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Warning to Women: Seeds May Affect Cycle
Morning Glory
by seeker
Citation:   seeker. "Warning to Women: Seeds May Affect Cycle: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp53756)". Nov 7, 2007.

370 seeds oral Morning Glory


Could write a long and amazing account of my experience... and I hope to at some point. It was truly AMAZING! I feel compelled to post this message after my experience to WARN ALL WOMEN and girls who want to try morning glories. The seeds may effect the menstrual cycle and cause excessive bleeding. My cycle started the morning after I did the seeds, about fourteen hours after ingestion and four days earlier than I expected. I discovered, after much freaking out, a trip to the Gyn and hours online, that there is a special substance contained in the seeds that is similar to a pill given to women to induce labor. It causes the uterus to constrict, which means... don't use this if you are pregnant of course. I saw the warning to pregnant women and I knew I was not pregnant so I didn't think that note mattered. I overlooked the note because I didn't know that uterus constriction had anything to do with me. This is a natural substance so I thought that was great. I did not know it would induce my cycle. It lasted for almost twelve days... and came back again a week later for almost a week. I was stressed out and my sex life was halted. It really was a drag.

I thought that I had read everything I could find online before I tried the seeds, I scoured the Internet and saw no note of this anywhere. It was only after I was freaking out and had visited my Gyn that I saw a small note about the substance that causes the uterus to contract/constrict... a small line that was the same on every posting and every site warning not to use if pregnant. The only reason I knew to do a search for the word uterus and morning glory seeds was because my Gyn told me that was where I was bleeding from. That night I found the connection.

So, PLEASE know that EXTENDED BLEEDING and LONG PERIODS may be a side effect if you take the seeds. I want men and women to know that the seed messes with the lining of your uterus EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. This is important to note.

I have mixed feelings because the trip was so good. It is sad to say that I may never try them again because I am not sure it is worth the hassle. I hate to discourage anyone but I do want to make this known. I was freaking out thinking... do I have a disease, am I pregnant and didn't know it (I am not someone who slips up so this seemed unlikely) what is going on? The stress was not fun. I know that the seed is gaining popularity again, especially with teens. I saw a large article in the style section of my local paper about a week or so after I tried them...May 2006.. Perhaps you won't bleed if you are on the pill, but I am not sure. I can only speak for myself.

To recap: My cycle started the day after I took the seeds and I bled for about eleven days, five more than usual. Then it finally stopped and I was so relieved...until it started again about one week later. One more week of full bleeding... not the spotty kind, this was like a cycle again. It was ridiculous. I went to my Gyn at the end of the first round on about day ten... she found nothing wrong. All my test results came back fine, so I know it was the seeds. I waited to post this to make sure I was back on track the next cycle and I was. No problems, Thank G-d!!! Things are normal again and so now I am posting with a full recap of the experience.

This can also get in the way of your SEX LIFE, if you have one, and that is also annoying, as if cramps and bleeding weren't enough.

So, though I had an AMAZING experience, I do want to put this warning out there so people won't freak out if this happens to them. It is just something to be aware of. Perhaps a smaller dose would have a different effect. I don't know. All women also vary. I don't have any comparisons and this was my first time. I would love to do it again, but I am afraid I will have to stick with other hallucinogens that don't mess with me so much. The experience was beautiful I only wish the after effects weren't so debilitating.

Best to you if you try and if you are reading this and well... bleeding... you are not alone! Much Love.

FYI: I took Heavenly Blue, Burpee brand, ground in a coffee grinder and ate them straight with water to rinse. My guy friend took about two times what I did and we both tripped about the same. I don't know that dose matters too much, only that I don't want to do too little if I want to get the full effect. His stomach was messed up because he took so much I guess. I don't have other women to talk to who have done this or who are on the pill. As I mentioned, I am not. I don't think age matters but if it does, for the record I am 31, and this was my first time using morning glories though I have done hallucinogenic drugs a few times in the past.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53756
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 7, 2007Views: 24,011
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