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An Artist's Bliss
Citation:   Boss the Genius. "An Artist's Bliss: An Experience with Cannabis (exp53916)". Dec 5, 2008.

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Welcome to the mind of the mad, the brilliant and the foolish. Today, you shall experience past gone present, a life become yours, and you shall know in the best of words possible, what 'I' have experienced, and all there is to know.

But before I get to the storytellin, I must familiarize you with a few terms, 2 in fact.

Sess: Organically grown marijuana. Weed that has been grown the way it was meant to be, almost always outdoors, and always with soil and sunlight. In most cases, this kinda weed is considered your normal stuff - obviously far better than shwag, but not comparable to 'dro' in potency, unless the strain which your sess happens to be is naturally very potent already (example: White Widow). In simple words, your basic, organically grown stuff - kinda like garden grown vegetables.

Dro: Hydroponically grown marijuana. Weed that has been grown with the aid of hydroponics. What this means is that the weed is grown somewhat 'artificially', as in no soil, but with nutrient-filled water instead. Also, there is artificial lightin rather than sunlight, and even artificial humidity. Weed of this kind tends to be of better quality and far higher potency than 'sess'.

Anyway, I shall begin my story at about 1:40pm, yesterday. Me and 2 friends (I'll call one T, the other P) met up in school, and all of us were plannin to smoke up. You see, I have heart problems, and not long ago, I suffered a very minor heart attack (more like a heart cramp), and I am very prone to heart tension from stress/anxiety. Quite an odd ailment for someone as young as me (18). Anyway, I agreed to smokin up with them, as I needed some heavy relaxin myself, and although weed does bring your heart rate up a lil, it's better riskin a lil than riskin what may be potentially a lot and end up dyin from stress. So really, weed would be a great benifit to me.

So we wander around the neighborhood, and then we find a dealer within the vicinity. So I ask the dealer if he's got any trees, he asks how much, and T tells him we want 5 dollars' worth. So we get our weed, and head off to T's home. As soon as we get there, we open up the plastic bag and take the weed out. I tell them I have about 2.5 grams of weed in my stashbox, which I had brought along with me, but the weed we got for 5 bucks apparently seems like 10g more than 5g, and they assumed that by the smell and look, it was probably sess. Good for chillin, not for trippin, but they were wrong. The stuff I had was sess, the stuff we bought was dro. So we decided to chop up the newly bought dro, and put it in a large spliff, and the remainder in a smaller spliff, the sess that I had brought with me would be smoked in a pipe later on. Then came the smokin session.

We went outside the buildin to this balcony-like place, where not many people come by, and we sat down on some metal seats. We then proceeded to light up the spliff, in which P took the first few puffs. We decided everyone would take turns, 3 puffs each person's turn. When it came for me to smoke it, I began to inhale, but T told me I was smokin it wrong. You see, I have smoked a few times before, gotten high, but it was mostly more of a relaxin and passive high, where nothin seemed to bother me. T had told me to inhale deeply into my lungs, breath in some fresh air with it to push it down, and then hold it for a sec, and exhale soon after. I did.

My eyes began to feel heavy, somewhat like when I haven't slept for a while, and my eyelids seem to weigh more than they really do. A smile slowly grew on my face, as I began to notice myself far more relaxed than I ever have been. The sunlight seemed a lil more intense, although I didn't seem to mind it at all. But I also felt this odd lightheadedness, a tingly sensation in my brain, with a very light headache that somehow didn't seem to bother me at all. We finished up the spliff, and then the next, and then this is when I decided to get up - the weed had kicked in good by now.

I stood up, and I suddenly felt dizzy, and I felt like things were slightly movin (both in vision and feelin). If I could best describe the feelin and sight, it was like how I feel and see after I have been spinnin in a circle in the same spot for about 30 seconds. That 'world is turnin around a bit' type of thing. But what I didn't notice is how odd my walkin was. I was apparently wobblin a bit from side to side, not as much as a drunk losin full balance, but more like I have been shook up a bit instead. T and P were laughin at me, and had told me to sit down, afraid that I might fall from bein so damn high. Whether I had fallen or stayed sittin down, I didn't care. I was havin fun. I started laughin at nothin, and my friends look at me as if I was some kinda lunatic and then began laughin with me, or was it at me? Regardless, I was still havin fun.

Then after a lil while, I had decided to get up again, and we all decided to go back to T's place. We had to walk past the security, and I tried to look normal, but instead I had my eyes wide open and a serious look on my mouth, and everyone else was tryin not to laugh. We got upstairs, and put on some music, and I have no idea how, but every beat I could feel inside my body. Music was greatly intensified, and I seemed to like everythin I heard. We were playin a lot of techno, hip-hop and rap, and the bass felt sooooo gooood. Then, they put on this color show thing on T's Xbox. So for about 10 minutes, I was starin at this crazy color and patterns show on T's 50inch tv, trippin out of my mind, and bein hypnotized by somethin so vivid and beautiful. Then we decided to play some Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and I just kept laughin whenever someone died (aren't I the mature one?). But soon enough, I had decided to let myself test out my creativity, and here I shall go in some depth.

I am artistically talented at both dance and music, 2 precious gifts that I treasure with all my heart. When I am inspired, or suddenly get a concept or idea of art, I am for that moment either in a trance, overwhelmed by an immense feelin of bliss, or am energized by an incredible adrenaline rush, and then I imagine the art, whether abstract or followin a concept/idea, and I have the urge to put the most beautiful thing I have ever come up with down into the real world, and appreciate my wonderful creation.

Well, durin my trip, I was constantly in that state. I had an amazin feelin of bliss, a creative mindset and imagination that rivals the most abstract concepts and images found in dreams, and somehow more passive and relaxed than someone could be in the best massage chair ever built. I was in a constant artist's bliss. Images, sounds, ideas and dream-like thoughts were comin into my head every second, a lot of them often somehow bein related to the song that might've been playin at that moment. One of the most beautiful yet peculiar things that came up in my head is this music video-like scene of this mirror image of a green distorted girl dancin to the music, with bright yellows and greens flashin in the background. I have never felt a thing so artistic yet beautiful in my life, and the intensity of the feelin was somethin that rivals (not intendin to be vulgar) sexual pleasure - mainly orgasm, and although it is not as intense physically, my mind was just as delighted.

As the time went by, my trip went down a bit, and I just became more mellow, and passive, relaxed beyond measure, and just felt like starin into nothin, lettin my mind float into whatever universe it may have been headed at. Then, my friends decided to pipe up the weed I had brought with me in my stashbox, and we headed downstairs to the same spot again. I inhaled, and the smoke was hot, and unfortunately, we did not have a filter, so when I inhaled some ash. I was overwhelmed by a fit of coughin, and a horrendous burnin feelin in my throat and lungs. The pain in my lungs was very difficult to bare, I simply have not felt so much discomfort in my lungs before, and I just didn't want to take it.

As we headed back upstairs, I had this feelin of paranoia that lead me to believe that my friends were plannin somethin behind my back, and whenever I saw them talkin to each other, I somehow thought it was about me. I was even afraid to walk in front of them, for fear that they might do somethin behind my back, and I always wanted to walk behind them, so I could observe everythin they did. Then, they DID notice my paranoia, and one of them hid by a corner, jumped and scared me outta my lights - I let out a scream that could've woken up the dead. They laughed, and we eventually got to T's place, and sat down once again. Then we proceeded to play Need For Speed on T's Xbox, and somehow I was playin better than I ever was before. The controls seemed more natural to me, and yet, at the same time, I was still mad passive and relaxed, hypnotized by the game. The road in the game somehow seemed to be a path into another dimension. It felt like travellin through a tunnel.

Eventually, I had to go. It was 6pm, and I wanted to get home, so I left for the bus, and durin the whole ride I was so relaxed, yet tired and sleepy the same time. My vision was still funny, and the dizzyness was still there, though. I'm pretty sure people noticed I was high, because when I stood up, I was all wobbly and whatnot. By the time I got home, which was at about 6:45pm, I ate like crazy, and noticed that movin gave me the biggest headache, and so I sat down. After a while, the headache went away, as well as the sleepyness, and so I sat there, waitin for my girlfriend to come home, so I could experience that one unique feelin that nothin else could ever mimic, love.

So all in all, yesterday's experience with weed was amazin. I have felt like an artist in every genre durin the whole time, was relaxed beyond my mind, and was happier than an alcoholic durin a wine-festival. I wanna try out eatin weed, as well as usin bongs and vaporizers. I really wouldn't mind somethin that would be a lot easier on my throat and lungs - especially when I am passionate about dancin (breakin), hehe.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53916
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 5, 2008Views: 6,798
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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