Less Powerful but Overall Satisfying
Morning Glory & Cannabis
Citation:   FlapJack. "Less Powerful but Overall Satisfying: An Experience with Morning Glory & Cannabis (exp54226)". Erowid.org. Dec 13, 2008. erowid.org/exp/54226

T+ 0:00
10 g oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 0:45 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
A little bit of background:
*15 years old
*Used: Marijuana, LSD, Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA, Psilocybin Mushrooms. Some other stuff that's not important right now.

I've been using psychoactives since the day I turned ten years old. My seventeen or eighteen year old cousin got me smoking marijuana with him and it blew my mind. I've always wanted to explore substances but my main interests have always been more towards halucinogens than euphorics like heroin and cocaine.

Since a young age I've been moving every few years. I moved to Nassau, Bahamas from Las Vegas. The only drugs available here are marijuana and sketchy looking cocaine and mdma. I had been looking forward to another LSD trip for a while now so a month or two ago I decided to expirament with Morning Glory seeds. I didn't want to over do it so I started with a dose of 50-100 seeds which I chewed and swallowed. The experience was very inconciquential and quickly left my mind. But my interest was pulled towards it again in the past week.

So on Tuesday I walked to my local hardware and garden store and purchased two packages (10 grams) of morning glory seeds. Originally I intended to do only five grams but at the last instant I decided to do all 10g. I crushed them in a pepper grinder into an empty yoohoo chocolate milk bottle and filled it with water, shook it and placed it carefully into my closet. This was a 4:30.

At 11:30pm I strained the liquid into a glass through a t-shirt, which was a very slow process, and I drank the entire thing. I sat down and began talking to a friend of mine on MSN. Within minutes of drinking the dark brown earthy tasting liquid I felt slightly off baseline. But atributed this simply to the large amount of alien liquid I consumed in a short period of time. I was watching Stephen Colbert on TV on my PC when I first began to feel nauseous. He remained on TV it seemed all night. At first I thought the nausea wasn't going to advance beyond discomfort but it quickly did. So I loaded a bowl in a small pipe of mine and within the first few hits all nausea was gone. And by the end I was quite baked.

Forty-five minutes after ingestion I was definetely feeling effects. I began franticly walking around my room feeling like I was over heated. But as soon as I turned my light off I felt quite cool. Throughout the night I played a online game the entire time pretty much. The first visual effects noticed were noticed during the playing of this game. The tube in the game was rippling and looked like it was contracting almost like a video of an esophagus pushing food down to the stomach. I continued chatting online and playing this game for quite some time until the peak effects were felt.

Around one hour fifteen minutes after ingestion is basically when I believe I felt peak effects. I decided I would listen to some pink floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. I turned it on my PC And layed down with my headset on. But then the TV on my computer began playing again (it's kinda buggy) so I was listening to Dark Side of the Moon with Stephen Colbert in the background. This was one of the most intense moments throughout the trip. Dark Side of the Moon was playing and I heard Stephen Colbert talking in that ultra-american voice about all these insane ideas, which he is joking about but I didn't exactly realize it at the time. The more intense aspect of it though was the laughing of the crowd. The laughing is the exact same laughing as on every other american TV show, just that generic laughter really messed with my head I felt like I was listening to a prepared satire of american life and began to think in my head very critically of the US. But then I was flushed with love thinking of all my good times living in Las Vegas before I moved here to the hell hole.

After about 25 minutes of this I turned off the music and returned to my computer. The computer was strangly iritating to me though. The strangest part of the night was around this time where I became slightly incoherant when typing and my neck hurt more than any other pain I had felt when ever I saw a word that I had spelt wrong or bad grammar. I began watching TV and playing that curve ball game again I was tripping moderately hard, like a soft mushroom trip maybe but slightly different. Stephen Colbert's show was over now but he was in another show called 'Strangers with Candy' now. Which was very strange and sort of annoying.

At about 1:30 the trip began to mellow down into a more visual plateu. I have a copy of the Che biography 'A revolutionary life' on my desk and I caught a glimpse of it. Every time I turned my head I saw a silhouette of his face. I continued to just kind of hang out for an hour or two just enjoying my trip until I went to the bathroom to check my pupils and urinate. I stared into the mirror before leaving and my face was twisting and blurring in the mirror. Then all of a sudden my body looked as though it was miles away and my head seemed up close. Suddenly the thought of a lion came into my head. And that's what my face became. It looked as though I was a lion getting ready to pounce, the bathroom remained the same but in the mirror behind me was a vast savanna. I stared into the mirror for a few more minutes before going back into my bedroom. The rest of the trip was enjoyable but explaining the rest would simply be redundant. As there really were very few visual effects and over all it was more of a thought trip rather than a watching trip.

I plan on increasing the dose to 15g of the same seeds within the next few weeks. I'm sure with an increased dose a LSD-quality trip can be achieved.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54226
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 13, 2008Views: 4,747
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