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So Much of Everything
Morning Glory & Cannabis
by Jake
Citation:   Jake. "So Much of Everything: An Experience with Morning Glory & Cannabis (exp53974)". Oct 7, 2007.

800 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

Author - Jake Country: UK Genger: Male
Report - LSA
Dose - 800 seeds
Users -

We all met, brought 3 milkshakes and decided to do 1000 seeds. We put 800 seeds into a milkshake (God bless milkshakes) and they were so disgusting looking we decided that there was no need to actually put any more in there or it might be uneatable. We drank the milkshake, walked up to our 'cotch' (relaxing) place, Red road - a massive field.
We sat there for a while, feeling so bloody sick, the nausia was terrible, liturally.

We decided to go to the shop and get some water, on the way we decided to pick up some 'green' (cannabis). We walked for about 10/15 minutes to collect the cannabis. We all complained about the nausia and I threw up at one point in front of a woman, it was quite vulgar. We returned to red road and tried to roll a joint. None of us had really started to notice any effects but I realised that the drug had probably started to take effect since none of us could roll. To point out, none of us have ever tried this drug before. Only Shrooms - Jake and Jerald - Rooney had never experianced trips, but had done ectasy and various other drugs that Jerald and myself had never tried at that point.

We decided to leave red road and go to Rooneys sisters (Debbie) as we had no idea how cold we were in red road (it was an extremely cold time of year, especially in the UK).
On the walk to his sisters we started to rush as we were on pills, this continued for a 30 minutes. The feeling was amazingly close to pills, the euphoria wasn't as immense but the warmth + the 'rushing' were both there. We knocked on Debbie's door and after 10/20 minutes of continous knocking (they had fallen asleep), they allowed us to stay in the house while they went out for a meal.

We all sat around the kitchen table, by this point everything had changed, the feeling of absolute and utter pure 'happiness' had taken control. Now, I've taken ectasy several times in the past, this feeling on LSA, this actual feeling of utter and sure bliss, ectasy might as well of been pro plus. We all sat and a cup of tea with borbourne biscuits. Eating is an amazing experiance, it is a total and utterly new experience all together. The actual sensation I get from eating is magnificent and the taste of food is just unexplainable. Everything is delisious, more than delisious, its amazing. We also tried crisps, they were quite amazing too.

After a while I started to notice that I was seeing things, things move, things flow.
Things actually flow, everything flows. I don't have to concentrate on anything to make it move, everything just moves. I could sit and look at a glass for at least 2 or 3 hours, just the glass and everything that comprises the glass is noticable, I pay attention to detail. Detail comes so utterly magnified on this drug its really hard to understand. Its difficult to comprehend the size of things of a space of a room. I will never be able to explain how much fun this is. It's simply amazing. It's like being a child again, I loose all of my ambitions and I think the world is my playground. Everything is amazing, everything is correct, everything is so so so FUN!

At one point, Rooney spills some crisps (pickle and onion I think, what an amazingly strange taste they werer). On LSA, because there is so much to everything its difficult to comprehend that this mess, is just a packet of crisps. He stood up and said 'What have I done!?!? They're EVERYWHERE!!!' I didn't look and replied, 'calm down man, its only a packet of. . ' Then I stood up and looked 'Holy shit man, fucking hell, they're so much mess' For at least 5 minutes we continued to say 'I don't know what to do, there is so much mess'. Cleaning this mess up was completely comprehendable. It was in fact, impossible.

For a while we discussed just leaving the room in case we damaged anything else. Eventually I decided that I was just on drugs, this was a packet of crisps and yes I could clean this up. I got on my hands and knees and picked up all of the crisps.
While doing this, I knocked a glass of water over on the table. At this point the hallucinations had got really really fucking out of control. We looked at the water and we had no idea where the water was, we tried to feel where there was water and all we could see was water everywhere, it was like we had destroyed the world. On reflection, it's all very funny.

I again pulled to the challenge and said 'No! this is just a glass of water, I can clean it up!' I then removed everything from the table and cleaned it, I had no idea if there was water on the table still, I thought water was still everywhere. In fact, I cleaned the whole kitchen, because I just couldn't deal with the fact that I had made a mess. Mess was not a good thing.

We went into the living room and layed on the floor listening to 'jungle music' The music was fucking amazing, this was the first time I had ever listened to jungle (I didn't like it before) and it was just a total and another experience before. We were listening to it on the DVD player so the default screen on the make of the DVD player was on the TV. This symbol of the make of the DVD player started to swirl out of control. The trip had got so so so visual, everything moved. I was looking at these two signal roses at east each of the living room table and they were just spirraling, continuously, the same. Both moving together. It was amazing.

Wallpaper! now patterned wallpaper is amazing on LSA. The movement of it, how it all comes together. The shades, the colours. Everything. I really can't express how everything is a new experience on this drug. After a while I went out into the kitchen for some reason. Rooney followed and we talked in the kitchen for about 30 minutes to an hour about the connection we have as friends, how close me and him had become in the short time we had known each other and how we wanted to continue to be in each others lives for the rest of our own. Now, me and this guy are amazing friends, we speak every day and get stoned every day together, but we have never had a conversation like this before.

We then went on to speak about how much we loved other people. All of this time I have no idea what Jerald was doing, I think I forgot about him. I got my friend Chrissy to call me and told her how much of a good good time I was having and how much I cared about her. Constantly through the night I kept on saying, 'I'm having such a good time!' I told her that she was an amazing part of my life and that she lit up my days. The connection I have with people on this drug is fucking amazing, I've never connected with anyone like it before, I don't think I could without this drug. It just creates so many new emotions, I would even say stronger than love in alot of ways (in the time period obviously).

After these amazing conversations, suddenly I got up and said 'I feel sick! Shit, I feel so fucking sick'. I then started to shuv my fingers down my throat continously saying 'Don't worry, I'm over reacting, I'm over-reacting.' I sat on the bath room floor and Rooney left me because I felt I needed to be alone. He went outside, I got up after suddenly realising that the 'freak out' had made me come back slightly to reality, but this drug has so many stages, after I 'freaked out' (Which I did, badly) I started to trip in a total and different way.

I went to look for Rooney and Jerald after getting up, I looked down the hall and noticed that the front door was wide open and that Rooney wasn't in the house. I fucking shit myself. I have never ever ever been this fucked (and to this day, I haven't been this fucked) and I thought my best friend was walking around the streets in my town (which is very rough) on this drug. He could seriously end up dying or killing someone.

I ran to the front door and looked out side, only to notice Rooney laying on his face throwing up. He couldn't stand so I went to get Jerald to cool the situation. Jerald couldn't move either. Eventually I got Rooney in and got him a glass of water and made the good old man a roll up. We made Jerald go in the toilet to throw up as he started to freak out.

After that we tripped for hours, just proper just seeing shit move. For hours and hours. It was so amazing. The experience of this drug is like no other, the pure feeling of absolute and utter happiness. Liturally, I really really really can't explain this. It's better than anything. It's fucking insane how good it is.

Rooney's sister came back with her husband Ken, they laughed at us and asked us if we were 'tripping' and mocked us for a while in a kindly fashion. But having people there that weren't on the drug, it freaked me out big time. I was so pleased they came back at points, because I totally lost control. Reality was too much. Like a normal day will seem impossible on LSA. Absolutely impossible. There's just too much of everything. We chilled for a while and smoked a couple of hash joints and a couple of skunk joints.
We were just tripping so hard.

We continued to trip for about another 2 hours then went to bed. While me and Jerald were in bed (after smoking an 1/8th of skunk) we had no idea if we were moving or not. I was touching Jerald and he had no idea if he thought I was just touching him. At one point he had his hand in my mouth and I had no idea if I just thought it was there. Jerald threw up later, I have no idea what happened. I passed out. When I passed out, at some point, I must of pissed myself, because when I woke, you get the idea.

In the morning, everything was different. Everything was normal, but the fact I had shared such an amazing and insane experience with these two people, things have never been the same with them I am happy to say, they're like brothers to me and we continue to experiment with drugs together. The connection we had on LSA is absolutely amazing. The come down of LSA isn't very nice at all, I got leg cramps and I slept for about 21 hours. I was also pale white for at least a day. Personally, its worth it.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53974
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 7, 2007Views: 28,367
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