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10 Hours of Bliss
Herbal Ecstasy - Herbal Extreme Plus
Citation:   Brendan . "10 Hours of Bliss: An Experience with Herbal Ecstasy - Herbal Extreme Plus (exp54152)". Dec 13, 2008.

30 ml oral Herbal Ecstasy (liquid)
Me and my best Friend live in Sydney, it has a shop called Happy High Herbs in the middle of Newtown (cool suburb in Sydney) and decided to buy 2 Bottles of 'Herbal Xtreme Plus' Ingredients were Damiana, Yerba Mate, Guarana, Acerola, Alcohol and Water, all in 30 mls of liquid, the guy at the shop claimed it to be herbal Ecstacy, as I have taken many a formula in my travels I thought it wouldnít hurt to try something legal for once.

First off I mixed it in some Coke, the whole bottle, Serving suggestions were 'Use 5-10 mls to flavour drinks and receive the benefits of some great herbs' considering that Iím usually a person to go all out because I think that my resistance is high to everything, I drank the whole 30 mls, my friend did the same. The taste was for lack of a better word, HORRIBLE, left a nasty aftertaste and it fizzed up the coke hardcore, so I bought a follow-up orange juice to get rid of the aftertaste.

T+45 minutes, I started to feel the effect, a kind of buzzing in my mid section, it soon spread its way over my entire body, the feeling was that of about a quarter of a peak of E, but very nice, every part of my body was feeling fantastic, and a sence of euphoria came over me. I started to listen to some Music, Psytrance, the music became better than usual, I could hear some undercurrents of the songs that I hadnít heard before, I noticed that my slight headache was gone, all aches and pains were lifted, and I could listen to loud music again, all in all it made things very enjoyable.

T+1.5 hours, I arrive at my friends place, I drove [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] , and my driving ability was still at its peak, surprisingly my mind was very focused. Funny enough Iím going to recommend not to drive though, the experience can be very distracting in the presence of good music. I got out of the car and my mussles felt like the good feeling after you streach out first thing in the morning, so going on this idea I stretched, it felt amazing. Walking I chose to do very slowly because it felt nice, and I was by then in a very weird mood, things in the world became more interesting, talking was interesting to listen too and people mention that I tend to stare at people while on this high, My friend next to me was claiming to feel the same thing, but he had a bit more control and he looked pretty normal, though on the side he kept sayin he felt 'great.' Also note that there are very definent peaks, in the first few hours it seems that the effects get stronger and stronger.

T+4 hours, Much the same feeling, Iím surprised by how long this effect lasted for me, though the euphoric feeling was faint now, the body still felt the same. I got up to look at a mirror, pupils were huge, light seemed to be alot brighter than usual. Headache still not there.

T+8 hours, the feeling of my body is beginning to return to normal, there is no definent end to this.

T+10 hours, I feel normal again.

Next Day, No hangover, Appetite is lowered, body feels refreshed. Over the next week my friend claimed that it was a sort of cure for his balimic tendencies, he stopped bingeing and purgeing for 2 weeks, not claiming to be a miricle cure but I also felt that I didnít need as much food, seeing as Iím a big boy thatís constantly hungry, it was a good week. Also my friend who took the Xtreme plus with me weighed in about 67 kg, so body weight doesnít tend to matter.

All in all Good long lasting experience, Iíve done the same thing about 6 times now with the same results each time.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54152
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 13, 2008Views: 76,662
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