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Ride the Dragon
by Danny
Citation:   Danny. "Ride the Dragon: An Experience with LSD (exp55123)". Mar 13, 2019.

1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


The day was young and I was at my home pondering what could come for the weekend ahead of me. Before I knew it a family friend had brought over another one of my buddies,who had just taken a hit of acid. Since we had been interested in LSD for a while now and our dealer had obtained some what better time than now to do it.After he tripped in my brothers room for about 20 minutes and we had gone out to smoke a cigarrette and then piled into the Justins car and drove to his apartment.I walked in and our dealer was watching a movie on with his lady friend.The anticipation was killing me,with all this talk about tripping balls from my friend vince who was the one tripping in my brothers room.At first I was unsure about doing it,but there was no stopping now.

After an hour or so,when the movie was done we walked over to my dealers apartment.I patiently waited as he cut the acid for me,after handing it to me I had put it on my tongue and thought to myself 'well there is definatly no going back now,what ever happens happens'.We walked back to Justins apartment and I eagerly awaited the acid to crash over me.

Time had passed now and I was staring at a candle to see if anything would happen,and before I knew it the candle started to move and I decided to move to another seat and see what else would trip me out.My focus had slipped onto Justins coffee table,the rings from his coffee mugs had begun to form a stack of skulls,and from that spawned a whole grave yard pulsing different colors.I studied his table for about 20 minutes and decided I would probably have more visuals if I shut my eyes,when I did that all the sounds in the room composed a song with visuals dancing along.After this we decided to have a cigarette.

On a balcony now,tripping about as hard as I've ever tripped before,eyes fixed on the sky waiting for it to crash down on me or something like that.Suddenly a cloud began to take form of a skeleton warrior riding a dragon straight towards me,oddly enough I wasn't frightened,I was just happy about what I was seeing.Soon my brother had arrived with his friend and they watched as me and Vince tripped balls laughing freely.

After a while Justin drove me to another friends house after taking Vince and me off roading for a little while.When I arrived at his house I was just about to peak.Everything in his house took part in this pychodelic extraviganza taking me for a ride.The spirals upon his pipe began to spin,designes and symbols around the room spinning or doing something else unorthodox,his carpet turned to sea below me and the designes on them began to spin.By this time everythign was going great for me,untill I made the mistake of going on the interenet and posting a bulliten on myspace about me peaking on LSD,and of course my girl friend read this and was not happy at all,in fact she was about to break up with me,and even with all of that going on it did not affect me in the least.I would have expected that experiance to send me into a burning downward spiral straight into a bad trip,but it did'nt.

Being there for a while now and beginning to feel unwelcome it was time to go home.My brother had driven me home and the drive home was just as intense as anything.After saying good night to my mother,me and my brother decided to go in the hot tub and smoke a bowl(after smoking alot earlyer in the evening,which I had forgot to mention).When we got in the hot tub I noticed things where still tripping me out and I was still in fact tripping,because I had thought I came down before I got in the hot tub.We spent a while in the hot tub listening to music,and then I decided to go to bed.Of course before going to bed I had to listen to Tool,because,one I was one acid,Two Tool is good music,3 Tool is good music especially when you're high so why wouldnt it be great when you're on acid.After falling into tool for a while I finally made my way to bed.At first it was nice and peacfull,a nice vision of a well in the middle of forest blanketed by a purple haze with creatures strewn about.All of the sudden the vison became very bright and it was hard to sleep but I eventually fell asleep.

Acid was one of the best times I've had,the visuals where very interesting and have had me wondering for a while,trying to dissect just exactly what they could mean,because to me they where there for a reason,I believe drugs simply tap into different places of the mind by releasing certain chemicals. All though I promised my lover I would never do it again,but I have to say if I had the chance again I would most likely do it.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55123
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 13, 2019Views: 668
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Relationships (44), Various (28)

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