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Lifes Manifestations
by DOM
Citation:   DOM. "Lifes Manifestations: An Experience with DOM & MDMA (exp54663)". Jan 13, 2007.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral DOM (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 0.25 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:30 0.5 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


My girlfriend and I had recived some blotter from a friend at a party one time and he said that it is like acid but with a much longer duration. I'm here to say though at doses like what we had this is not acid. This was like mescaline, acid and other psycodelics all wrapped into one. We had had the DOM for sometime now and since we hadn't tripped since feb we decided to give it a go. We're both very colorful up beat ppl so we like our trips to be up beat too. Seems theres always more to discover this way, so to keep it up beat we got some Ecstacy to go with it.

11:30pm or so: We dropped the two hits, stuck um under our tounges. They tasted like total shit. It tasted like burning rubber smells. Then after about 30 mins I accidently swallowed mine. So my gf decided to swallow hers to. We sat in my apt for a bit and listened to some music and played some video games. Then after about 1 hour we started to feel it coming. Things started to shimmer a little and at that point we decided to eat a quarter of a roll each. We knew that the DOM would over power the roll but we still wanted to add a little bounce to it.

12am Sunday: We started feeling it come on very very hard. The walls started to melt a little. We are used to this, we've done a lotta acid before, but what happened after this neither of us had experianced before. The walls started to break down. They would swirl into the most beautiful colors of the crazyest kind. There was blue, red, yellow and green. We were also watching cartoons at the time and there was a cat on one of the cartoons. I saw the cat come out of the TV and dance on the air, then on the floor. Crazyest thing is, my gf saw it to.

1am: By this time we were tripping pretty hard, and things were starting to melt into each other and there were colors every where. We decided to turn off the lights and we turned on the black lights and christmas lights. I have a black light poster that opens up in the middle and had lots of colors and lines around the edge. As we were sitting on my couch we were staring at the poster and the poster started to come alive, more then anything that I have seen before. This small poster started to eat up everything, each line became 3 lines and each three lines manifested 3 lines, by the time we had stared at it for 10 mins the whole room was the poster, we were in the middle of a tunnel of colors and still sitting on the couch. This drug is the most powerful thing that I have ever done because of its complete manipulatin of the mind. Also during this time we decided to turn off all the lights, big mistake for us.

1:30am: We were listening to a CD called Liquid Acid, its a CD that has a lot of noises that are tweaked out to take your mind to other realms, which is great on acid because of how you can control your mind most of the time. Unfortunatly with this stuff my gf and I couldnt get control. The twaeks of the music became too much and we started to see the noises that were happening, we started to feel the music go through us. We started tipping so hard that we saw thundering colors happening in my apt and we saw smoke billowing from everything. Every molecule could be seen and it was manifested 3 times over.

We could see colors seething out of the walls, we could feel the tinyest of sounds. For me the colors became so real that they turned into clowns. To me it looked like Kisses Psycodelic Circus, unfortunatly my gf doesn't like clowns and when I kept repeating 'the clowns, the clowns there every where' she got very scared and so did I. I also couldn't say Kisses Psycodelic Circus right and when I tried to say it to her. She thought that I was calling her a psycho. And she continued to think that the whole night. That was the moment when things started to get hay wire.

2:30am: We had been tripping in the dark for sometime but had no real concept of time. This stuff makes you feel like you ate an 8 ball of meth and a vial of LSD 25 all at once, our brains were going insane. We decided to take another piece of a roll so I went to get it but when we were going to do it neither of us could focus enough to snort it so we tried our best to eat a half each. After I ate it I started being all monkey like and I was jumping on the furnature, my gf went to the bathroom and when she came back she saw me stretching out. I had my feet on the back of the couch and was stretching using the ceiling to push against, but thats not what she saw.

She saw me on the ceiling. She thought that I was up on the wall, like stuck to it and she saw me moving around it. This is the point where I believe I totally lost her. She couldn't handle the drug any more. She is this tiny women, like 100+- pounds and the most acid shes ever done was 3 hits. She started to cave in. And then I said something like. 'This is psycotic' and she thought that I called her a psycho again. It all went down hill from there but I didn't know that. I didn't know that she was getting mad at me, scared of me.

3am: I don't know what happened at this point. I passed out. I remember being on my room, looking for my gf and her not being anywhere. I remember searching for her in the darkness. But after that I don't remember anything. I had some crazy dreams though. I know that I was a hippie in the 60s at an outdoor fest. I could see myself clear as day, I had a pot belly, torn jeans, bandanas and a jean vest and I was hittin a bong. I don't smoke pot though.

4:30am: I woke up in my apt, in my bed, I had my legs turked under my chest and my head down, the same way that muslems pray. When I woke the blue christmas lights that I have in my apt were on and I felt good. My gf has an apt below me and I figured that she was in there so I went down stairs and I saw her coming up, she looked really worried. We went into my apt and I started to tlk to her, she didnt really say much though, she said that she had gone outside and that she was having a crazy time, but I don't think that she meant good crazy.

When we got to my apt we turned on the lights and there was still color everywhere, everything was liquad, we didn't even have to focus on things any more to make them be liquad, they just were, everything was melting into its self and everything around us. I have turntables and I'm an ok DJ so I put a record on and tried to mix, BIG MISTAKE, the sounds coming out of the sterio were so intense that it hurt. I felt like my ears were gonna bleed.

I was a little sweaty so I decided to hop in the shower. While I was taking a shower everything got even crazyer. Every sound and image became 10 fold by this time, then 10 more, then 10 more. The water falling became this high pitched squeal and the water looked like it was everywhere. I thought that I was flooding the bathroom. Also the hair on my arms looked like it was growing at an insane rate. I felt like I was an animal, a mouse, completly covered in long hairs. I got out of the shower cause I couldn't handle it anymore and dried off and got dressed. My gf was in my room and we decided to turn off the lights and listen to some music. Thats when the most amzing thing ever happened.

5am: I watched complete cities and cizilazations be built. I saw shadows of shadows. I watched life be created from the smallest molicule. I saw aztec ruins be rebuilt, myan cultures come to life roman and greece culters uprise and fall. I floated through space with the wings of life. I layed on my floor and watched the cosmos come to life. We saw stars shoot across the room. We saw life being built. All we could see particals. I don't understand all that I saw and I can't explain it in the best detail but what we saw made me realize how small we truely are. How little I truely know. How great and vast this world is and how many other worlds there are out there. I don't understand it all but knew that someday it will all make sense.

These visuals were unlike any other. It reminded me of all the things that I had heard about peyote and high high doses of mescaline but it wasn't as lucid. I was still in control of me and could think about things but at the same time I could see life. I could walk though the visuals to and when I did they would part. It was the most insane intense visuals ever. I could feel everything. I could feel all of life around me manifesting. I could feel everything that is except that fact that my gf was getting more and more distant from me. It seems that in that time that I had been asleep she had lost our path. And I was having a hell of a time trying to find her.

7am: At this point we had be tripping for about 8 hours and it was just as strong as it had been before and I could feel it getting stronger. Before I passed out it had been a very happy trip, very colorful and enlightning. After I woke it was the same but as the day went on it kept getting more and more intense. It got meaner and meaner and meaner. It was like the anger from my gf and I was being manifested its and as we grew further and further apart the drug got meaner and meaner. The dark side of it knew that we were now vulnerable and it started to attack. The things that we had seen before like the swirling vortexes had now become even more insane, the drug was getting stronger and stronger, after 9 hours it was still going strong and getting stronger.

9am: The walls began to melt to black. There was still color but it was so intense that our eyes could barely handle it, it burned our eyes to stare at anything to long. The smallest of things like writing on a CD became everything that I saw. This shit was mean. It was insane. By this time it was like I was walking in water every step that I made. I had to wade through the colors. Around this time my gf had also been completely lost and I was getting there too. I've done alot of acid and research chems before so I knew that they had a long duration but most things get lesser in time this just kept getting stronger though. We saw basically a circus in the carpets and the walls, there were so many colors and they were so strong that it was unbearible.

Noon: We tried to go to the park so that we could get out of our apts that had become little prisons because of all the evil that had been manifested in there. I couldn't make it though. I was tripping far too hard. We got about halfway down the block then I broke. I turned back. I wish that I never had. My gf was very dissapointed in me.

5pm: Still trippin just as hard as before. It never stopped. The colors and presences of images, full images that I could touch and grab were still there. I tried to move my gf from one room to another so that her eyes wouldn't get to burnt from staring at things but she didn't understand why I was doing it so she started to get mad at me and I wasn't in the kinda mind set where I could explain it to her. I was trying to do my best to protect her, but I was acting pushy and my pushy became mean to her. Everything was basically turned inside out and upside down for us. When I got too pushy she locked her self in her apt and wouldn't let me in.

8 pm: My gf finally let me in about this time. Turns out that she had taken a shower. And we were both still tripping just as hard as 5 hours ago. My gf and I talkd on the couch and I could tell that she was hurting. She was mad at me. She was in pain. I tried to find out what was wrong but I couldn't figure it out. I tried to find out where I had lost her but I realized that this is such a snakes and ladders drug that she could be any where on the cosmos spectrum.

She said that she died in front of me. She watched her self die, it was really fucked. We laid in her bed for awhile and then we decided to try the park again since it was dark now. The trip wasn't going as hard as before but we were still tripping balls. I would compare it to about 60 hits of acid at this point rather then the 100 that it had been before.

9 pm: Made it to the park. Stared at the sky and I saw total mirror images. The most beautiful ever. I saw a shooting star become 1000 shooting stars. I saw orbs and pyramids or colors all over the night sky. I also saw writing that looked like hyroglifics all over the sky. My gf and I walkd further through the park, which is really three parks connected to one another, and we walked down a trail of complete darkness. We could see the same images that we had seen in the sky in front of us clear as day. When I lightning bug would glow we could see it streak all the way across the trail.

We came to a bridge and we sat there for sometime talking. We looked at the beautiful colors of the night sky and we also saw light in the sky bright as day, the sky would become so bright sometime that it felt like it was day. We talked for about an hour or so on the bridge about alot of things. Then we proceded further into the park. When we came across the bridge the park completely opens up into what could be compared to a field. The park looked like it was covered in a haze of fog and smoke all over rolling down the hills. Only thing was that there was no fog or smoke. We walked further into the park and then stopped at a frisbee golf hole to rest. We stayed there for sometime and then decided to head back.

2:30am Monday: We walked back to our apts and when we went inside we decided to try and sit down and watch a movie. We watched family guy and talkd for a long time. I was still trying to find her but I couldn't. I didn't know where she was anymore. I didn't even really know where I was.

4am: We decided to lay in bed and we turned on some music to try and relax. Everything was still swirling though. Not as much as 9 hours ago but still hella hard. We laid in bed and we kept getting further and further away from one another. Everytime I would try and find her she would run further away. I didn't understand it then but I do now. She thought that I was going to hurt her because of earler when I had tried to take control. We layed in bed and listened to music and tried to figure shit out. Problem was by this time we were so sleep deprivated and tripped out that we couldn't really make sense of anything, especially each other. This happened from when we laid in be till about 3 in the afternoon.

3pm: Finally my eyes start to get heavey and I'm finally starting to fall asleep.

4pm: Fall asleep.

5:15pm: My friend comes to my gfs apt and wakes me up. By this time my gf had already headed to work since she worked at 5. I was still tripping when I got woken up. I was still tripping just as hard as when I had gone to sleep and I had to go to work now.

5:30pm: Get to work still tripping. I had also been crying my eyes out the whole way so I looked like a wreck. Sat down in my seat (I work at an after hours secritary kinda place) and tried to look normal. I only work with one other guy and hes seen me pretty wrecked before so I got away with it. He left at 7 and I was all alone. Turned off the lights in the office cause they stung my eyes so bad that I could barely keep them open.

12:01am Tuesday: Not tripping as hard anymore. Mostly sleep deprevation. Headed home to see my gf and when I got there she was already outside. We went for a walk and she explained alot of the things that had happened the night b4 and I explained to her what had happened as well. We talkd for some time and then we headed home.

2am: My gf made me dinner and we sat and watched to movie together. Talked more about how the night had unfolded and more about what we were feeling. We realized how lost we had been and how much we truely mean to one another. Then we went to bed about 3 am.

4am: Finally got to sleep.

6am: Got woken up by a phone call. Turned phone to silent :)

3pm: Woke up to get ready for work. My body ached. My head hurt and my eyes still burned a little. But my heart was whole again. I felt normal again. I was feeling ok. My gf and I had had a long talk b4 we went to bed and that made things much better. Things felt right again, I felt whole again.

DOM is not for noobs, this shit is hash. It was easily and most defanitly the craziest most psycotic trip I had ever had. I saw the beauty of all the world but I also saw complete distruction. I saw all the beauty that my gf has in her heart and her soul but I also saw all the pain and anger that she holds to. I saw everything. I was completly turned inside out and upside down.

I watched life be created from the smallest molicule and all the teachings that I've ever learned became truth. I saw aztec ruins be rebuilt, myan cultures come to life roman and greece culters uprise and fall, I floated through space with the wings of life. I questioned everything, held on to nothing, forgot all that was and learned all that really is. I saw so much and have so much knowledge now that I don't even know how to explain some of it.

I've come to realize that all those quotes that I know like 'to realize everything, you most realize that you are nothing' are true. It was a hell of a ride though with so many twists and turns that I lost my gf many times over as well as my self and a piece of us died over the past couple days but we are rebuilding now and will be even stronger in the end because of this. Because we saw complete bottom, by seeing it we realized that thats not us. We will never be at the bottom, we will never allow it. I realized how lost I am with out her and her with I. I realized that I truely truely love her.

We completly lost one another over the last couple days but by totally losing one another and ourselves we discovered how much we love one another and how strong our bond is. There are things that my gf was not supposed to experiance yet, and things that I wasn't supposed to either. I'm glad that we did because there was so much that we both learned. There's so much that this drug can share, you just have to be very very careful not to let the wrong things and the evil things take to much hold.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that it was informative. I wish Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to all of you. And again thank you.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 13, 2007Views: 29,851
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DOM (20) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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