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Gummy Lego Land
Syrian Rue & Salvia divinorum
by Salviahuasca
Citation:   Salviahuasca. "Gummy Lego Land: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Salvia divinorum (exp53881)". Oct 6, 2007.

100 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  100 mg smoked Syrian Rue (extract)


I am submitting this report in the hopes someone will benefit from my methods of salvia ingestion. I have been using salvia for a relatively short time but have known about and researched salvia for years. I pride myself in my ability to become totally engrossed in whatever subject matter I pursue and I find that most people do not share my convictions. This can become a problem when it comes to salvia consumption, because of the relative danger involved. Below I have outlined some techniques that I have tried and tested on others as well as myself which I believe to be beneficial to the total salvia experience.

It was midday on a lazy Wednesday afternoon in May. I ran into a friend which I had always hoped to connect with better. After some talk and witty banter we agreed that he should try some of my remarkably pure salvia 20x just to give him some insight on psychedelics. I had been looking for a partner to experience salvia with me because of the relative dangers of using salvia alone.

We had decided an outdoor setting would be more condusive to our gains so we found our way to a sprawling national park in the area. After procuring the perfect spot we proceeded without particular ceremony to recite a short prayer to the spirit of the plant asking that she give us insight into the mysteries of awareness. I decided to go first so he could see how long the journey lasts and exactly what it does to the user. I loaded a short stemmed pipe with nothing but salvia 20x and a homemade syrian rue extract I had wanted to try out. I had never done this combination before and was hoping it would have some kind of synergistic effect that would prove useful to my exploits.

I lit the pipe it burned with an eerie glow perhaps foreshadowing the event to come. I took only one inhale because my salvia is extremely pure and I held it for approximately 20 seconds. At about the 18 second mark still holding the smoke something began to happen, then suddenly my friends eyes burst forth with an inner light so indescribable in color and intensity I can only suffice it to say that that color does not exist. Two laser like beams of light shot forth from his eyes parallel to each other and the ground. Then his face turned into a transluscent chrysanthemum with his face distorted on its surface, it reminded me of a candy dish but inexplicably square and round at the same time. The chrysanthemum turned the same foreign color as the lasers still emanating from his eye sockets and it began to spin madly morphing and changing the faster it spun until it was a head full of wildly flailing semi-transluscent dreadlocks.

I began to laugh at the creature in front of me which still retained the rough figure of my friend but with laser eyes and tentacle like dreadlocks, all the while with a maddening grin that was all at once friendly and yet slightly mischevious. I laughed so hard I fell back on my seat convulsing orgasmically creating fluid sounds that I could see in the form of beautiful patterns flowing from inside me.

At some point I guess I was thrust into a rotating barrel of sorts full of what can only be described as gummy feeling legos. The sensation created by those legos was intensely pleasurable, and I began to sort of wave back and forth amongst them all the while somehow going through what seemed like an old time rolling pin style clothes dryer contained in the barrel of legos. There was also some kind of window in the barrel which seemed to me to be the world through my eyes which was composed entirely of the gummy legos. Somehow I was spit out of the barrel and into the gummy lego land I tried to orient myself by moving my arm forward and when I did so the legos which composed everything, even the air, collapsed into a slight depression underneath my hand.

It was then I somehow realized I could fly or rather climb the gummy legos into the sky which I noticed then was not a sky or was blocked by an enormous rotating orange and white pinwheel of sorts. There were also magnificient giant black kites floating in every which way I looked spread out along the horizon. I felt that If I reached one of those kites and grabbed onto it it would take me to the giant pinwheel in the sky. I climbed effortlessly into the sky nearing the kites with every thrust of my being, I had the wonderful sensation of floating in some kind of spongy weightlessness that was the legos. I began to yell KITEVANTA!! KITEVANTA!! I assume referring to the kites and also spewing more fluid words that seemed to resemble dutch. I felt I was speaking the entire truth and meaning of the universe, though I now have no idea what it was or what I said.

I came achingly close to the kites when suddenly I heard a voice I realized it was my friend he asked me if I could count backwards from ten. I thought it was somekind of game and wondered what would happen when I got to one so I began to count distracting myself from the kites. 10! 9! 8! 7! I yelled, then suddenly before I could get to six the entire lego world collapsed or broke. Everything distorted or shattered until it was a mess of distorted objects seen through the chaotic breakage of transluscent legos. I was stuck in the middle of the sky the legos no longer moved for me. Then someone yelled: YOU BROKE IT!! I began to almost weep but it came out in what I believe to be an apology of fluid psuedodutch words to the world I shattered in my incompetence and greed at wanting to count downwards to one. I believed I guess that I was responsible for upholding the view of this world, that I was god to this world and that in my naive curiousity I had destroyed the world before I had had a chance to fully love and appreciate it.

Suddenly I realized I was standing in the park which appeared to be vaguely assembled by unbroken legos. I realized I was not god of gummy lego land, I was myself, a thoroughly un-godlike human in regular stupid land. The realization was somewhat depressing to me but more engulfing was the anger I had suddenly realized that I had for my friend who had made me count backwards from ten destroying my beautiful little universe. I raged at him demanding to know why he would do such a thing. He replied that he wasn't sure if I was back because I was talking regularly but not responding and he wanted to make sure I was sober because I had started to head towards a steep ledge about 15 yards from where we sat. The explanation made sense but my inconsolable situation was too much to give me rationality. My friend apologized but I told him he did the right thing and it wasn't neccesary, that it was just our condition as men to want to be something more.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53881
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 6, 2007Views: 14,198
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Syrian Rue (45), Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Guides / Sitters (39), Combinations (3)

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