Intellectual Relaxation
Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)
Citation:   Ronan. "Intellectual Relaxation: An Experience with Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) (exp53604)". Aug 28, 2007.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Pharms - Cyclobenzaprine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:10 10 mg oral Pharms - Cyclobenzaprine (pill / tablet)
Previous consumed medications/chemicals: MDMA: 2, 4, 8 days ago. Dextroamphetamine: 2 days ago. Phenergan: 75MG 1 day ago.

20 mg of cyclobenzaprine – oral w/ full glass of water at 12:05am saturday (Note I'm writing this while under intoxication, to increase effect and see whether or not verbal(written) structures change as time progresses [writing this at 0:18])

0:00 – Took 4 of the little yellow home-base shaped plates, 5 mg in each, adding up to 20 mg total.

0:05 – Heartbeat seems more pronounced, at noticing it's only been 5 minutes, I'm going to say it's placebo mixing in with anticipation for the full blown effects.

0:15 – Put on some Beatles music, sounds normal, doubt the drug would take this short of time to take effect. (A reason I chose Beatles music, is due to when I'm documenting usage of chemicals, whether it be Flexeril or MDMA, I choose music I'm extremely familiar with so that I may recognize whether or not the chemical has altered my perception or appreciation of music. A recommendation for those who often document chemical experiences.)

0:30 – According to the reports I've read, and other sources, the effects shouldn't be coming on this fast. Especially considering I ate 4 hours ago. However I will bleed over MDMA philosophy to Flexeril, the trip is what I make of it. So I'm going to put aside the little voice in my head and assume that the euphoria I feel is coming from the drug. This seems like a stupid thing to believe seeing as everyone reports euphoria atleast 1:30+, however I'm not everyone. However by the time I'm finished typing this it seems to be dying down. I'm going to read “Strange Brains and Genius”.

0:35 – I have now just read to not use Flexeril in combination with SSRI's, MDMA's function is similar to SSRI's, however now may be too late to turn back, by ways of vomit. 20 MG + 100MG of MDMA 2 days ago seems safe, however let the reader note I must lie to myself to keep calm and not panicking. This is going to be an interesting night. (Hopefully with no hospital visits)

0:58 – Feeling relaxed, conscious is a bit “groovy” so to say, talking to friends in a “pfft c'mon why not?” way. Slight euphoric feeling, seems to be getting stronger. “Fuzzy” patterns on white objects, going to get stronger I hope. These “Fuzzy” patterns remind me of Diphenhydramine's effects.

1:07 – Was hard adding up all those numbers..the 1:07 thing I mean. Well, I thought about it and like...MDMA 2 days ago doesn't really like..count as an SSRI I guess, because SSRi's last longer. And i'm king aof like..grouping MAOI and SSRI and so I thought 2 weeks for MAOI, same thing with SSRI, but who knows maybe i'm wrong? We'll find out. So since I realised this , i'm just going to take the other 15 mg I have. To experience a full blown effect. It's going to be great.

1:10 – There, I took 10mg more. I decided to leave over 5mg for whatever purposes my future plans, however I also like even numbers as far as multiples of 5's go, and so 30 looks better than 35, and so we'll just go with 30. So..take note! 30Mg now. 20Mg 1:10 ago, and 10MG right now.

1:13 – Okie dokie, a checkup time. Euphoria, doesn't seem special, maybe cuz I take MDMA which gives me more euphoria than seeing Jesus, but it's definitely there...and I can't ignore it, which is good in my world. But my head really hurts..probably from playing loud music through headphones which are basically squishing my head..I'll be back!

1:20 – Woo headache..I'm going to drink a lot of Dr.Pepper and hope it goes away.

1:25 – Well, I saw this and I gotta say it..the timer on my player..the music one, it's not really time moving in the sense like 4:08 – 4:09, it's more like the seconds are just adding up on top of each other. Time seems forced, but really why have time? That and sometimes I think that it goes from 4 5 faster than it does from 5 to 6, which it doesn't but probably I just think it does. In which it might but I doubt it. But I don't really doubt it if I said “In which it might”...but..whatever.

1:35 – patterns on rug kinda scared me, out of the corner of my eye. Of course this might all be placebo..but..I just feel great overall..relaxed, talkitive, great warm feeling everywhere. This is life.

1:40 – Im really enjoying some of this techno-type music, probably cuz it was memories of good times, but in general it's just great...great mood..i'm in that “tired but hyper” mood y'know? This music is like my theme music, if there was a movie where I would be getting up in the morning stretching at the window looking at the beautiful world, this would be the music playing. Maybe “Good day sunshine” but that's like..not..exciting.

1:50 – Blahh dry mouth

2:10 – Went around the house and had many of those “corner of the eye” type flashing thingies and what else, I feel feels great to just to a friend and kinda move my head to some songs or something, I feel beyond happy! Happ..ier.

2:15 – 5 minutes? Geeze. Time sure is slow.

3:00 – More relaxed, more quite, euphoria still there, feels nice to move, music is relaxing.

3:05 – Kinda tired, going to stay up to fully document, might go to bed at 4 or 5 am.

3:30 – euphoria still there, a lot less talkitive, really tired.

3:45 – Having a nice relaxing time, talking to a friend, short replies, music is nice, when I move I feel intense euphoria in the muscles involved, I'm going to go to bed at the 4 hour mark because I have to get up early.

3:50 – subtle visuals on white objects, like the antichligeric or hwatever that stuff is! Flashing lights and aslk that carp in darkn places. It's like the antihistiamine stuff.

4:00 – Euphoria seemed to re “hit” me, going to bed, some visuals, very subtle and “out of the corner of the eye”, muscles are really relaxed, moving is nice, thinking reminds me of Cannabis, music seems real, getting into bed is going to be great. Gnight

It's the next day, I've woken up and been up for about 3 hours. I feel great, had the strangest dreams, but I had a great sleep, I feel refreshed. My body seems fine, head doesn't hurt, kind of “foggy”, but a cup of coffee cleared that up.

I'll probably try it again in the future if I'm just having a relaxed night where I've had a hard week, just something to sit, relax, write, listen to music or something. In comparison to Phenergan, this takes a bit longer to feel great, but unlike Phenergan I felt great mentally. I wasn't cloudy minded, I could have a conversation, a funny one at that due to my strange use of vocabulary and sentence structuring. Obviously I had no Ill effects from taking this 2 days after MDMA.

Anyway, my conclusion is that this is a great way to relax and talk without being cloudy minded and anti-social. Body movements felt great, walking wasn't that hard, interacting with people was easy, and I had a mood lift.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 28, 2007Views: 222,907
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