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Works as Expected
Kratom (15x extract)
by Painkilla'
Citation:   Painkilla'. "Works as Expected: An Experience with Kratom (15x extract) (exp54032)". Sep 20, 2006.

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral Kratom (extract)
  T+ 2:00 1.0 g oral Kratom (extract)


I figured I'd go ahead and write a report for Kratom, since I have read so many proclaiming it to be a legal herb that *gasp* actually is worth a shit. I have recently been trying all sorts of these legal herbs: Sinicuichi, Kanna, Wild Dagga, Salvia Divinorum, Kava, Kola Nut, Betel Nut, etc. Thus far, the only ones that have had any effect on me are Salvia, Kava, Kola Nut, and Betel Nut. The others were either frustratingly mild, or completely placebo.

The reports I've read about Kratom suggest that it is, indeed, a powerful drug that has a noticable effect on almost everyone.

So here we go. I just recieved 24 Grams of 15:1 Kratom powder extract. It says on the package that it's active at 1G with strong effects at 2G. Assuming these vendors tend to play it down a little in order to both make more money, and keep people from getting into trouble, I eyeballed out 2G. It was actually incredibly difficult to eyeball any sort of measurement from this. I need to get a scale.

Regardless, I mixed it with some OJ and gulped it down. Not bad. Not bad at all. It went down without a hitch. I can't say too much about the taste, as it really doesn't seem to have much of one. That's a good thing, I suppose. At least it doesn't taste like sandpaper.

T+0:17 - Definite relaxation. I'm typing this right now, and my fingers seem to have an excess of energy, but my body definitely feels warm and relaxed. Opiate-ish indeed!

T+0:19 - okay I know this is exactly 2 minutes since the last entry, but this seems to be coming up really fast. Verrrry relaxed. By golly, they were right about this stuff! This is fantastic. I must be honest - for the longest time I wasn't interested in trying Kratom at all. Opiate-like drugs don't exactly fascinate me. I feel that there's not much to be learned from them, and they are at the root level hedonistic and selfish. Then again, when I DO ingest some sort of narcotic analgesic painkiller sorta thing, well... It's always pretty marvelous. But what will I learn from this? There are reports I've read that suggest psychedelic effects at higher doses, but I have a sneaking suspicion that these effects are a combination of delerium and dreaming. Interesting, but not the kind of 'trip' I find useful. Nevertheless, we'll find out how it fares soon. Come on Kratom, GIMME WHAT YA GOT!

T+0:30 - crap. I forgot to mention that I tend to get nauseated from narcotics. I remember taking Oxycontin and being in the worst pain of my life that wouldn't stop. I get nauseated from Codeine as well. I'm a skinny guy, a vegetarian, and I don't eat much, so for some odd reason nausea likes to take over. I'm feeling a slight hint of nausea right now, and I REALLY hope it doesn't get out of hand. I'd like to enjoy this.

T+1:00 - Nausea is still picking at my heels, but not out of control. I'm dizzy. My eyes are wobbly. I feel pretty darn good. But... It doesn't strike me as being anything to get truly excited about. Now, when I tried Salvia for the first time, THAT was something to get excited about. This Kratom, however, is just your run of the mill narcotic. It seems to work the same way. It makes me feel relaxed, numbed, comfortable. I'm still waiting for that 'psychedelic threshold' though. Perhaps it's there? Yes? We'll see...

T+2:00 - I went ahead and took another gram, because I'm an impatient guy, and this rolling numbness was getting a little boring. I can already see how this could be addicting. Not because it's 'fun', per se, but... it just feels good. I don't feel overly happy or amazed. In fact, I might as well not even be here. I will say one good thing though - It makes everyday activity more enjoyable. For instance, I'm taking a 3 hour drive to central Pennsylvania tomorrow for a 4-day music festival, and today's work was to basically pack and get everything ready to go. What would normally be a mundane boring sequence of events has become a very casual and relaxed ordeal. I'm playing music and packing and cleaning, and it's all very bright and fun. The sun is shining through the windows and it's... well... a beautiful day.

T+2:30 - well, after being up and active for a bit, I sat back down, and have a decent stoning effect. Slightly trancy, but definitely stoned. Is there a difference between 'tranced' and 'stoned'? Hmm, perhaps there's not. Either way, I'm finding myself stuck staring at certain things for long periods of time with no incentive to look away, and it feels right nice. Only problem now is that the nausea is

T+3:30 - Laid down for a bit and listened to some atmospheric drum & bass. I definitely got the 'in between waking & dreaming' effects. All kinds of crazy stuff going on. Thoughts seemed to blend into dreamstates and vice versa... Wasn't asleep, wasn't awake.. somewhere in the middle.

Conclusion, I think when I use Kratom in the future, I will make a point to simply take it, put on some music, and lie in bed. That's where the interesting stuff happens. It's not something I feel a craving to do very often though. It is powerful, so be careful. I can see how it would be difficult to overdo it. The nausea is the only downside, as far as I can tell.

Other uses for it will probably include painkilling. I am prone to having Kidney Stones, and this results in some very severe, excruciating pain. There's nothing I can do but wait it out. I look forward to using Kratom as a painkiller when/if I have another stone.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54032
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 20, 2006Views: 63,004
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