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So Much More Than I Expected
Salvia divinorum, Cannabis, Alcohol
Citation:   Night Tripper. "So Much More Than I Expected: An Experience with Salvia divinorum, Cannabis, Alcohol (exp54494)". Sep 3, 2007.

T+ 0:00
2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum  
  T+ 0:05 1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum  
Yesterday in the mail I received an order of 10x extract salvia divinorum that I placed on Friday. My friend, Q, and I had gone to eat sushi and had a few drinks with dinner. We headed back to my house and I began to get everything ready. I had everything really dim, all my lights out, candles lit, blinds open to let in the small amount of sunlight left over from the day. E just got back into town and she came over to be our sitter. We smoked a bit of a bowl (pot) before E got there just to level our heads since we were both stuffed and a bit tipsy, just a little bit though. We smoked and E came over. We called our friend who has experience with salvia divinorum to see what we should expect from the high, he told us everything we had already done (dim the lights, lock the doors, turn off the phones) which was good that we were on the right page, and he said we should load personals instead of sharing a bowl.

So I loaded myself a personal bowl. The salvia smelled really nice, it is supposed to be incense and says on the vile that it came in, in big bold letters, not for human consumption. Which I found a bit comical. We locked my front door, turned off our cell phones and once we settled down before I took my first hit. Immediately I could feel my heart racing, which I am sure was more adrenaline than anything. It was surprisingly easy to smoke, not harsh at all. I just would exhale my hit, and then take another one right afterward. It probably took me about 7 hits to finally clear the bowl. I take rather small hits though. My hands were really shaky and the best word to describe the way I felt was detached. I could no longer hold onto the bong, and I saw Q motion for E to grab it from me.

As soon as I looked up I felt as though I sank, to where exactly I am not sure. But it almost felt like I slid very quickly backwards, and just was a witness to everything that was happening. We had been told not to talk at all to each other, and I had read in several trip reports that it is important not to talk. But if they would have talked it would have not bothered me at all. I went to say something but my mouth would just not move. I found this to be really funny and all I could feel were the corners of my mouth go up to the slightest of a grin. I could not talk no matter how badly I wanted to, my motor skills were just not on the same track as my brain.

Q loaded herself a bowl and took probably about three huge bong hits. She almost dropped the bong as well and she just started laughing. Q has a very distinctive laugh, like no one elseís I have ever heard. But it was very different, more of a chuckle then her usual giggle, I had never seen her like that in my life. It was almost too much for me at the moment and I kept hoping she would stop soon. It didnít bother me too badly though. At first she kept saying 'Whoa, whoooooaaaaa' and just sat back in the papazon chair and just laughed and laughed. It kinda started to freak me out a little bit. But I am really good when it comes to drugs and I knew this high was not very long so I didnít freak out or anything. My high lasted, maybe, a minute.

I loaded myself another, much smaller bowl this time. This time I inhaled as much as I could stand and I held it in as long as I could. This proved to be much more effective then smoking smaller hits in a larger quantity. Just like the first bowl, immediately my heart started to race as soon as I took the first hit. As I held in the hit, I could feel my feet seem to almost sink into the ground and they felt very tingly. I exhaled my hit and went for a second one. I could tell I was already really high before I even lit the bowl. By the time I exhaled the second hit, my motor skills were so off I could not even get the male piece to fit back into the female piece of the bong. I handed it over to E. My entire body felt almost numb.

Then I started to feel a really strong pull from behind me, pulling me to the left. I almost felt like I was almost getting sucked into a black hole or a vacuum or something. I could not control how strongly I was being pulled. My perception of everything was just distorted, I felt like my body was in a very strange and abnormal position even though I was just sitting normally on my couch. But I felt like my body was just going to be vacuumed up any moment, I felt this the most strongly to the left side of my body, from behind me, like my left hip. It is hard to explain, but it was definitely a trip.

I put my hands over my eyes and was taken to a complete alternate reality. The best way I can describe the room that I was in is that it was similar to the shape of a triangle, but it was an infinite shape, never ending. I would almost want to call it a hallway, but it was a definite room. The lines seemed parallel, but still seemed to meet at some point in the distant future, possibly even light years away, nothing within my sight range. The whole room seemed to be white. The further down this shape I looked, the brighter the white color was. Behind me, all through I could not see it, I just knew that just as in front of me the color got brighter, behind me got darker.

I could not see behind me but I had the strongest sense of a woman's presence. I felt like she was what was pulling me, and then I realized that she was gravity. And gravity (this woman) was pulling me away from the white, and into the darkness. I could almost feel her arms wrapped around me, but mostly I could just feel the gravity pulling my entire body. Mostly around my left hip though. I was a little bit taken back by everything that seemed to be going on. But I was not scared. It was very very real. I could hear Q's laughter in the distance. I tried to laugh too but could again only manage to slightly raise the corners of my mouth. I took my hands away from my eyes, when I opened my eyes I was looking directly at Q.

She just laughed and laughed. She looked like a marionette doll. Her face looked like it was made of clay or porcelain, her hands and arms seemed to dangle and when she moved it seemed almost mechanical. All her limbs seemed long and thing. I saw Q move in the most bizarre way, in a way I had never seen anyone ever move their body. Just like a marionette doll. I later asked E about this and tried to show her the way Q was moving, she said it never happened. She said I just sat with my hands over my eyes the whole time.

After looking at Q for what couldn't have been longer than a minute or two, I then thought about being in the room with that woman (gravity) and I felt extremely curious as to what exactly was going on with that whole thing. Without even thinking about it, I covered my eyes once more and was brought back to that same room. I do not remember too much from this point on. I remember the room seeming to be darker this time, but it got brighter as I sat there. I remember the womanís presence again, but this time it seemed almost sinister. I feel I must point out that I knew that I should have been frightened of everything that was going on, and I suppose one could describe the feeling that I had as fear, especially of the woman. But I was not at all scared, It was very real and very normal to me in my mind and more than anything else I was curious. I just knew I was not ready for where she wanted me to go.

I remember feeling the gravity pulling me again, almost stronger this time. That is all I really remember. I opened my eyes and E was loading a bowl, just pot. Q was sunken back in the papazon chair and just sat there emotionless with her eyes open. I went to talk, but again was unable to. I had a pen and paper on my lap so I could write a trip report while I was tripping but that was just not possible at the time. As soon as I saw the pen and paper I wanted to write down the experience I had just had. I kind of jolted a little bit and quickly grabbed the pen and paper. This started Qís almost maniacal laughter again. I could move my feet, but it felt as though the bottoms of my feet were stuck to the ground and I could only slide my feet where I wanted them to go, I could not lift them and take steps.

Once I was finally able to talk and I tried to explain to E what had happened to me. I felt almost insane telling her about this. She kept asking me questions that I just could not answer. Questions like 'Did it feel like a dream?', which I suppose in a sense it did. But it was more like a reality. For lack of a better word. The woman who in this alternate reality also acted as gravityís presence was so real. It felt almost like a divine presence, even though I do not believe in god. Or it could have possibly been salvia in human form. I am not really sure, but I know I was in the presence of something that my mind made into the form of a woman.

Her pull on me was so strong it was hard to resist her. I was not scared of where she might take me, I just knew I couldn't go, that I was not ready. I donít know who or what she was. But she was very real. And I still slightly feel her presence around me now. I remember thinking out loud to E that I hoped that once I sobered up completely, that I would take with me the experience I had in itís entirety. It was as though I had a memory of an experience that I really lived through and physically experienced.

We smoked a few bowls (pot) and I felt EXTREMELY high. It was more than just being stoned off the pot though. But very similar. I still felt slightly displaced from the reality that I was used to. But all my motor skills were back and I was able to speak clearly again. I do remember reaching for a glass of water that was on my coffee table which sat right in front of me and as I reached it almost felt as though my arm just kept on stretching out, like it could have stretched as long as I wanted it to. Q and I tried to share our experiences but it was still too new to explain. We didnít have enough time to process it yet. I began writing anything that came into my head down on paper. This entire experience lasted no more than 20-25 minutes.

All though I feel as though I remember mostly everything with the exception of a small block of time that I have no recollection of, I feel like I do not fully comprehend what exactly happened to me. I feel as though I experienced something that my mind does not have the capability to process as a real experience, even though it seems as real as anything else I have ever been through. That sounds a little weird, but it is the only way I can describe it. I still have quite a bit left and I am so excited to experiment more with this incredible sage plant. I plan to do more, alone, tonight. And I hope to come in contact again with the woman that was in the never ending room with me again, to see what she wanted to show me, and to learn what she could possibly have to teach me.

I remember after everything was said and done, my body just being extremely tired. Q fell asleep for about an hour. I always suggest when doing any drug you are not familiar with to have a sitter. It brings a level of comfort, and I know for myself it displaces any paranoia that comes with the experimentation of new drugs.

I have read many others experiences with this intriguing drug. While most depicted the general experience accurately, one cannot fully understand the out of body experience this drug produces until they try it for themselves. I have had a lot of experience with many mind altering substances (LSD, MDMA, Cocaine, daily marijuana use, a few pharmaceuticals as well) I have never had an experience like the one I had with salvia.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54494
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 3, 2007Views: 5,776
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