Conscious Ripples from an Ocean of Awareness
Citation:   Spiralout. "Conscious Ripples from an Ocean of Awareness: An Experience with DOI (exp54320)". Jan 3, 2007.

1 hit oral DOI (blotter / tab)
At 8:00 p.m. I ingested 1 hit of DOI on a strip of paper.

I was expecting it to kick in after two hours, so I watched a movie (Pink Panther) while waiting. At around 10:30 I began to feel some light effects from it. When I sat still there was a strong energy permeating throughout my body, and I could feel it moving around. It was a familiar feeling from previous trips.

The movie was over now and I decided to go back to my room where I could enjoy the onset. I put in Mario Kart and start playing for a few minutes and then I really began to feel it coming on.

I wasn't feeling a disassociation from reality, rather it was more of an associative feeling, but curved. Make sense of that however you please, but yes reality was 'curved' at that moment.

Now I glanced at the carpet floor that I was standing on and I began to see wondrous patterns all over it. As a matter of fact the patterns weren't even over the carpet, they were in the carpet. For example, if you rub your carpet in the opposite direction then it will make an 'abrasion,' it makes a mark on the carpet, if you will. These patterns were all there in the carpet as 'markings' and as I stared into them they would move closer or reform or get even bigger and bigger until I was completely lost in them. Later it was this 'carpet gazing' that brought forth a new realization in me.

Taking my gaze off the carpet I looked around some more. There was more color to my vision and things were changing from green-red but very faintly. The color distortion wasn't too strong for this trip. I changed my gaze to the outdoors. Looking out the window what I saw was breathtaking. The trees and mountains that were before me were now obscured and surrounded by a vast ocean. I really did not enjoy looking at this because it showed me how insignificant and small we are in comparison to the Universe. I stayed away from the window until later during the trip. Now I had decided to go meditate in my room and see where it would take me.

It's about 11:30, 3 hours after ingestion. I'm meditating in my room, in darkness. I'm listening to a CD of mine called 'Sacred Chants of the Buddha'. The vibrant mantra 'OM AH HUM VAJRA SIDDHI HUM' rings throughout my head, my body, and my room. This is when I first began to witness the visual aspect of DOI. I meditated with my eyes open at first, only focusing on the mantra, nothing else. What I saw before me cannot be described with words, there is no way. The wooden blinds before me were colored with psychedelic imagery and were moving about, waving. Then there was a fabric to reality, it was before me and was everywhere, and it had eyes, I believe artist and visionary Alex Grey has brilliantly illustrated the very things I was seeing, and what I was seeing at that moment is very close to his work titled 'Ecstasy'(

The other visuals were very similar to the artwork found in Tool albums 'Lateralus' and '10,000 Days'. I could see very Lateralus-esque images on my ceiling and they would get bigger and bigger and the Fibonacci and Golden Mean spirals would just keep going. The most extraordinary thing was this Eye on the ceiling. It was very much like the Flaming Eye found in the artwork of Lateralus. As I looked up at this Eye, a whirlpool of intense visuals came from my forehead and twirled into this Eye at the top of my ceiling. It was very similar to Alex Grey's 'Dying' (

The visuals became increasingly intense and after about 20 minutes I stopped meditating and went to the other room to my computer. I listened to music for a bit and then located my Ipod. I had decided to listen to Lateralus on headphones and meditate now. After that blessed visionary experience with meditation, I wanted to see where Lateralus took me.

The album sounded incredible, especially on headphones. I became lost in it and the visuals around me very quickly. As Maynard was chanting 'Let Go!' on the The Grudge, I let go of my ego. Absolute ego loss now. I just Was at this point, it doesn't really do any good to describe the experience of 'ego loss'. I cannot go into much detail about the visuals either, because I myself cannot explain them. Alex Grey has illustrated many of the images I saw, I would encourage everyone to look at his work 'Net of Being'.

As Lateralus ended I took some time to reflect upon what had just happened, and then went back to my computer where I opened up Microsoft Word and wrote down many things I was feeling throughout the trip. I talked to some friends online and then watched Tool's 'Parabola' DVD. This was a trippy music video and it still makes no sense to me, but the visuals were great, it was purely eye candy now.

Once again I turned my gaze to the outdoors. I could see the trees grow. I was able to see the leaves growing from the tree's branches and such. The trees were in constant movement of some sort, when I stopped to watch closely I could see that they were growing. For some reason all the trees I see when I trip have this nice white light aura around them, it's really odd.

It was around 3-4 a.m. now, I really had no sense of time while tripping. It was pure timelessness, and what a joy life is without time. It was about the time when I reached the mental peak of my trip. I began 'carpet gazing' again, and this time a realisation came over me. I noticed that there was pattern to everything and that everything had some sort of fundamental order to it--sacred geometry and such. This led to some great mental realizations.

Now it's around 5 a.m. and I have just been contemplating and talking about philsophies/ideas with friends online. Many things are becoming clearer for me now. Many philosophies and ideas that I have been wrestling with have become clear for me. I watched the sun rise and marveled at its beauty. What a shame it was that I had missed this sun rise on so many occasions.

DOI is a great drug, I absolutely loved it and got a great deal out of my trip. I just went for a walk outside and it felt great. So it looks like I tripped for 9 hours and am still coming down. I didn't eat anything prior to the trip, and I recommend taking DOI on an empty stomach.

I now know of what Huxley was seeing when he wrote 'The Doors of Perception'.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54320
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2007Views: 15,300
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DOI (259) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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