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Vivarin is Lovely Stuff
by St0ned-fo0l
Citation:   St0ned-fo0l. "Vivarin is Lovely Stuff: An Experience with Caffeine (exp5416)". Jan 13, 2002.

1200 mg insufflated Caffeine (powder / crystals)


Well, one day I was feeling like shit as usual, tired, and decided to goto 7-11 and pick up some no-doze. Well, they didnt have any nodoze left, so I looked what else they had (Stay Awake and Vivarin)I went for vivarin since stay awakes really sucked to me. I went back home and took out six tablets and a white piece of paper and decided to crush them into powder so I could snort the stuff and not have to wait for the effects to pound in. after i crushed the stuff into a thin powder i started snorting it and finished all of the powder in ten minutes.

I was triping out of my mind, I started to hallucenate and had a real hard europhia comin on. I went ahead and turned on some music and relaxed a bit just listening to the tunes. 10 minutes later I decided to read (you get restless on this stuff real badly) and was speed reading through the book sleepers and finished the book in 2 hours reading 380 pages. My muscles were relaxed and I decided to lay down, turn the music up and trip out. The hallucenations got real intense and the music was a kinda blury. I decided to smoke some weed as well and had a twenty sack laying around and smoked it up and really everything was goin wild.

After about 12 hours later I calmed down, the caffeine leaving my system. I had the worse crash ever from that, and just wanted more of the stuff. Since then ive had a habitual use of the drug and use it heavily 3 times a week along with weed or some wine/beer.

I dont regret it, but these days I know not to try things like speed knowing id get addicted real fast and the outcome probly will not be good.


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5416
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 13, 2002Views: 19,319
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Caffeine (11) : General (1), Alone (16)

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