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An Early Voyage into MET Space
by Dondante
Citation:   Dondante. "An Early Voyage into MET Space: An Experience with MET (exp54930)". Aug 1, 2006.

T+ 0:00
15 mg insufflated MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 90 mg oral MET (capsule)
  T+ 1:15 20 mg smoked MET  
  T+ 1:15 30 mg smoked MET  
  T+ 2:15 20 mg smoked MET  


Previous experience:
Iíve become fairly experienced with psychedelics in the past year. I have tripped about 40 times with 15 different substances and close to 30 of those are from this past year. I have sampled MET one other time at a threshold dose.

Trial 1:
Insufflated 15 mg MET freebase

I was initially told that this was the HCl salt, but after my first trial, I was informed that it was the freebase ... which may have been why it burned like hell. After about 5-10 minutes of an agonizing burn, I felt a definite alert. It quickly escalated to a somewhat DMT-like state. It was much more than I expected from such a low dose. I was planning on insufflating a small amount and going to hang out with some friends and maybe have a nice buzz. Well, that didn't happen.

I spent about 15 minutes examining the walls in my new apartment, as I had become convinced that they were blue ... they are completely white, but I couldn't convince myself otherwise. There was also some noticable wave-like motion on all flat surfaces. Other than that the visuals were not too impressive, but I felt like there was a lot of potential. It was similar to maybe 10-20 mg DMT smoked, except much more gradual in and out. My balance and motor skills went downhill pretty quickly, but it wasn't really uncomfortable ... kind of like DMT. I was somewhat annoyed that I was feeling the effects this strongly, when I wasn't expecting it. I finally got around to putting on some music, which really helped out. Overall, the plateau lasted for about 45 minutes, with a gradual decline ending at about 3 and a half hours.

Now that I know it is a freebase, I may try smoking it next time. I'm guessing that it would be more like DET smoked since it doesn't get broken down as quickly as DMT.

Trial 2:

Finally I get the chance to explore the potential of this compound. I meet up with one of my good buddies around 8:00 p.m. in his apartment. He thinks it would be fun to trip there since he'd just moved in and bought a new LCD HDTV, which, on his budget seems like the biggest waste of money I could think of, but I must admit it is pretty damn impressive. Anyway, we planned on getting started by smoking the freebase out of a common freebase oil pipe. I first placed 20 mg MET in the freebase pipe and we took turns taking small hits. My second hit, I inhaled too fast and burnt my throat pretty badly. I was discouraged as there was still some MET in the pipe after 2 hits each. I wasn't feeling anything other than a faint lightheadedness and my lungs weren't feeling too good so we decided that this wasn't going to work.

At 8:30, another friend shows and we all ingest the powder in a capsule (90 mg for me, 75-80 for both of them). The one friend that just showed up is fairly experienced with psychedelics, but has never tried anything other than the traditional mushrooms and LSD. The other was not quite as experienced, but had tripped with me before on mushrooms and 4-AcO-DET. We had all eaten dinner within the last hour and a half so this may have slowed the absorption quite a bit. We spent the next hour smoking bud, waiting, and watching an amazing Discovery Channel documentary in HD about coral reefs. The Ambi-light makes me feel like I'm underwater. I don't think this is due to the drug though.

We all have been feeling a distinct body buzz coming on, but it seems like it has started to level off. I feel like stretching and walking around. The room looks a little brighter, and when I close my eyes, there is some mild patterning. Other than a general increase in luminosity and some accentuated reds and greens, there are no impressive OEVs. I propose that we try smoking it again. This time we figure out the proper technique. You need to keep the flame at least an inch from the bottom of the pipe and inhale very, very slowly. I put about 50 mg in the pipe and split it with the friend that showed up later. The other friend wants to be cautious and make sure the oral dose was not just slow to develop. I probably smoke 20 mg and my friend smokes 30 mg (2 hits each). I feel an immediate change in headspace that is reminiscent of DMT. I quickly poured another 50 mg in the pipe and smoked an estimated 30 mg.

I was now in MET space, kind of like DMT space except I'd been perhaps a little further out with DMT. When I closed my eyes, I experienced a similar phenomenon to what I usually experience on DMT. Immediately upon shutting my eyelids, 3-dimensional space vanished. I felt like I was a one dimensional point on a vast 2-dimensional plane. There was no concept of in front of or behind for me. There were no entities to speak of, but there were visual cascades of signals from my retina gone haywire. Colorful kaleidoscopic patterns dominated my visual field. I felt amazing. I was able to walk outside on the deck and enjoy the fresh air. The peak probably lasted about 15 minutes, but unlike DMT, the comedown was very gradual. With DMT, I feel like I'm pretty much at baseline after 30 minutes, but MET was much longer acting. We ventured into my friendís bedroom and listened to some Bob Marley. For some reason I wasn't really feeling it, which is weird because I usually love Bob Marley when I'm tripping.

I finally got my friend who hadn't smoked to take a few hits, but he really just couldn't get the technique down. After smoking what was maybe 10 or 15 mg in 3 hits, he kept completely exaggerating how he was feeling. He would not stop talking about how amazing he felt and how he was tripping so hard, but just by the fact that he was talking so clearly and so much, I could tell that he was barely tripping at all. This was slightly irksome. I'm sure he felt great, because the body buzz is very euphoric and somewhat reminiscent of MDMA, but it was obvious acting on his part. We put on some Flaming Lips per my request and I instantly felt 100x better about the situation.

At this point I still had some lingering visual effects but I wanted a boost. I added some MET to the pipe to about 50 mg total and we split it. I probably smoked about 20-25 mg, the one friend smoked another 20-25 and again the other smoked maybe 5 mg. I didn't really care anymore, and it was kind of funny trying to get him to do it the right way. For the next 45 minutes I floated through MET space while the music created beautiful morphing tunnels and churning visual displays. The other two went back to watch TV, but I could not bring myself to get up. I felt so utterly peaceful.

I finally joined the other two watching TV and we talked for a while. I was feeling a little spacey, but since the second smoked dose was smaller, I was already beginning to return to normality. I think I could have enjoyed the effects at least for another hour, but by redirecting my attention to conversation and the TV, the effects faded more quickly. An hour later I returned home. I spent some time on BL because I had some residual stimulation. I reread my first trip report which was interesting to do under the influence. I could almost transport myself back to that experience. Finally I fell asleep about 3 and a half hours after my last smoked dose at around 2:30.

I enjoyed the experience, but felt that the oral dosing was insufficient, at least at 90 mg. I doubt I will ever try to dose orally again, and insufflation is out of the question. I think IMing and smoking are probably the best routes.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54930
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 1, 2006Views: 29,231
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