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Not As Horrific As It's Reputation Suggests
Citation:   Kbomb. "Not As Horrific As It's Reputation Suggests: An Experience with PCP (exp55411)". Nov 9, 2008.

2 hits smoked PCP (liquid)
I'm a pretty experienced drug user, having tried just about every commmonly-known substance at least once. Like many people, however, I always said I'd draw the line at PCP - I'd heard nothing but horrifying tales of people going insane and jumping off of buildings, etc. I have a group of friends who smoke it occasionally, and had offered it to me many times, but I'd always said no.

One night, though, two of my friends and I were hanging out in my room relaxing and listening to music, and my friend John pulled out a small bottle of PCP. Here in New York City, everyone just calls it 'dust', and it is almost always sold as a yellowish liquid in small vials, in which you dip cigarettes - I have never heard of anyone ever having powder or capsules. I had seen John, his girlfriend Michelle, who was also with us, and tons of other people smoke it and have what seemed to be positive experiences, so I kinda said what the hell, I'll try it.

As with any new drug, I knew it was important to start with a low dose. I smoked one hit, and then another - very small ones. According to my friends, you just kind of barely inhale, you should never take it into your lungs too deeply. I began to feel the effects within a few minutes. I felt relaxed, a little on the stupid side. There was an odd tingly feeling throughout my body, which was not exactly unpleasant, but I could tell that it would have been if I had taken more. I had to go to the bathroom, and walking there took a little more concentration than usual - my motor skills were not inhibited in any way, but I definately had to think about what I was doing. Things seemed dreamy, and everything looked darker, somehow. I looked in the bathroom mirror and my face looked strange- my eyes seemed to be sunken in, I thought I looked kind of skeletal. This was disturbing, but I was not afraid, since I knew it was the drug that was causing the quasi-hallucination.

As I walked back to my bedroom, the lights in my apartment seemed to flicker up, and then grow dark. I lay back down on the bed with my friends, and found that that was all I really wanted to do - I didn't want to talk much, though I could with no problem, just as with walking, talking felt as if it took effort. We just kind of lay there for a few hours, talking a little now & then, listening to music. The overall feeling of PCP, I thought, was one of dreaminess, a sort of otherworldly feeling. There was also a slightly 'dark' and almost sinister quality to the experience, which was actually not unenjoyable - just strange.

I did have a few mild hallucinations, which were more just changes in the way things looked, not seeing anything that wasn't there. There was no euphoria, and it was definitely not mind-expanding or enlightening. I have no burning desire to ever try it again, although I'm not opposed to it, either. But it was not the horrible, insane train wreck that it is so often portrayed as. I have plenty of friends who do it on an occasional or even semi-regular basis, and they're not flipping out and trying to kill people. *BUT* there's no denying PCP is often unpredictable in its effects, and that its strength tends to vary widely. In fact, I'm sure that the only reason I had a somewhat pleasant experience is because I went very easy with it - and I could tell that a few of the weirder effects I felt would probably have been terrifying had I taken a higher dose.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55411
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 9, 2008Views: 65,914
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PCP (113) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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