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An All-Around Joy
2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   Each Hit. "An All-Around Joy: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp55755)". Jul 25, 2007.

T+ 0:00
26 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Substance: 2C-I

Dose: 26mg ingested orally (Mixed into orange juice)

Weight: 150lbs (~68kg)

Mindset: Normal. There are no serious problems in my life right now to worry about. I had a typical day. I've been wanting to trip again, but not a really hard trip. Having used 2C-I 3 times in the past, I felt it would be an enjoyable hallucinogenic experience without too much concern about a bad experience.

Setting: My apartment on a Friday night. I am typing the experience as I go. I will edit the entries later to fix errors and elaborate.

7:30pm (t - 0:00)
I orally ingest 26mg 2C-I. My roommate wants a lighter trip, so he takes 20mg.

8:00pm (t+ 0:30)
I notice a slight nausea and tightness in upper chest. My sinuses seem a bit mucosal and stuffy, but they have been getting worse for the last two days, anyway. I think I might be developing a cold or allergies, as I've been sneezing a bit as well.

8:20pm (t+ 0:50)
I notice some mild visual morphing beginning. Patterns are beginning to waver, as if slowly breaking out of their confinement. I could use some weed to help this 'tense' feeling 2c-i always seems to give me. Slight color enhancement has become noticeable as well.

8:30pm (t+ 1:00)
My roommate and I are taking a walk to the ATM about 2 blocks away near the grocery store behind our apartment complex to get weed money, since our source is supposed to call us later.

8:50pm (t+ 1:20)
That was an interesting journey. We ran into an old high school friend, and I think she could tell we were not in our usual states of mind. We weren't completely tripping, but surely we appeared unusual. I tried to casually say, 'Hey' and leave it at that. I hope I didn't just come off as rude, but I haven't seen or spoken to this girl in 3 years, and we were more like acquaintances than real friends. We walked around the shopping center just to kill some time while the 2C-I continues kicking in. We're back at the apartment now, and the visuals are enhancing, still. Colors are definitely more distinguished, but still not as much patterning as I remember. It's still kind of early as far as 2C-I onset goes, and with the right music, I think I'll be set. On a side note, that walk did get my system going, so now I'm a bit sweaty and warm. I think I'll drink some orange juice. I also notice a nice body buzz setting in. My nose is too stuffy to breathe through, so I've been breathing through my mouth (this countinued through the trip, deep breaths felt very nice and helped me maintain a more relaxed trip despite the usual speedy tension feeling I tend to get on 2C-I.

9:00pm (t+ 1:30)
I took the time to notice that the closed eye visuals are pretty involving, now. Listening to the Chemical Brothers has really helped bring me up a bit. I'm definitely a ++ at this point.

9:15pm (t+ 1:45)
I'm noticing the usual phenethylamine 'itches' and 'buzzes' are making themselves present, once again. It is difficult to drink my orange juice. The liquid itself is actually very smooth and refreshing, though. I am turning on some Aphex Twin 'Selected Ambient Works' to guide the ride, so to speak.

9:40pm (t+ 2:10)
Damn!! It felt like an hour and a half went by with some interesting hallucinations. I imagined there was a staircase (in our 3 room apartment, haha), and with the lights out, the cd player looked like a futuristic helper robot. The visuals are great if I can let myself get immersed in the music, but this CD seems a bit too dissonant and hollow for me to really sink into. I begin looking for some classical music, as I have never gotten to hear classical music while tripping, and I think it would be much richer and warmer that the electronic music I usually listen to. One of my favorite things about 2C-I is the way it alters my perception of music. It's tough to explain in words, but it's like the music becomes a story, and every single note and sound is an element of that story, a character or setting or object or event or even a color. I guess many hallucinogens do similar things, but with 2C-I, I am able to be a bit more clear-headed and form a seemingly rational landscape (or soundscape, I guess) even with music I've never heard before. I suppose words cannot fully describe a psychedelic experience.

10:20pm (t+ 2:50)
Damn!! (again, I know)
I'm definitely noticing more time dilation, but with some AMAZING closed eye visuals. Classical music is amazing. It feels so huge. Bigger than huge. It's like a meeting of so many levels, but with their own distinct flares and tempos that all coincide to form an entire entity. Words can't describe it. I saw an infinite 'cathedral.' It wasn't a church, per se, but it had a very sacred feeling to it. There were enlightened minds from all times, even from times that have not and will not exist, all gathered together.

In my mind, I felt as if there were beings there that existed in some different reality, or at least some far away planet. Imagine cities of people singing, cities of people playing the violin, and each individual is represented by his or her own distinct sound. Now imagine whole civilizations just playing one type of instrument, while another civilization plays another. Colors, fractals, and infinite landscapes fill my mind as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven fill my ears. I come to the conclusion that these composers were beyond geniuses. I begin to wonder if they ever tripped, which I seriously doubt, and what they would see if they did. During that time, I was definitely at a +++. Enough typing, I'm going back to the experience.

10:25pm (t+ 2:55)
Sadly, the experience must be put on hold. Our pot supplier just called, and now we have to figure out where he is and how to get there using the 'ultra-sophisticated' bus system. The problem is, map reading is more than difficult in this mindset. Ultimately, I figure out that he is only about three-quarters of a mile down the road, so we set off walking pick up an eighth. It's been SO dry around here, this is the first weed we've been able to buy in about 4 days.

11:00 (t+ 3:30)
We are back from our purchase. During the walk, I felt an almost MDMA-like body buzz, especially with deep breathing. I had to focus a bit on where we were going and on our surroundings. I noticed a slight drop in visuals as a result. The whole event sort of changed the mindset of the trip. We decide to watch some DVDs rather than listen to more music. It seems like the complex and detailed closed eye hallucinations that music brings me take some sort of mental effort to maintain, especially with all the vivid colors and moving/morphing shapes and patterns. I notice definite open eye patterning remains, but this seems to occur without any effort, as if the patterns were always there. For example, the rug in our main room is plain blue, but I see a definite, non-changing pattern in it. Even when seen from my periphery, the rug has that same distinct, almost oriental, pattern.

1:20am (t+ 5:50)
We basically chilled and watched DVDs until now, as we were notably stoned, but still tripping rather well. We watched about an hour and a half of Aqua Teen Hunger force episodes. My roommate and I note the hilarity of this poor guy, named Carl, trying to make a semi-normal living next door to a giant milkshake, a giant box of fries, and a giant ball of meat, and how his life is completely ruined by them in almost every episode. The 2C-I definitely made watching these shows a lot funnier, and allowed us to see interesting patterns in the characters' behavior and their relationships. I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time.

During the time between 11pm and 1:20am, we smoked 3 joints of some mid-grade weed. The weed tasted a little weird, but not unpleasant. During this time, the 'phenethylamine tingles,' as I like to call them, became a bit more noticeable. This seems to be on par with prior experiences I've had. As the trip begins to slowly wear down, my body gets little prickly sensations like a mix between an itch and a buzz, especially on my face, my arms, and the roof of my mouth.

Around the same time, I noticed very electronic sounds. My roommate did too, and they were definitely not from the neighbors' apartment. These sounds were only noticeable when it was quiet and I remember thinking they sounded almost like a psychic communication in some sort of digital code. Almost like some higher being is constantly communicating some message just waiting for an advanced enough species to be able to receive it and decipher it with their mind. I wish I could replicate the sounds, as they are pretty interesting to me, and would probably be an interesting musical element. I am getting a little tired but am still noticeably tripping, and my roommate is ready for bed. He did have a bit less, so perhaps he is not tripping as much as I still am. I'll probably listen to something relaxing and try to sleep.


Most of the report was typed while I was experiencing the trip, but today I went back and added a few things to some entries that I felt like I didn't fully explain while tripping. Plus, my typing was a little sketchy. I ended up lying in bed until around 2:30 to 2:45am (t+ 7:00 - give or take), around which time I drifted to sleep. I spent that last hour and a half doing some introspection about my life. I've realized I have much more growing up to do. I tend to be poor at things like organization and planning, and I made a few resolutions about things I need to do to get my life in order so that I can be happier and live healthier.

I also realized that I'm a really introverted person in a LOT of aspects. I feel unemotional or apathetic to a lot of people, and I began to wonder why. I think perhaps I might be a little too self-centered sometimes. I also feel like I'm a bit controlling sometimes. My friends always seem to ask my opinion on things, for some reason, and I think I've sort of taken advantage of that. Also, I was the oldest child in my home for nearly 10 years (after my older sister moved out), so perhaps I've just become too accustomed to being the one in charge. I wish sometimes my friends would step up and make decisions, rather than expect me to be the responsible one all the time. When I'm tripping, this responsibility feels almost like manipulation. I don't want to spend my life alone, so I need to make an effort to connect with people and not just see them as obstacles in my path. That's always been hard for me, but I think I can work on it just by being more communicative with other students and with professors. That is the first step at least.

I also made some discoveries about my self-control (or lack thereof) in many areas. This is just one more way I need to grow up. Also, stretching felt really good while lying in bed, and I must have stretched for about 30 minutes while thinking. One thing that did annoy me during this time was a very remarkable forgetfulness. I would come to some realization about myself or life and then immediately forget it as some new though came to the surface. It took a lot of focusing and effort to remember some things that I had just thought 5 seconds earlier. I suspect the weed had something to do with it, and today I notice no lasting forgetfulness like what I experienced while lying in bed. My roommate noted that his muscles feel a bit sore today. My back feels a little tired, not sore, but like the muscles have been exercised - a bit odd.

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip. I realized there are some aberrations in my psyche and my life that I must resolve before I can enjoy a more in-depth hallucinogen again. The closed eye visuals were fantastic, especially with classical music. Open eye visuals were decent, especially if I focused on them enough. It seems like 2C-I can produce really great visuals, but the mental energy required to generate and maintain these visuals seems to have my mind drained by the end of the trip. This is a bit different than 2C-E for me, as 2C-E visuals seem to force themselves to be seen, which still leads to mental exhaustion by the end.

I think I've gotten familiar enough with 2C-I to where I feel almost clear-headed at times. There were moments early on when visuals would manifest, then slowly disappear, only to re-emerge a few seconds later. I think I got a pretty good all around experience, as well. There was a musical hallucination-laden period, an explorative period of walking, a hilarious session of Aqua Teen hunger Force and smoking joints, and some good introspection and self-awareness at the end. I really enjoy 2C-I for the way it takes me to an extra level of perception while not being too overbearing on my mind and psyche. I still feel a little bit out of it, even after a nice 8 hour sleep, but I have nothing to do today except clean up the apartment, which some weed will definitely help with.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55755
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 25, 2007Views: 31,594
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Entities / Beings (37), Relationships (44), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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