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For Prisoners And English Teachers
Citation:   The Solid Sender. "For Prisoners And English Teachers: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp55426)". Feb 6, 2008.

T+ 0:00
5 tsp oral Nutmeg (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00   oral Alcohol  
First off, I am not a high schooler looking for easy ways to get high. In fact, I am a 27 year old professional with plenty of drug experience (pot, alcohol, LSD, shrooms). I'm currently working as an English teacher in Japan where drugs are a little hard to come by. As a guest in the country, I feel that I should try to find legal routes in my psychedelic explorations, hence my journey into nutmeg.

I've tried nutmeg a couple times in the past with varying results. Last week I took another journey using 5 teaspoons of pre-ground nutmeg from the supermarket. I'll go ahead and log my trip here.

+0:00- I dose five teaspoons of nutmeg at 10am. Rather than try and dump it down my throat, I simply accept the taste. It's not too bad if I just accept it. After dosing I go about my daily activities, knowing that nutmeg takes a long time.

+2:00- I bike over to the shopping mall and pick up a few CDs to go with the experience (I buy some Funkadelic reissues if you're interested). My main interest in drugs is to expand my mind in musical terms (I'm a semi-professional musician) and to explore the philosophical aspects of mind expansion. At the mall I start to feel a little woozy.

+3:00- I'm heading back home and pick up a couple drinks (chu-hi, a Japanese beverage a little stronger than beer) to stoke the nutmeg fires. I'm definitely feeling a little stoned now.

+5:00- At this point I'm on another plane with the help of two chu-his. I end up listening to the Funkadelic track 'Maggot Brain' three times in a row, trying to unlock its secrets. Then I start to create a music track incorporating some of the concepts from 'Maggot Brain.' The next day I can only call the results semi-sucessful. I add vocals to another track and the results are a lot better.

+6:00- I'm floating rather nicely and wasting my time with Mega Man. Nutmeg gives a strong euphoric feeling that eclipses even that of marijuana. The psychedelic properties, however, are not as strong. I doubt a drug-seasoned explorer would be able to scale psychedelic highs as well with nutmeg.

+8:00- My girlfriend comes over. I've not alerted her to my dosage as she's Japanese and most Japanese are not particularly open to drug use. We end up watching 'Love Actually.' It's not really my choice for a drug movie, but we made plans to watch it ahead of time. The movie passes along in a haze although now I don't really remember the details so well.

+12:00- I'm now chilling out in my apartment and the effect of the nutmeg is wearing down, although it ebbs and flows much like coming down from LSD. Before too long I go to bed.

The next day- I end up happily floating through the day. I consider the nutmeg comedown a bonus for the trip, although I try to schedule it for a day where I don't really need to do anything. It's a mildly busy day with a trip to an outlet mall about 40km away, but I don't really have to use my brain and the physical toll is not a problem. The following day I do go to work, but the effects are barely noticable and I'm able to function without much problem.

Final thoughts- Nutmeg is definitely a substitute drug. If I were in the states I'd stick with marijuana. Nutmeg is a true drug, however, and acceptable when nothing else is available. The psychedelic properties are not quite as high as hoped, but it does provide an unquestionably altered state of consciousness. I will be doing this on an irregular basis (as in once every two months or so). If you are going to explore the world of nutmeg, please be responsible and work up your dosage. After you initial dosage, it is not wise to do more later as the effects take a very long time to appear.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 6, 2008Views: 10,202
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