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Trip on Flagler Beach
by Eric
Citation:   Eric. "Trip on Flagler Beach: An Experience with LSD (exp55496)". Erowid.org. Feb 24, 2009. erowid.org/exp/55496

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Two friends and myself were in the second day of our camping trip. The night before our LSD trip we camped in a very minimal amenity campground in a forest filled with palms, ferns and other sub tropical plants in central Florida. That first night we had quite a wonderful session with marijuana, quite possibly the deepest high I have ever attained smoking weed. So deep at times it was uncomfortable and bordered on unpleasantness, but overall still a good time. The next day we woke with the sun, and cleaned up our mess from toasting 10,000 culinary masterpieces over the campfire. Well, toast with cheese on it, but hey, it was delectible at the time. We finished packing up the tent, cooler, and decided where we should go next on our open ended voyage. We decided Flagler Beach sounded nice.

Arriving at Flagler, we were the only 'tent campers', everyone else had RVs. Flagler is an Atlantic beach with a deep blue water. The sand is actually made of crushed shells and has an orange tint to it. The waves that day ranged from 2 to 5 feet. We had some lunch and walked around the beach for about half an hour. Upon coming back to our campsite my friend Z pulled out his LSD wrapped in aluminum foil. This was my first time and I was honestly a little hesitant. I had been reading about LSD for some time and was very interested in what it had to offer. I asked my other friend R if he was going to do it to which he responded by sticking out his tongue with 2 blotters already in his mouth (his first trip also). So, I placed my single hit on my tongue.

We just kinda sat at our campsite for about five minutes doing nothing when we decided to go down to the beach. We put sunscreen on and all of that good stuff, and brought a huge frisbee down to the beach and did normal beachy things, running around, wading and such. I wasn't feeling much of anything, but I was feeling anxious and ready for my trip to start. It came on slowly, but the first thing I noted was that I couldn't stop smiling. It was great! Everything was just peachy, and I couldn't stop laughing at seemingly mediocre jokes. Out of nowhere in the middle of the smilefest, it hit me.

I was staring at my friend's face, with his immense grin showing all teeth, and his face seemed to consume every ounce of my attention. I was standing about 8 feet away from him, but his face took my entire field of vision. His eyes had a rich liveliness to them, especially the iris, a wonderful light shade of brown. I kept saying to my two tripping companions, 'This is nothing like I expected. I could have never imagined it would have felt this way.' I was absolutely fascinated with my mode of thinking. It was completely detached from logic, I was introduced to a completely new spectrum of feelings. These feelings simply are not describable, and differ completely from anything I have previously experienced. The sand was made of crushed shells and had a bright orange hue that seemed to glow. I got on my knees and inspected the sand and had a strange ability to 'zoom in' on what I was looking at.

I looked into the sky which was the deepest, purest blue I had ever seen. This blue was accompanied by turquoise swirls between the whispy incredibly detailed clouds. By now, I was at my peak and communicating my thoughts was terribly difficult. The best I could come up with in trying to convey my experience after much thought was, 'This is a lot different than it normally is.' Upon hearing this, my friends and I all laughed and intuitively we all knew that what we were all feeling was beyond what language could facilitate. The most popular phrases amongst us that day were, 'There is so much going on!' 'Everything is so huge' and 'This is sooo intense'. I know, pretty limited. As a sidenote, none of these words give justice to the splendor of my experience.

My peak must have lasted about 3 hours, and hundreds of tiny events and happenings made my experience. At times I got paranoid of people, thought I might be dead, and could not get over the magnitude of the waves. I had a minor ego seperation, and would say things like, 'My body is cold, but I am not.' Eventually we decided to go back to camp. Upon walking up to the camp, we all realized how much the tide had come in. Perhaps fifteen feet closer to our camp than before. Our camp was in a safe spot however.

After coming down from my trip, me and my buds had conversations about nearly everything. The best part was a strange self assurance that everything is okay. This thought still permeates my life daily, as simple as it is.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 24, 2009Views: 10,917
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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