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Break On Through
Citation:   Zeppelin fan. "Break On Through: An Experience with LSD (exp54130)". Dec 12, 2008.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Prior to the time I took LSD I was strongly anti-drugs. This was no doubt because of all the people around me telling me that all drugs were bad. Of course I believed them and whenever Iíd hear someone around me doing drugs, I would truely be disgusted. I then found out one of my close friends was doing a few drugs. I knew he was a cool guy so I let him explain to me what he had to say, which is when he started telling me about this drug called 'LSD'. He assured me that it was one of the safest drugs known to man in terms of adverse damage to the body. He then told me that the amount of LSD required to make you trip was less toxic than Vitamin C in an Orange, I was listening. These are the things that Iím not told by the people who tell me all drugs are 'bad'. I then went on the web and read hours and hours worth of info regarding LSD. At this point I had realised that LSD was not in fact a 'bad' drug and I knew I was stable enough not to worry about psychosis.

I then told my friend that I wanted to try some. He said we could no doubt score some at a psytrance party so I went along. It was a Saturday night so it was crowded. We were in this place with loud music, wasn't my kind of scene but I bared with it knowing that I was about to score some LSD. My friend tried a few people who looked like they may be selling but was unsuccessful. We were about to give up and try another party when I saw this teen walk in. He looked like a modern day hippy so I immediately told my friend to ask him. He went, a few minutes passed so I knew we had something. I went up to them talking and started listening. My friend turned to me and told me he had LSD but it wasn't at the price he expected it to be. My friend had only done LSD once before so he wasn't sure about the price himself.

We bought 2 tabs as it was expensive. The guy handed me the 2 tabs, he put it straight into my hand. At the time I was quite hot so I was sweating, my palms were moist. I remembered Albert Hofmanns first accidental trip, so I quickly gave it to my friend who put it in his wallet. We departed from the party. I told my friend that we should go to his house and do it there. At this point the time was around 10-11pm Saturday night. He agreed.

We went to his house and on the way we got a lot of snacks. When we arrived at his house, my friend told his parents that Iíd me staying round that night. All was going well until his parents said 'ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOU HAVE TO BE UP EARLY TOMORROW MORNING AND AT YOUR AUNTIES HOUSE'. As I heard this it felt as though for a split second the whole world collapsed on me. We agreed that I should look after the tabs before deciding when to do it. I went home, very excited to have LSD for the first time, very excited to have my first ever drug.

The following day was a Sunday. I share a room with my brother so I don't have much privacy. At around 9pm he said he was going to his friendís house and that he wouldn't be home until something like 4am. When he left I saw this as an opportunity to take the acid, so I dropped one hit at around 9pm on a Sunday night. Bad idea right? As I have school the next morning. I wasn't 100% sure of how long the effects lasted.

Anyway, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes before I felt anything so I was wondering if we'd been sold blotter paper with no acid on it. When I started feeling something I was relieved. At around 11pm I started tripping hard. At the time I was on MSN trying to type. The keyboard was becoming increasingly difficult to see as it was pulsing and dancing around, like a boat on sea.

Around this time I called my friend to notify him that Iíd taken my share. He told me that if I was having fun it'd be OK if I had his one too. WOW, what a great friend! At around T+2.00 I dropped the second hit. My trip for the first few hours was really fun. I didn't know what to expect but I remember laughing and giggling a lot. I was really having fun.

At about 1pm my sister needed my help so she called me. I went into her room and she asked me to unplug and re-plug her TV in. Very simple task, yet so difficult to do when on LSD. I must have been there for 15-20 minutes laughing around, as I usually do when Iím around her so she didn't suspect a thing. When I wasn't able to do this simple task, I promised her Iíd do it tomorrow. When she agreed I felt very relieved.

I went back into my room and put 'Break on Through' by The Doors on. I must have had this song on repeat for about 3-4 hours straight! At around 2-3am, with Break on Through playing loud on my headphones I started worrying that my brother would come home and walk right in and find me on this class A drug. I started to worry. Because of this, every 10 minutes I would have auditory hallucinations. I would hear the door creaking at the joints signifying that someone had just walked in, i.e my brother. I kept hearing the door maybe 12 times over a short period of time. I then let it get to head. I heard my mom and many more voices in my left ear, all shouting. I couldn't make out anything they were saying but it scared me a lot. I suddenly took my headphones off and looked round, only to see no one. I was relieved again and straight away there was this huge smile on my face.

At around 4-5am I decided that I should climb into bed as my brother would be home anytime. I turned the PC off and climbed into bed. I now know NEVER to sit or lie down without music on or any other thing to distract me as I start thinking about negative things. As I was laying there in bed, I started thinking about my life, where I was going, what I was currently doing etc etc. I felt like shit, I realised that I should be taking education seriously as that should be the most important thing currently in my life. But I was failing in school, so I felt very depressed, I was failing in life. I just wanted to sleep, to escape these thoughts. But I couldn't sleep, not after only 8 hours of dropping the acid. I was getting really upset that I couldn't run or hide from myself, my own thoughts, my own state of mind.

I then decided to do something about it, I climbed out of bed and picked up my guitar and iPod. I put on Orion by Metallica and started playing along with the solo (after the bass riff kicks in). The solo is very melodic so I suddenly felt great playing it. I was on top of the world, so happy, so incredibly happy. At this point I realised that if I have a son, he has to try this, to be in the state that I am in right now. I felt like I was in heaven, I was so happy. After about half an hour I realised that it was getting late and I had school the next day so I climbed back into bed.

My brother came home shortly after, I was pretending to be alseep, it worked and he climbed into bed without bothering me. I was very hot, sweating. I couldn't sleep and I kept looking at the time. I was lying there concentrating on falling sleep. I kept looking at the time every 5 minutes. Each 5 minutes that past felt like 15 minutes so I was lying in bed for what felt like eternity. It was now coming towards 6 and I kept on thinking, 'Omg, I have school tomorrow and I havenít had any sleep yet. Let me at least get 1 hour of sleep'.

That didn't happen, I hadn't fallen asleep and the time now was 7.30am. I climbed out of bed and got changed for school. I was still tripping, not the hard 5 hours but the post hardcore trip which lasts around 10 hours. I was very tired and very confused. I left my house and needed to get a weekly travel ticket for the bus. I went into the store and also got a large bottle of water along with my ticket. When the guy asked for the money of the ticket + water I got very confused as I had forgotten to calculate the water bottle. I asked him why it was more expensive than usual. When I asked this he told me I was also buying the water bottle. I then felt as though he knew that I was on drugs. I kept saying to myself, 'Oh no, he probably thinks Iím one of those common drug addict thugs'.

I felt as though he was judging me. I had to get out of there. I payed him and got on the bus. There were no spaces to sit so I was standing. The whole journey I kept on thinking, 'Everyone is staring at me, judging me in a bad way'. I felt like shit. After my first bus journey ended, I got onto the second bus. I found a seat and sat down. After a few minutes someone sat right next to me staring at me. I looked and it was my good friend. He is religous and thinks highly of me so I didn't want him to find out I was on drugs. The whole time he was talking to me, I was trying not to look him in the eyes because I was very paranoid that he'd see my dilated pupils.

I soon arrived at school and sat down in class. I was relieved to see my friend who uses soft drugs as I felt connected with him at that point. I then told him to look into my eyes, which were still dilated. I told him I was still tripping. At this point I got very scared that Iíd get caught on a Schedule 1 drug in school by my teachers. I avoided all eye contact. I now realised that I must have been acting a little weird but at the time, I was concentrating on not looking at anyone directly in the eye.

2 hours passed and I went into my second lesson. I was now EXTREMELY tired, just barely able to keep my eye lids open. I was tripping on the keyboard in front of me, which was quite fun.

I then realised that I couldn't take it anymore so I stood up, told my teacher that I felt very 'ill' and that I was going. She told me it was OK to step outside and get some fresh air. I then told her that I was not coming back and that I was going home. I picked up all my stuff and as I was about to leave someone in class made a joke. He said something along the lines of 'You smoked too much crack last night'. When I heard this I suddenly thought 'Oh my god, they're very close to finding out the truth'. With this in my mind I laughed in a very uneasy way to pretend like that was absolutely not the case.

I left class. I was very relieved to be heading home. I started thinking about my bed and sleeping which made me feel very happy. The 45 minute bus journey home was hell for me as I was barely able to stay awake. I made it home, jumped into bed and had the best sleep Iíve ever had.

What an experience! I took two tabs on my first go not knowing what to expect and my lack of knowledge caused me to take it at a very bad time, just hours before school.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54130
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 12, 2008Views: 7,097
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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