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Flying High, Crashing Low
Piperazines - BZP
by Drug Experimenter
Citation:   Drug Experimenter. "Flying High, Crashing Low: An Experience with Piperazines - BZP (exp55430)". May 3, 2007.

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1 tablet oral Piperazines - BZP (pill / tablet)
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I thought I would write this as I have found reports useful before when considering new drugs so thought I would give some feedback myself for anyone thinking of trying piperazine (BZP) containing pills. These were legal pills purchased from a UK website marketed as an ecstasy (MDMA) alternative.

The recommended dose for these particular pills (Funk Pills brand, called Flying Angels) was two pills. Each pill had 90mg BZP. However after dropping the two within two hours I became overcome with euphoria and as a result I thought nothing of dropping the third within another hour of dropping the second. I was not in the kind of mindset to consider whether or not it would be a particularly good idea. It is very simular to the familiar situation whilst drinking alcohol where you are already feeling good and so continue to drink despite knowing it is more you can handle but your judgement is already distorted from the effects of the previous drinks and so you end up in a pile of your own vomit once again.

To begin with I was fairly nervous, having never experienced ecstasy before and not sure what to expect. I had however had prior experience of some psychedelics, alcohol and a considerable amount of cannabis. With positive and negative experiences for all of these. I was expecting the pills to have a marked effect despite being legal, as many reviews detailed their potency, and anyway you can still get very very fucked up on legal drugs in England (salvia divonorum for example). So the matter of legality really does not have much correlation between potency and can almost be disregarded with drugs. It is just that with the legal ones, you have more idea of what you are really getting. (Ecstasy pills are notoriously impure in England and are known for being cut with all sorts of things, this is why I decided to go for the legals as I was not comfotable with the idea of putting unknown substances into my system).

Whilst I was dropping these pills I was at a friends house, not a particularly close-friend as such, but a familiar one and also two of my closest friends, one of whom left an hour or two after I had come up as he was not partaking in the pills. Upon coming up I had huge rushes of what I could only describe as pure ecstasy. A tingle would be felt on the back of my skull and I would have fits of heavy breathing as the pleasure flowed throughout my body and mind. There was no paranoia at this point and I felt on top of the world, almost invincible. I was drinking orange juice most of the time as this was recommended by the manufacturer. We decided to go for a walk as the energy was welling up inside of us and the idea of playing computer games and watching TV seemed very mundane and not the best way to spend the experience. As we were walking down the road the rushes of ecstasy continued and we decided to stop for a cigarette.

Upon sitting down I seemed to come back to reality briefly with a bump. I became anxious and uncomfortable. My body temperature fluctuated between hot and cold rapidly. My friends noticed my uneasiness and reassured me that everything would be fine. This helped but I had the urge to keep moving as this seemed to keep my mind distracted enough for the fear to relent. I was struck by another rush of euphoria and felt ecstatic once again. This pattern followed for most of the night, everytime my thinking became negative a rush of euphoria would wipe it away from my conciousness.

We walked for a considerable time, mostly around the same area as we didn't want to stray too far from home. At this point I was rather manic, talking extremely fast about all kinds of crap and getting very excited. Apparently my facial expressions were changing wildly and my breathing was very deep. During this walk I noticed the familiar feelings of psychedelic drugs. This was unexpected as I had percieved the pills as being simply an ecstasy replacement. The higher than recommended dosage probably contributed to the 'trippiness'. I have had experience with these drugs before, namely psilocybin mushrooms, LSA-containing Hawaiin Baby Woodrose seeds and the deliriant nutmeg. In all my trips I seem to experience both ecstatic feelings and hellish bad trips. This experience was no exception as I will explain later.

I had some profound open-eye visuals. The misty field we were walking through briefly became a majestic lake of sheer beauty with vast white cliffs. We chatted about all kinds of things, becoming rather philosophical in content. The conversations lasted for hours, quite content to sit on a bench by a river in rural England in the middle of a late summer night and discuss anything and everything. I had a stronge sense of empathy or feeling 'loved-up' as it is commonly reported. It is best described as the feeling of a deeper connection with not only the people you are physically with, but with all the people you know in your life. I have not partaked in MDMA before but my friend who has compared these legal pills as incredibly simular but more psychedelic.

After a few hours we decided to head home. It was here that my trip took it's inevitable bad twist. The euphoria seemed long gone but the psychedelia was still running strong. I became cloustrophobic and uncomfortable and needed to keep on my feet and outdoors. Luckily my good friend was still in a good state and was able to assist me in calming down. My body was in a bad state, very high pulse rate and hot and cold flushes. My mind had had enough of this twisted reality and went into overdrive, going too fast and spiralling into uncontrollable bad thought loops (mostly concerning my mental and physical health). I began to panic, hyperventilating. I ate some sugary food, (biscuits (cookies) and bananas) in attempt to soothe my body. Eventually I calmed down but remained uneasy for days.

The comedown was unpleasant as the stimulation and frankly disturbing closed-eye visuals prevented me from sleeping. I felt nauseous but didn't vomit. I was very uncomfortable but nothing that sleep, food, and time couldn't fix.

The following days were ok but the uneasiness remained, and I felt quite vulnerable. Now it is nearly a week later and I feel pretty much normal, and fairly happy and content with life in general.

I appreciate psychedelic drugs for what they can teach you and for their insight into, well, everything. But I have found that my mind cannot cope with this and eventually ends up fighting the intoxication. I have attempted many times to end the paranoia and take control and relax, but find I simply do not have enough control over my thoughts in this state to acheive this. I am a firm believer that everybody's mind is very different and will react to these mind-bending drugs in entirely different ways. Know your substance, know YOUR body, know YOUR mind, (or something to that effect.) I think I will continue to experiment with these drugs but will be much more careful going about it. I will also make sure not to do it very often at all as the stresses of a bad trip are very extreme and I highly doubt are very good for my mental health.

Overall I would say the experience was just about worth it just to experience the immensely pleasurable effects of euphoria and empathy and the deep conversations that resulted. Also some of the things I learnt through insight into myself and my life in general are very useful. Although I feel I have recovered from my bad experience in this trip, I can see how it could have lasting negative effects, so be very careful with these drugs. It was a long experience (well over 12 hours) and my emotions were all over the place, up and down.

As with most drug experiences, it is neigh on impossible to accurately put into words the feelings the drugs produce. Although reports such as this are very useful in giving you a general idea of the sort of things to expect, you must also remember that this is only an outline of what happened, and that your experience will be totally different and the feelings will be real (good or bad), and you will have to deal with them as such.

Take care but also have fun!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55430
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2007Views: 20,980
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Piperazines (99), BZP (101) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), Relationships (44), General (1)

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