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Was It Really Worth It?
Morning Glory
Citation:   Chuckles. "Was It Really Worth It?: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp53703)". Nov 30, 2008.

150 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)
Well, I had heard a lot about the acid-like trips induced by Morning Glory seeds. A guy I know tried them about a year ago, but he never gave me many details about the trip itself, as he spent most of the time just horribly sick to his stomach. A curiosity about the seeds had been hidden in the back of my mind ever since. A couple of days ago, a girl I know said she tried them, and said it was a great time. So I finally decided to check it out.

Yesterday after school I picked up three packs of Morning Glory Heavenly Blue seeds from a garden centre. I had to work till 10 that night, so I didn't try the seeds till about 10:45pm. I sat on a chair, in front of my curtains (I have a sliding glass door in my room), eating--and thoroughly chewing--all 150 seeds. The first pack I ate 2 at a time, the next one 5 at a time, and then 10 at a time. When I was done all the seeds I just kept sitting and staring at the curtains. Nothing was really happening, and I remembered I read that it took about an hour for the effects to really set in.

Sure enough, an hour later, the curtains started to wave and pulse and heave. I went to bed and just sat there watching the curtains. It was really cool. I had never done any drugs other than marijuana, and so actually seeing things was completely new to me, I could hardly believe my eyes. At this time I felt pretty sober, as far as my head and thoughts go. But yeah things in my room were starting to undulate and distort if I focused on them. After about an hour of watching this I decided 'Alright, this is cool, but if this is all that's gonna happen, I might as well go to sleep, it's not worth stayin up any longer for this. Next time I'll eat 6 or 7 packs,' and I went to sleep.

About an hour later I woke up (2am), feeling obscenely sick to my stomach. It was awful pain. This sick period seemed like forever, but when I really think about it, it was probably at most an hour. After squirming in pain for about 20 minutes I got out of bed, put on my bathrobe, and made a cup of tea in the kitchen. My dad was still up, reading a book. I don't know if he suspected anything, he asked why I was up and I said I was sick, and that was the end of it. I lay down on the living room couch and slowly started to feel less sick. The couch is underneath a window, and when I looked outside I got this really creepy feeling like the trees were watching me and plotting something quite evil.

As I felt less sick, I started to doze off. But before I was entirely lost in sleep I caught myself and opened my eyes. The whole world in front of my eyes began moving in circles, spiraling inward, which I suddenly came to believe was for some great profound purpose that I could not grasp. Just as the world was starting to look normal again and stop spiraling, I heard this voice in my head, extremely loud, high-pitched, and nasal. It screamed, 'ARE WE GOING TO AN AMUSEMENT PARK?' It scared the living shit out of me. Like how I am supposed to respond to that?! I took a couple seconds to assure myself that I was indeed not anywhere near an amusement park, and decided I was feeling well enough to go back to my bed. It was now sometime after 3am.

I lay in bed, turned on the light, turned on my mp3 player, and put on the headphones. I started listening to Matthew Good Band's album Beautiful Midnight, which I found to be very interesting and trippy. I never before thought that it would be good trip music. A feeling of peaceful euphoria came over me. I started playing with the volume, turning it all the way up, and then all the way down again, and up and down and up and down. I thought it was great fun, and became obsessed with it for a couple of minutes. I was smiling intensely, and kept waving my arms around. I felt great. Voices in my head said weird things like, 'Sploog!' After a while I got tired and wanted to go to bed. I turned off the music and the light and lay motionless, waiting for sleep. But as soon as I stopped moving, I felt an urgent, rushing energy surging through my arms and legs. I got restless and couldn't stop moving. For the rest of the night I lay in bed squirming and writhing and rolling around. I got absoloutely no sleep. I don't remember much, except the feeling that I was not in control of my thoughts. I kept forming demented facial expressions, enjoying it immensely.

I started seeing the light come though the curtains, and heard the birds. I heard my brother get out of bed in his room down the hall, and heard him moving about. The sound was very weird, first of all it sounded like mono as opposed to stereo. And it seemed distant and felt like it was deceiving me and not being 'real sound.' I knew I had to get up for school soon, but kept telling myself, don't get up until you hear 'real sound', which I expected to be the music coming from my radio alarm clock when 6:30am came around. I felt like I was dreaming, and that everything I was seeing and hearing was not fully real.

When my alarm clock finally did go off, I was shocked to find that, like everything else, it didn't sound real at all. I got out of bed, turned it off, and started getting ready for school. The whole time I felt demented and pranced about holding my arms in front of me like a t-rex or a retard, and making really weird faces which I found was great fun. I felt full of energy, and ended up leaving for the bus about 10 minutes early (7am). I had a smoke on the way to the bus stop, which was glorious. I was obviously way too early for the bus, and so decided to get a coffee at the Tim Hortons across the street. It became engrained in my mind that this was now my ultimate purpose, which somehow led to my singing of the Oscar Mayer song.

The line-up in Tim Hortons was long. By the time I got out with my coffee, the bus was just arriving at the bus stop across the street. I bolted. I haven't ran that fast in years. I felt like absoloutely nothing could stop me, and that more importantly, that I could not allow anything to stop me, because I simply had to make the bus in time. I didn't realize it, but when I talked to my friend on the bus, he said I almost got hit by three cars. I attempted to tell him the whole Morning Glory experience, but I couldn't get the words out, I was too excited and happy and nervous and full of energy, I didn't know how to begin. I told him I would tell him after I calmed down and drank the coffee, at which point I looked down at the coffee cup in my hand. Some coffee had come out of the hole in the lid and was collecting in the lid. The patterns it made fascinated me, and I started tripping out. Eventually I snapped out of it and drank the coffee. I told my friend briefly of the Morning Glory seeds. Then I huddled up next to the window, closed my eyes, and listened to Beautiful Midnight for the rest of the busride. I got really cool closed-eye visuals, mostly to do with forests and spirally things.

When we arrived at school, around 8:30am (it's about an hour and 15 minute bus ride) I dropped my bag off and started walking to Tim Hortons (about a 15 or 20 minute walk, I have first period spare). On the way, the road seemed to undulate slightly. When I got to Tim Hortons I didn't even go inside, just sat down on a bench and had a cigarette. Soon I saw some people I knew, and started talking to them. Then a friend of mine pulled up in her van. I went over to talk to her and briefly explained the whole experience, which she found wonderfully amusing. She and her friend were going inside Tim Hortons to study for a test, and so I decided to sleep in her van. By this time I was feeling a lot less light-headed and dizzy, but still not quite myself, still a little hazy.

While in the van, I closed my eyes and saw a window, out of which came an arm wearing a Super Mario glove. The hand grabbed a snake and started choking it. After a while longer I went inside and got a drink, came out, had another smoke, and then my friend was ready to go back to school. For the rest of the day I was pretty much sober. I still had kind of a warm fuzzy feeling. I still had pretty cool closed-eye visuals up until about the end of the school day (3pm). This was the last closed-eye visual I remember: I saw four toilet bowls from a bird's eye point of view. They merged together into one blobby shape, which started to look like a flower. The edges of the flower then turned into fish chasing a ladder in a circle, and this image then turned into two lizards moving around in a circle. I focused on something, to be specific, the floor or the legs of a chair, it started to undulate slightly. In 3rd period we were reading a play, and at one point the words on the page started to come apart and move around a little.

When I got home, a little after 4pm, I was deathly tired. I spent most of the night sleeping until my dad woke me up because a friend dropped by, having been in the area. I started writing this around 10pm. It is now 11:13pm, and I am pretty much back to normal. I still feel slightly light-headed, and certainly very tired.

Overall, it was quite a cool experience, and I enjoyed it for the most part. The hour of being sick really sucked though, and it was a drag that I got no sleep on account of my inability to stop squirming around. But yeah, it was a fun time overall, and now that I really think about it, yes it was definitely worth it. The 3 packs of seeds cost me about five bucks. I ended up having a whole night of tripping and about half a day of slight stonage. Not sure if I would do it again, but it was definitely worth trying out once.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53703
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 30, 2008Views: 9,881
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