The Jungle
Salvia divinorum (10x & 20x extracts) & Blue Lotus
Citation:   Lucid_Dreamer. "The Jungle: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x & 20x extracts) & Blue Lotus (exp53681)". Jan 15, 2008.

1.5 tsp smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
    smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (plant material)
This report is being written months after the experience, but is based on a text I wrote a few weeks after. The experience as you will see, was rather intense and made a vivid impression on me, so even after such a long time, much of it remains clear in my mind.

A little background: I am male, in my early 20’s. I’m about 5 foot eleven inches tall, and I weigh approximately 160 pounds. I’m in average physical condition. I have an long history of drug use/abuse. In my younger years I used DXM extensively. I’ve used heroin regularly the past 7 years or so. I smoke pot regularly. I’ve “dabbled” in just about everything under the sun. I have extensive experience with hallucinogenic drugs, including LSD, Psilocybin, and numerous “research chemicals” such as 2ct-7, 2c-I, 2c-b, ect. I had also used salvia a few times before this experience, although I never really “broke through”.

The salvia used was a 20x “standardized” extract purchased from a reputable online dealer whom I regularly chat with via an online forum. I’m prone to many forms of anxiety, although I wouldn’t say I have any sort of acute anxiety disorder. I’m just what you call a “worrywart” I guess….. On this day though, I was rather calm and relaxed. I refuse to use any sort of psychedelic while in a bad mood or agitated state for obvious reasons. I had spent the day prior to the experience cleaning and preparing. I’m a little obsessive compulsive and cannot have a satisfying experience on hallucinogens (or many other drugs) unless “everything is in it’s right place”. I hadn’t used any drugs the day of the experience or the days prior to it, except my usual 1 or 2 cigarettes a day and a cup of coffee or two.

Here is a description of the first time I really broke through on salvia:

I sat on the floor in half-lotus position ('Indian style', with hands on my knees) and relaxed. My room was completely dark except a few tealights. A Shpongle mix was playing on my stereo. I picked up my prepared bong and regular BIC lighter and started to smoke as quickly as possible without rushing. The bong was packed with a fairly large amount of a 40:60 mix between 10x extract, 20x extract. In all there was probably about 1-2 teaspoons of extract in there. The extract was packed on top of a small amount of dried blue lotus leaves to prevent it from sucking through. I’ve had much experienced with smoked blue lotus, and I don’t believe the amount in the bowl was enough to affect the experience in any significant way, so I consider this a “salvia only” experience.

At this point I began to feel anxious, something which has occurred in most of my subsequent experiences with salvia. I began to feel I was making a huge mistake, and that I wasn’t ready for this. I began to feel very afraid. Although I was anxious, I continued smoking. I began to reason to myself that I was more than prepared for the experience, and that it would only last a short while. With this (and a few more hits of salvia) I began to calm down.

Divine Moments of Truth came on about the time it really started to hit me. I smoked a little more. I became aware that the music was speaking to me, beckoning me somewhere, promising great things. It had secrets for me. I realized it wasn't the music talking to me, but some long-lost arcane god-spirit. It told me to follow. I asked how, and it told me the answer was in my hands. I realized it was talking about my bong, so I smoked another large hit.

At this point I realized that the journey it was taking me on was not through Euclidean space, hence traditional forms of locomotion (such as walking) were useless. This was a metaphysical journey of the soul and mind. At this point I was most likely slumped over with the bong in my hand and my eyes half closed, I have no idea, it seemed to me at the time that I was perfectly awake and still sitting up, but in retrospect I highly doubt it.

I realized I was at the edge of a vast, seemingly infinite, jungle, standing in a clearing. It was incredibly lush, dense and dark and GREEN, the most beautiful green with slightly sinister looking purple and white flowers everywhere. The edge was almost a perfect wall with small openings. That was one of the weird things I noticed, it was a perfectly flat barrier with a few openings. It seemed almost like a giant wall of viscous liquid it was so dense. I remember thinking if I tried to enter it, I'd be practically swimming in it.

There was also an overwhelming sense of the presence of life, although no evidence could be found of such, there were no sounds of life, only the rustling of the wind. My stereo was still on, I guess I didn't notice it. I felt that I was the first person to ever set eyes on this place, and it was an amazing feeling. Who can say that they have ever been anywhere where no man has set foot? Very few.

Allow me to digress for a moment. One of my biggest disappointments in life is how cheap and used the world feels, I feel suffocated by the overwhelming presence of man, and often feel lost in the sea of meaningless chatter and routine that seems to make up everyday life. Hence I often escape to nature to get away from the presence of society, one of my great joys is to find a quiet little spot where there is no evidence of people, no soda cans, no foot prints, no paths, and just sit and enjoy the complete fulfillment of my animal existence. How logical and necessary every little action is, if I itch, I scratch. If I'm thirsty, I drink, nothing is frivolous or contrived. But back to the experience at hand.

It was then that the spirits (for lack of a better word) spoke to me. They spoke with one voice, but there was a clear impression of a multitude, I felt my 'guide' (the one who had initially beckoned me) among them. They told me I was very lucky, few were those who made it to this place in their lifetime. I remember this part distinctly, the impression was 'during the time they were living'. They said I was the first to come in a very long time.

They told me they had great things to show me, they beckoned me into the forest, but first I had to become enlightened, for the forest was so dark. The impression was distinctly a literal sort of illumination. Seeing how I was in a metaphysical realm, it made sense to me that I should need sort of illumination of the soul to see in such a dark jungle. I wondered how I could achieve enlightenment, since it had eluded me my entire life, and the voice replied that the answer was my hand. I looked down and saw in my hand a large and almost cartoon-like mushroom, although it still appeared very realistic. It was almost certainly my bong which I was still holding, it is a homemade soda-bottle bong and does not normally appear particularly mushroom-like.

I then drew back a little. I was very afraid to enter this forest. I got the impression that if I entered, I could never return to the realm I came from. I felt the presence of the spirit of death. It didn't seem foreboding or anything. I didn't feel that it was there to take me away, but that if I entered that realm, it would be the realm of death, among other things. I asked the spirits why they had brought me to this place, and they told me I had brought myself. I had called them, and they had send my guide to help me on my way. I told them I wasn't ready for this, and they seemed to understand and told me I could return to the place I came from.

The forest slowly faded away and I gradually came back to some sort of normal comprehension. The whole thing only lasted maybe 10-15 minutes, but It felt like an eternity. I was pretty shaken by the whole experience, I cried a little bit afterward, not sobbing but just the way tears sort of come from your eyes when you‘re really happy or sad. But on the whole it was probably the most fulfilling hallucinogenic experience I've ever had. Someday I hope to go back to that clearing, and maybe next time I'll take that step and enter.

In the 6 months or so since this experience, I’ve had a few other experiences with salvia, but none as intense as this one. Salvia is something I have a great respect for, it is very powerful. I can only find the courage to smoke it every once in awhile, for even though the experiences are not distinctly unpleasant, and are often quite enjoyable, they always tend to shake me in some manner. Salvia has provided me with some interesting insight into myself, and I like to think the world. I will continue to use it, experimenting with different methods of administration, doses, settings, and possibly combinations with other drugs.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 53681
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 15, 2008Views: 16,090
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