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The Shadow Realm
Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
by Jovial Eel
Citation:   Jovial Eel. "The Shadow Realm: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp55603)". Erowid.org. May 31, 2007. erowid.org/exp/55603

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


In early 2006 I first heard of Salvia from a few of my friends. Although both of them said they really hated the substance I was sure that someday, somehow, I would get my hands on some. When I came home that night I immediately sat myself down at the computer and began my research. I learned quite a bit in relation to what I previously knew, which happened to be nothing, in that study session. After a month or so of searching for the substance while still continuing to read accounts, I grew very anxious to try it. Last night me and three of my good friends (who shall be known as 'V' 'M' and 'A') went out and bought a gram of 15x.

Well to be perfectly honest it was myself 'V' and 'M' who went out and bought it. This might seem irrelevant now but it becomes important later on in the story. We were driving back home when we got a call from 'A' who sounded very excited about learning that we had bought salvia. So we started driving to 'A's' house only to find out that she couldn't do anything until her mother got home because she was watching over her little sister. About an hour later we grew impatient despite the fact that 'A' told us her mother would be arriving shortly.

I guess now would be an appropriate time to mention my drug history, which is VERY limited. Previously I have done weed (a total of maybe 5 times) and X once. I had never done a hallucinogen before this, however I did hallucinate once when I was camping when my father gave me an Ambien to help me sleep. In fact he only gave me half of an Ambien. But I remember seeing the tent I was sleeping in start to swirl around in circles and then I felt stuck to the tent as it started rolling end over end. That is about all I remember before I fell asleep.

We (being myself 'V' and 'M') were anxious to smoke salvia or at least see someone smoke salvia. None of us, including 'A', had smoked salvia. Our original plan was to go to our friends house and smoke in a more appropriate setting than the back seat of our car, but we were on a time schedule and starting to get anxious. So we loaded up a pipe with a small pinch of salvia and designated 'M' as the guinea pig. I was a little too nervous to go first, which is probably the wrong mind set to be in before you smoke salvia but I couldn't control myself.

We passed the pipe to 'M' and he lit it up and held it in for a good 15 seconds before he started coughing (what a noob). Realizing his error he quickly grabbed for the pipe again and hit once more, this time successfully holding it in for 20-24 seconds or so. I could tell he was feeling the effects already because his entire body went limp, so I quickly grabbed the pipe and the lighter from him. It was absolutely silent in the car as 'V' and myself stared at 'M' with intrigue.

I could hear the pulsing of a vein near my ear when suddenly 'M' turned to me and I watched as the most horrifying look came over his face. He mumbled something that I couldn't quite understand but whatever it was, It was directed towards me and full of fright. He was pretty much comatose for the rest of the trip which lasted about 7 minutes. When he came down he started to describe his experience to me. I don't know too much about his trip but the thing that he told me was that there was a clown that somehow got into the car and that it was sitting right next to him. I am guessing I was the clown.

About 5 minutes later I had my own encounter with the plant. With the car once again quiet we loaded up the pipe and it was passed to me. I took a rather large hit. I first noticed how harsh the smoke was, suddenly I understood how 'M' coughed so early. WHOA, I could feel the gravity hitting my body. Every cell in my body starting with my hands and moving progressively towards my torso and then my hips and then my legs and then finally my head started pulling my down into the seat of the car. I was trying to fight it by leaning my head forward. I got this feeling that my life depended soley on keeping my head away from the seat. But suddenly I felt some foreign force yank at my pony tail (yes I am a male and I have a pony tail), and I couldn't resist. My head was thrust into the seat of the car.

The roof of the car (which I still knew was there) was about 5 inches from my face. Staring at it I slowly became aware that it was turning black. It wasn't so much that the actually roof was turning black, it was more like the roof was disintegrating in a circular pattern moving outward from its origin and there was absolutely nothing behind it. No stars, no moon, no clouds, no thing. Even the emptiness of space hails in comparison to the nothingness that I was witnessing. I watched as the nothingness crept over my vision. Looking to the left I noticed that this pattern of nothing wasn't connected to my eyes. As I looked around the nothing stayed exactly where it was. I could see the nothing enveloping everything that I knew. Soon I was completely inside the nothing, turning back I could see our small car when all of the sudden, without warning the nothing just reversed it's growth and started disappearing at a phenomenal rate. I was once again in the back of the car with the nothing now just a small black speck of emptiness on the roof of the car until finally it disappeared.

WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE was the first thing I remember thinking to myself. Suddenly we got a call from 'A' informing us that her mother was home and that she could finally hang out with us. Now I know that all of you are going to yell at me (rightly so) when I tell you what happened next. I was informed that neither myself nor 'M' could be in the car when we picked up 'A'. So, myself and 'M' exited the car and hid in some bushes on an empty undeveloped cul'de sac in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. 'V' took off and said she would probably be back within 10 minutes or so. As I saw her drive off I suddenly became aware that I still had a full pipe in my hand.

Looking back on it, this was one of the stupidest things I have ever done but I was so intrigued by the substance that I immediately lit it up and took another rip. Immediately the gravity hit me again, but not as intense. So I sat there in the bushes trying to be as calm and stoic as possible with 'M' trying to make sure I didn't do anything stupid (you can tell already he was doing a great job, but I don't blame him).

When suddenly everything in my vision turned a deep blue color and then red and then a deep purple. I remember this shadow in front of me, created by a street lamp and some bails of hay, turning very dark. Then I noticed out of my peripheral there was this intense red light that was only visible on the outer right rim of my view. I could tell that it was moving up and down and I wanted nothing more than to see what it was but whenever I moved my eyeballs to look at it, it just traveled farther to the right. The explanation to this is simple but at the time it was very puzzling to me.

Then I noticed a dark shadow that resembled a dog or a cat or at least some type of quadruped run across the shadowy area that had been created by the street lamp. The figure was absolutely featureless and it was only in two dimensions. It was only visible to me in that shadowy area. It's head had appeared at the right side of the shadowy area and as it ran across more of it's body became visible as it entered the shadowy area. As it's head reached the left of the shadowy are (the end) it disappeared and as more of It's body crossed the boundary more of it disappeared until finally it was gone.

It was then that I became aware of the 'shadow realm', a realm that we humans are not able to see under normal circumstances. Only in intense darkness are we able to see the figures that make up this realm. We can't see them in complete darkness however because it is to dark for us to tell that they are there. Of course I don't actually believe this but this is what I was thinking of at the time. Mind you, I was still aware of everything besides the shadow realm that existed around me. I could still see 'M' sitting next to me as clear as day. The creature kept crossing into and then back out of the shadow realm. Sometimes it would cross left to right and then right to left, and other times it would cross from left to right and then left to right again in succession. This puzzled me and further made me believe that these shadow creatures were all around us, but we weren't aware of it.

Then something even more puzzling occurred to me. Something about the manner of the shadow creature led me to think that it was just as intrigued of me as I was of it. It kept staring at me and acting funny, like a dog who is being scolded by it's master. And that is when I became aware of the Light realm, the realm we all live in, sleep in, go to school in etc etc. To creatures in the shadow realm, the light realm is invisible under normal circumstances, but the circumstances were far from normal. So both myself and the shadow creature were seeing each other for the first time. I don't actually believe this but it just seemed right at the moment. Then the shadow realm faded and the shadow creature, which was staring at me at that exact moment, froze and faded away. The bits of shadow that comprised the creatures body just disintegrated into the air and the purple hue that shrouded everything returned to it's normal nightly shade. From behind me I saw intense light which puzzled me once again, but as it turns out it was just 'V' returning with 'A'.

We all got in the car slowly and drove off to change our location so that we could try it once again. About 15 minutes later we were in a better spot, pulled over at some turn off of some incredibly secretive road that we were sure nobody else would be traveling on. Seeing as it was my salvia that I bought with my own money, I decided I would go once more. I loaded up the bowl to its brim and took a rather large rip, held it for 25 seconds, exhaled, and then hit it once more, this time holding for maybe 20 seconds if I was lucky. The gravity hit me like a house and my body was getting sucked into the front seat of the car. Once again I felt as if it was my duty as a human being to fight the force so I pulled my head from the seat and held it there for as long as I could. By 'as long as I could' I mean 10 seconds or so because shortly after pulling my head forward I felt the same force grab me by the pony tail and rip me back into my seat.

Then some force or spirit or something was trying to enter my body through my mouth and my jaw slid open. I could feel something that I can only describe as a wedge prying my mouth open until it couldn't be opened anymore, and even so it was still trying. I could feel my mouth opening wider and wider and wider until I started feeling a considerable amount of pain. I don't know why but this felt like it was the funniest thing that had ever happened to me at the time so I started howling with laughter. I can only imagine how stupid I looked with my mouth agape letting out these ridiculous laughs. Then everything turned a pinkish color and suddenly I 'knew' what was going on. I was turning into a part of a watermelon. My body was turning into the outer skin of the watermelon and I could see the pinkish fruity body extending out of me. Then I remember the feeling of being rolling around on the ground. The best way I can describe it is this: Imagine a round object (like a watermelon) being on a boat in rough seas rolling back and forth in the rocking of the boat. I need to make it clear though that at no time did I think I was on a boat.

I was stuck to the wall of the watermelon and rolling forwards and then backwards. In disbelief I turned towards 'V' only to find that she wasn't herself, she was part of the watermelon. She wasn't completely watermelon, nor was she completely human, but whatever she was, I was certain it was her. Suddenly a knife plunged into the watermelon material that separate her from me and then she was hoisted up by some entity. Keep in mind that I was laughing this ENTIRE time. It wasn't so much that I was laughing, it's more like my body was laughing and my mind was thinking 'What the fuck?'. So I turned back to 'M' and 'A' who were in the back seat of the car only to find that they were also a part of the melon, and suddenly they got hoisted up by the same mysterious force. As each of them got hoisted up, a brilliant light shone down from the space that they had been sitting in, as if light was filling the areas of the watermelon that weren't previously exposed to it.

The next thing I remember is hearing 'M' screaming 'THERE IS A SASQUATCH OUTSIDE OF THE CAR'. Apparently he took a hit while I was tripping. Then I remember hearing 'A' and 'V' laughing at us, I was laughing with them as loud as I could, why? I don't know. It was just funny. Suddenly the gravity went away and I slowly stopped laughing. Then I realized I had to take a mondo piss, I was actually very lucky I didn't piss while I was tripping. So I exited the car and relieved myself. With my bladder empty and my mind and body back to normal we proceeded to drive home. I was dropped off at my house at about 10PM where I immediately went to my room to law down, I was physically exhausted and needed to sleep.

All in all, my first experience with Salvia was amazingly positive, more so than I ever thought possible. I am looking forward to doing more tonight, hopefully in a more appropriate setting than in the backseat of a car. And as I sit here typing this I feel absolutely awesome, as if the best thing ever happened to me yesterday, despite the fact I can feel that I am probably going to have to drop a diarrhea in about 30 minutes.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55603
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 31, 2007Views: 4,910
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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