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Avoid Small Places
Salvia Divinorum (20x Extract)
by Rawr
Citation:   Rawr. "Avoid Small Places: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (20x Extract) (exp55058)". Mar 5, 2009.

0.2 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Time: 7pm Dusk

Setting: Inside a car, facing the little bit of sun light left in the western sky. Surrounded by semi dry wilderness. House to the rear. One friend (call him bob) in the driver seat. Music on softly. Radiohead if i can recall.

This is the first experience I had with salvia divinorum, although after this semi frightening experience, I have used it 10 times.

Loaded a bowl of 20x, about .1g to .2g. Used a blue flame lighter first time. Later experiences lead me to believe the blue flame lighter is much better for getting a sufficient hit to induce trip. Bob took the honor of the first rip. After exhaling, I noticed that he forgot he had the pipe in hand. I took it from him and took the next hit. I held it in almost until i was going to pass out. Immediately after exhaling effects began to kick in.

By this time bob was out of the car walking around. I began to see a single vertical line passing through my vision from right to left. It moved across my line of sight slowly, beginning to become faster and faster until it seemed to be emitting a noise equivalent to the speed it was repeating across my vision. Almost a mechanical noise to it. It got so fast that I closed my eyes because it was becoming very hard to see. At that time I felt as if something was growing or attaching itself to my right leg (the leg next to the car door). I began to feel very uncomfortable so I decided to step out of the car. After opening the door, the physical feelings went away, and a sense of confusion overtook me as a realized the effects were already beginning to wear off after about 2 to 3 minutes after taking the hit.

At this time I went to bob and we discussed what was felt. We both agreed that more was needed. He was ready to take another hit already, so we sat back down in the car to do so. This time the music was off because sounds became very distorted during the first semi-trip. This time I took the first hit, and achieved an instant trip upon exhalation. Again the vertical scrolling line across the vision moving faster and faster until I finally look over at bob. I didnít know who he was, so I asked 'who are you.' He responded, 'I am Satan, Satan is everywhere.' Why the hell he choose to say that, I do not know. He is a very dark person to begin with, and it is not uncommon for him to say stupid things like this sober, but his timing was awful.

After being told I was sitting next to Satan, I left this world. My eyes were open, but my surroundings had changed completely. If you can imagine a hollow cylinder tube. We were inside this tube stuck to the walls. Everything was in a grid. Little squares represented a single item. All I saw now was the face of bob stuck in his own little square. The tube seemed to stretch on forever. In some squares were strangers, in others single trees, and other recognizable objects in nature...similar to the ones we were near in real life. However, this was real.

My life before tripping was unreal. I had just woken up from a long dream and for the first time I was seeing the real world. It was dark in nature, I couldnít move. It seemed like a prison. Over my shoulder, I felt the presence of my brother and parents, but not my sister. I spoke to bob again, but he swears the rest of our dialogue while I was in the place was not spoken in real life. He told me 'Have you just now realized this is how it is? Your awake now, we've all been watching what youíve done in your sleep' I felt suddenly as if my life had been a freak show for everyone in this world (which I now believed to be hell) to watch.

I remember saying ďNoĒ over and over again, which bob confirmed happened in real life. I felt small, and totally insignificant. I felt that someone had complete control over this cylinder of trapped spirits and objects. This was Satanís way of watching over everyone. Bobs face at this time was becoming severely distorted. It was scaring me, and I felt as if I was never going to leave this place. Surrounding this cylinder was nothing but pure white empty space. I wanted to escape into it. Somehow I managed to open the car door and get out, although I donít recall being able to see or know I was in a car.

After exiting the car I felt relieved. I was no longer trapped. I was free, but I was still tripping. I began to walk, it felt as if I was drunk. I continued to walk until I heard bob calling me back and breaking me out of my trance. I turned around and saw him out of the car asking where I was going. The ground where I had taken each of my steps was rippling like water. I was glad to see he had escaped and I told him 'We are going now, you made it.' He seemed confused and I began to feel like I couldnít communicate anything to him. I yelled at him to follow me, and I continued to walk. I didnít know why, but I was walking towards a bright street lamp down a dark country road we were parked off of.

Suddenly I snapped out of it. I had to sit down and process what just happened. It felt like the trip had lasted hours but it was no more than 5 mins. I came down for the next 2 hours. We remained in the same place as people met us there to smoke some bud. I didnít really feel like smoking at the time. In fact the presence of all these people, many which I didnít know, was angering me. I remained silent and to myself, but I was feeling animosity towards anyone who wanted to converse with me, I just wanted to be left alone.

Later when bob and I got to compare trips, the only thing in common we shared was the physical feelings of something in our legs after the first hit. It was my right leg and his left leg...both were our legs which were next to the car door. This feeling almost was painful at the time.

Based on this first trip I concluded that small spaces were not a good idea. Also outside contact is defiantly not a good idea. The best trips I have had since then have seen outside in a silent setting alone. The only thing I really need to worry about is walking. I get the urge to walk and keep walking after the effects have taken place until it wears off. More intense experiences always come when I remain stationary.

The only other bad experience I have had I can blame on music. I tried salvia while listening to some psy-trance. The music defiantly influenced every factor of the trip. The music seemed to be short and choppy, and looping. My mind got stuck in that very moment in time. I felt as if I was reliving the last 10 seconds over and over again. By the time I realized I still had a pipe in my hand and I was tripping, it would reset, and I would be back at stage one. Same music, not knowing where or what I was doing, realizing thereís a pipe in my hand and boom, back to nothing. Auditory perception with nearly all constant sounds I have experienced have seemed to be slowed and looping. Road noise/Cars driving on roads in distance, and airplanes are the worst. Imagine hearing the same car pass by the road once every second for 5 minuets. It starts to fuck with you.

So many experiences, so much to tell, but I canít tell them all. The only thing similar in all trips was the come on. That damn vertical line becoming faster and faster as my brain begins to cloud.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55058
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 5, 2009Views: 4,289
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