomorrow for that'. I couldn't stop laughing.*** And I ate 6 grams of dried Amanita a few minutes ago. I'm listening to Delerium and I just started to really feel it. Going to meditate now.

Drinking another cup, even though I'm real fucked up. If I can think I need more, then I need more. Pee tastes fine. My sweats aren't really here, or blurred vision like last time. Feeling overall less side effects. Listening to Oakenfold with friend. Meditation. Just got call from mom. Weird to talk to her, she knows I'm fucked up (cause I told her before).
Done with cup. Meditation. ***During this meditation I came up with 3 quotes I guess you could call them. The first two are what the trip did for my mind, and the 3rd is about me trying to solve the mysteries of the world during this trip.*** 'Letting your mind experience unlimited imagination.' 'You are able to grasp the infinite.' 'Times running out and you haven't figured out the way it is again.'

I am so damn hungry all I can think about is food I'm so hungry. I have had some pretty good voyages, but I have a little voice inside me that says stop! every time I get close to the edge. In real things and just in my mind too. I need to be able to just LET MYSELF GO. Letting yourself go is kind of like pissing, falling asleep, coming in a girl or any of those things. You just need to say to yourself Ok, it's safe, lets go! I have always had a problem letting myself go like that, so this might be difficult.

Does holding your breath matter? Do I have to hold my breath to completely shut off my senses, and then I reach the next level? No one told me to hold my breath...If you know, please tell me, I am leaving this information for myself, and others that know less than I, but if you know more and know if I have to hold my breath, please tell me. LETTING YOURSELF GO - Kind of like sky diving, bungee jumping, diving into the pool, for the first time. You were scared, but you just had to jump through your fear.

I feel like this book is the Bible, only more important than I thought it really ever was ***I'm referring to what little importance the Bible has had on me***. Maybe that's what the original Bible was, a way to find the 'infinite consciousness'...I guess that seems pretty obvious now ***Only they called it God***, that's the most important thing and some people don't realize that. The Bible is unfortunately out of date ***And altered***, so I can't really understand it. So perhaps this can take it's place, but you have to help continue it. I don't know everything, and YES, I'm talking to YOU! If you are reading this and you have something important to add, put it in! THE NEW BIBLE. Starts here, my name is not important, but heed my words and help me spread this so it GROWS.

It feels like I can meditate a lot faster with these things, because my body gets numb immediately, and my imagination is allowed to roam freely. By the way, writing these words are really weird. It doesn't even feel like me writing, it doesn't look exactly like it either. Some of these thoughts are a bit too intelligent also, perhaps I am only dimly aware of the universal consciousness. This journal has become my mission during this trip. I was meant to write in it and tell people on places like Erowid.com (A place where you can share experiences with drugs online). For some reason every good thought I have I want to put in this book. This happened while tripping Psilocybin a long time ago, but the notes were junk and I never showed many people. This book also really feels like it's blessed, perhaps it's because I got it yesterday from my Aunt, but I really feel I have to keep it and pass it on.

What you eat is very important to how your mind functions. That sounds obvious from someone who just ate mushrooms, but it's true for everyday life too. I have recently started eating mostly organic food with very little 'junk', and my mind was the most positive I think it's ever been. I will definitely eat healthy for the rest of my life for my body's sake, and my mind's. Mind is really all that matters though. I don't think I can over emphasis how bad stuff like McDonald's, fast food, processed...not natural food is for you. Your mind gets completely messed up (watch Super Size Me to see more). With the right food, you will be able to keep your mind happy, and even if superficial things are going bad, you'll be happy.

I have been writing continueouslessly (I don't think that's a word) for a while.
***This is a sort of poem that I wrote. When I say bugs, I mean microscopic ones, not like beetles.***

-The Continunes of the Poly-verse-
The person has many living things on him,
The bugs could find him their Earth,
Atoms inside the bug could find the bug their universe,
So why shouldn't it continue infinitely,
All the way until the universe is just an atom in a larger being?
The Earth is alive, so why don't we treat it like it is,
and maybe we'll get to be apart of it.

This is a sting of thoughts I have been putting together the last 2 days (I was in altered states while thinking about it). And trying to expand on the 'polyverse', perhaps the title didn't make sense, but I'm suggesting that there is something bigger than the universe, perhaps called a polyverse, because there is more than one. And things will continue expanding infinitely, like one of those Russian Eggs, but just deeps going.

Why is it so important to spread knowledge? My hand hurts and I have missed enjoying my trip so I can write all my thoughts out. I have really held myself back because anytime I think of anything, I think (again) I have to write it down. That's why I don't like cameras, because you have to get out of the moment to use them, and it's hard to get back to the way you were feeling in that moment. I don't know if that makes any sense, but hopefully you understand. LIVE IN THE MOMENT, don't worry about the past, or future and how it was better/worse. Just enjoy right now, because that's all you've got. I'm living in the future right now, because I'm not writing this for me right now. It's for (mainly) others, and myself. It's sort of a selfless act, because I feel I owe it (and much more) to the community that taught me so much...***I guess it's not really selfless if I'm giving back for something I took.*** So, this ones for keeping the spread of knowledge. I could see how this kind of 'power' could ruin things in the government. If everyone starting thinking for themselves, we wouldn't need them. So perhaps that's why entheogens have been suppressed. Keep us under control, although I don't feel as paranoid right now...perhaps it's because I'm comfortable doing this here (because I've done it before) or maybe it's the Amanita's.

Just wrote this on a new page because I don't have anything to write. I am still tripping by the way, just not as hard. About half as much as when I said I was fucked up. I've stopped sweating. I was also thinking about before...I had thought about how good it would be to get naked. That's weird, because I've heard of ancient cultures doing it. So maybe there is something to it. Meditate (see how bad I am, I even put that in there, and took the time to point it out all the while not actually meditating because I'm STILL WRITING!)...Real Meditation - This has overall been a good trip, not many bad thoughts, just 'fast' thinking, and really get into ideas. Although this has sort of lasted 3 days. I think that helped continue on thoughts. And although I haven't thought of something life changing, I have come up with a couple good ideas, and a slightly different way of looking at the world. Perhaps I need Peyote to take me to another mindset to answer the really big questions.

Jesus Was A Magician-
Perhaps Jesus fooled all those people because he could play 'tricks' on us. He would just be able to find that next level, and play in it, coming here when he needed to. My friend and I were talking about us tripping 2 times ago, and I was playing tricks on him by moving really fast. I don't remember doing it, but would I actually? It's sort of like a dream when your tripping. You can remember it if you try real hard, but you're not quite sure if it's real.
Jesus The Magician ***This was actually wrote later, but it made more sense to include it now***
In South Park, Jesus is trying to upstage David Blane. He tells people to look behind them and puts fish out. Perhaps that really happened in a way. Comedians are very smart. You can actually learn a great deal from 'stand up'. I have watched them just to learn before. Because there is some truth in every joke.

While in the middle (at the peak) of my trip, I didn't really think about writing this much, but now that it's coming to an end, I do. I am also really hungry and thinking about eating something and making this stop, but I want MORE NEW IDEAS.
I had worn an Under Armour shirt in case I sweated like last time, but I didn't. Perhaps because I fasted and cleaned myself out before. Anyway, I have decided to go home and eat now, so this is goodbye for now. If I have any other ideas I will put them there, or I will just add an intro and an ending to this book later. I wonder how much of it will make sense. It seemed so important to get out this information, hopefully I actually follow through with it.

Back again, while coming down, I don't despise what I just took. Most of the time my body or mind feels guilty about what I did, especially with alcohol. But for some reason I don't recoil at the sight of a mushroom. I have no desire to do it right now, but I have no negative feelings towards it. Most of the time when I get drunk, I feel guilty coming down, or even something as simple as eating fast food, and coming down off that 'high'. This is important, because it means it's good, like eating organic food, it may not taste as good as an Ice Cream Sundae, but you'll feel better afterwards, or like working out instead of watching TV. There are many examples, but you need to feel good afterwards also. That's why you should be kind to people. You may steal something from someone and be happy temporarily, but you'll feel bad afterwards. Although you start to feel numb to the bad feeling, and that's when you're really unhappy...not feeling anything because you don't really enjoy anything.

***At this point I am in the car, getting a ride home from my mom*** Being healthy isn't about living forever, it's about the quality of your life. Anyone could get run over by a bus at anytime, but that healthy person will have been happy at that moment before the bus ran them over. By the way, I'm almost home, and still slightly tripping, it will be interesting to see how fast I lose it after breaking my fast.
Feel like taking a shower, finish this thing off. I wasn't able to drink much more than 8 ounces cause I'm full with my belly being so small. 'The only way to enjoy life is to feel good about the things that you're doing.' I don't even feel like those are my words. They are too deep.
Finished shower little bit ago, feeling about the same. Food doesn't feel like it's digesting at all, just sitting there.

Going to bed now. This will be my last entry for the day. I have not experienced any type of 'withdrawal' or a real self hating attitude that happens when I get really fucked up on alcohol. I am sober now, but completely happy with myself. I am glad I went on my journey, and contrary to what I said earlier while I was really tripping, I think I did learn a great deal, and am happy I did this. I am still and forever learning. Good night :)

Main points on my trip:
- Everyday foods effect on the mind
- Being kind to others, and doing the right thing
- The Earth is just as much alive as us.

Quotes from the trip:
'Letting your mind experience unlimited imagination'
'You are able to grasp the infinite'
'Times running out and you haven't figured out the way it is again'
'Let yourself go, Live in the moment'
'What you eat is very important to how your mind functions'
'Although you start to feel numb to the bad feeling, that's when you're really unhappy...not feeling anything'

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53588
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 28, 2008Views: 6,922
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Syrian Rue (45), Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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