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Odd Sleep Occurrences
by X
Citation:   X. "Odd Sleep Occurrences: An Experience with Dreaming (exp54209)". Erowid.org. Jul 16, 2019. erowid.org/exp/54209

I'll first describe what spawned all the things I will describe in the following paragraphs. One day, after my daily lunch, some things led to another and I received a rather strong blow to the back of the head. Someone thought themselves mighty funny attacking someone from behind. Upon contact my vision became faded and a large star shaped object appeared in the center of my vision. Thats not the point of this story, so I won't describe that in detail.

Here is a generalization of what I have established to be the worst month and half long period of my life. 4 times a week I would have some sort of 'episode' upon falling asleep and/or waking up. The smaller episodes were instances where I would be fully awake yet be unable to move or talk or scream for help. The smaller episodes were by no means fun, but were managable compared to the larger ones. The larger episodes never occurred as frequently, but when they did, they would leave me shaken for days. The larger episodes were never the same twice, so I'll describe the more memorable ones below.

Along with these frequent episodes of varying magnitude, EVERY night I would experience odd encounters going into and out of sleep. Most often it would be hearing voices that didn't exist and occasionally odd unidentifiable noises, very rarely I would have a visual hallucination, which very well could be a dream, but I never remembered any of these pseudo-hallucinations before my blow to the head.
I never remembered any of these pseudo-hallucinations before my blow to the head.

And now I will describe the larger episodes.

One instance, I was waking up. I was awake, but debating whether I should get up, or lie down a bit longer. And then a voice appeared. The voice told me that I was insane, and that soon, the whole world would know the through of my insanity. That is when the voice stopped and I felt a jolt through my body, and my eyes were by some force drawn wide wide wide open. I was paralyzed, and then what happened to my field of vision is very hard to describe. They best way I can describe it is, it looked like my field of vision was the screen of a monitor and someone just pressed the degauss button. This 'degauss' of my vision continued for half a minute or so while these terribly painful waves went up and down my body as it shook. And I was powerless, I was forced to endure these odd waves and frightening visual distortions. When it was all said and done these events ceased. My body was numb and my heart was racing. At this point I had no motivation to get up and go to school, but I forced myself to. All that day my every other thought was about the events of that morning.

All the other larger episodes were very similar, however only one of them was accompanied by that threatening voice. I'd say about 5 large episodes occurred during that one and a half month long period of time, the smaller episodes much more frequent, about 4 a week.

Luckily for me, all the episodes just stopped. I remember that week, I was amazed no episodes occurred. And then another episode-free week passed. And another. To this day I havent had a large episode, however I have had two or three small episodes. Also, on an aproximately once a week basis, I have brief instances going into sleep where I enter a 'lucid dream' so to speak, where I am immersed in a nonexistant world and free random thought. I am usually startled by these instances and jolt out of these states within seconds of being thrown into them. But I must say, I always regret having came out of them and wished I could go back into them.

I have never done any drug ever before or during the experiences listed above. So these were not caused by any psychoactives, the only thing I could think of was that blow to my head.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54209
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 16, 2019Views: 702
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