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The First of Many
Alcohol - Hard & Cannabis
Citation:   NoName. "The First of Many: An Experience with Alcohol - Hard & Cannabis (exp53696)". Nov 30, 2008.

3 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  1.0 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Before I start to retell my experience, I think it is only fair to warn you I am by no means a respected writer. So please, donít expect and exceptionally written story. Thanks.

There is not much to do in my town so most Friday nights me and a couple of good friends usually end up wandering around town all night. Searching desperately for something to occupy ourselves with. This night was shaping up to be the same. I met my good friend Jared on the way to a small playground in which our friends usually assemble before we begin our night of boredom. Jared was looking surprisingly anxious, and after inquiring what was wrong he discretely reveled a bottle of what appeared to be liquor. Surprised and amused I asked him how he had acquired it, then withdrew my question after remembering his parents had a fully stocked liquor cabinet.

We arrived at the park early and it was nearly deserted other than a few younger children we didnít know. Jared took this as an opportunity to begin what he hoped would be a great night by mixing about a half of his flask to a bottle of cola we had just purchased. After adding what he thought to be a reasonable amount to the bottle he joking offered to sell me the remainder, and after several minutes of thinking I accepted and handed him over a five dollar bill. Not sure what to do with it I curiously opened the bottle and took a drink, the foul taste filled my mouth and as I swallowed a burning sensation flowed down my throat and stopped at my stomach. The thought of another sip sickened me so I made up my mind that mixing it with cola was the smarter choice.

Slowly my other friends arrived and separated into there small groups of close friends, usually consisting of four or five people. After about fifteen minutes we made the decision to leave the playground with another close friend named Mandie so we could drink without fear of our friends disapproving. Mandie had before that point experimented with alcohol and Marijuana so we trusted her judgment and she became somewhat of a mentor to us during the night.

About a ten minute walk from the original playground there was a much larger but significantly less populated playground that Mandie assured us, was the perfect place to begin our drinking. We seated ourselves underneath a jungle jim and began to talk while Jared started vigorously sipping on his bottle. After a couple minutes of discussing it Mandie advised me to quickly drink my liquor and get it over with. I was skeptical about drinking it all, wondering what effect it would have on my body. Eventually curiosity won and I began drinking it down as quickly as possible. I felt the same foul taste and burning sensation growing stronger and more intense than before. I forced the rest of the bottle down and gagged into my hand, my two friends both chuckled at the site. I began to feel a warm euphoria washing over my body which took me by surprise. This was my first buzz on and I didnít know what to expect, But I liked it :D.

After what could have been hours of laughter we decided we should leave our current spot in search of more people, and Mandie ensured us a group of her friends would be hanging out near the graveyard so that was our destination. My first attempt to stand proved exceedingly difficult and I fell, which my Jared found overly amusing. With some help from Mandie I was on my feet, however walking was no simple task either. As we were on our way to the Graveyard a group of her friends drove by us, they stopped and beckoned her over. She left us for a few minutes and returned with a huge smile on her face, motioning me and Jared closer she reviled what seemed to be two homemade cigarettes which I realized were joints soon after.

I had had never considered smoking weed before, I always thought drugs were stupid and irresponsible because thatís how I was raised. I reminded myself that I had also never considered drinking and so far this was (to say the least) a fairly pleasant experience. So I somewhat guiltily agreed to smoke with her, and I was soon followed by Jared. She lit the joint and took several puffs before passing it to me, having no experience I took a very large haul and began to cough uncontrollably. Eyes watering I handing the joint to Jared who looked unsure at this point. He managed to take a couple puffs without coughing and passed it to Mandie. She told us to pay attention as she took a quick draw and inhaled the smoke. Following her example with both did the same until our weed supply had diminished and there was nothing left to do but continue our way towards the Graveyard.

The onset was very quick, and I began to feel the unfamiliar effects after only 3 minutes. At first I felt a little dizzy but this was shortly followed by a burst of energy and euphoria. I experienced complete lose of memory, and became unaware of my surroundings. This amazing feeling grew more intense as the moments passed and with them they brought a new relentless urge to eat, Mandie deemed these feelings ďMunchiesĒ and though it best to stop by a corner store to indulge and relieve our newly demanding pallets. Assorted junk food at hand we continued are seemingly unending journey to reach the graveyard while franticly stuffing our faces. Everything tasted better, as if my taste buds were granted some form of improvement and I was not about to waste it.

Eventually we arrived at our destination where we were greeted by a group of people that soon became some new friends of mine. Somewhere in the mist of conversation the topic of what drugs we were on arose and I was pleased to learn that my new acquaintances were experiencing the same thing I was for the first time.

It got late and members of our group began to leave for the night. I thanked Mandie for a great night and said my goodbyes before embarking with Jared on the journey home. As we neared our homes and our buzzes had all but evaporated we started to reminisce about the amazing feelings that we had so vividly experienced only hours before. Which now felt like a distant memory.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53696
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 30, 2008Views: 16,448
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Alcohol - Hard (198), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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