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Never Again
Morning Glory
by Krysta
Citation:   Krysta. "Never Again: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp55802)". Aug 8, 2009.

300 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)


It all started with me and my boyfriend sitting at his house. His friend called and wanted to go out and find some 'Morning Glory Seeds'. A couple of my friends had already tried them before and said they liked it so I thought I would give it a try. Even my boyfriend had so he wanted to do them again. We went out and looked everywhere for them. We looked for about 3 hours. We went one place and they didn't have enough for all 3 of us so we just bought all they had. Then we went to Pike's and they had a shitload of them. We bought them and then as we were leaving this lady that worked there came up to us and wanted to check our ID's. Basically she knew what we were doing. I just wish I had listened to her.

So we get to my friends house and we soaked them in water. There is supposedly poisin on them so people won't take them and it is suppose to make you throw up. Me and my boyfriend had a different brand than our friend. It was still the exact same name and everything just a different distributor. When my friends had done them before they soaked the seeds in soap water to get the poisin off but we just did it with water that time because whenever they would do them before they would start to get fucked up their stomachs would hurt and they thought it was because of the soap. So we grinded the seeds up with a coffee grinder. We all had about the same amount (300 seeds). We put the seeds Campbell's tomato soup after we grounded them up and drank it. It really didn't taste bad. Just a little chunky.

After a little while my stomach was hurting, but I really already knew that was coming. It seemed kinda bad but it was nothing to what was going to happen next. About an hour later me and my boyfriend were sitting in the front room in front of the computer. For some reason him and I didn't want to be around other people. In all it was me, my boyfriend, and 3 other guys (one of them was trying it too). One of the other guys was on dramamene but I guess that's another story. lol. So anyways, we are sitting there in front of the computer and I couldn't stop playing with stuff. Just like stuff lying around. I would just play with it in my hand. My boyfriend was doing the same thing. Then our friend came in there (who was doing them too) and told my boyfriend to close his eyes and see if he had images in his head. He said that when he closed his eyes it was like he really wasn't and that everything still looked the same.

Soon after that my boyfriend went outside and just started throwing up. I didn't know that was what he was doing til I looked out the door. About two minutes after that I felt like I need to throw up too so I went to the bathroom (surprised I actually made it to the toilet). I started throwing up so much. It was coming out of my nose and I was over the toilet but it was still going everywhere. I made a BIG mess and felt really bad about for doing it. I heard someone knocking at the door so I went to open it. It was my boyfriend. I told him he really didn't want to come in there because it was disgusting. He told me that he didn't care, he just had to be with me so I let him in and threw up a little more. I made me feel a lot better that he was in there with me.

His friend who was the only one not on anything came in there and saw us just looking really sick. He said that he needed to leave because he needed to get back to college to write some paper. My boyfriend told him that he really needed him to stay because he just needed him there and also we would HAVE to get home at some point. We knew we couldn't go home right then because my boyfriend's mom was still awake and she couldn't see us like that. His friend said he was going to leave but if we really needed him to come take us home that he would. We agreed with that and he left.

After that me and my bf went to just go sit in my car because we just couldn't be inside. I have NEVER felt SO BAD in my life! We were just sitting there in the dark, in my car. I was in the driver seat and he was in the passenger. I could feel my insides moving everywhere. When I looked at the trees they were all out of focus and moving everywhere. I could see people in every car I looked at on the street. I always kept thinking a car was about to pass because I kept seeing headlights that weren't there. Me an my boyfriend were feeling the EXACT same way the whole time. He kept saying to me 'I need to know that you are going to be okay' whenever he said that I would just say that I am going to be but in my mind I thought I was SERIOUSLY going to die. I kept having flashbacks of my life. I thought of my parents and felt like I was never going to see them again. I was praying so much. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that it was going to be over but knew it was going to take a VERY long time. It was only about 8 or 9 at this point.

I hate cops and all that shit but at that point I felt like I needed to be in an ambulance getting my stomach pumped. My boyfriend said that he closed his eyes at one point and had a vision of him just coughing up blood and it coming out of his nose and horrible thing. He actually thought it was real. I kept having to pull myself together as we were sitting in the car. My emotions were crazy. I FELT HORRIBLE and like I was just going to die right there. I was thinking about how if an ambulance came that all they would do is pump my stomach so I told my bf that we need to throw up and that would HAVE to help. I opened my car door and leaned out. The grass looked so tall and weird. It was crazy. The first few times we threw up, it didn't really help. I couldn't even touch my boyfriend. For some reason it scared me to much. I was in fear of his life and mine.

I started throwing up again. I started to realize that it WAS making me better. I looked at my boyfriend and said 'throw up, it'll work'. We just started barfing so much. It was GREAT. I still felt Horrible but we finally had a hope that we were going to live. I felt so in love with him at that point just knowing that he was feeling the same way as me and that I wasn't in all this alone. We started talking to each other and making each other feel A LOT better. He said he started feeling better just knowing that I was going to be okay. A little while after that his friend got back there. We told him to take us home NOW.

We got to his house finally and come to find out it was ONLY 10 o' clock. We had only felt like that for about 45 mins but it seemed like and eternity. When we got back I was still 'fucked' up but I was just SO happy that we were alive. We stayed up a while longer and finally fell asleep at the same time. Every effect that I had he had. It was crazy. This experience brought us so much closer together because we realized how much we really care for each other. If you can barf in front of each other like that and feel like that, it HAS to be love. lol. The next day I still felt a little 'off'. Half of it was prob because I was just so shaken up from the experience. We will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER try that again and I will NEVER forget it. That was the definiton of a 'BAD TRIP'. I couldn't imagine it have being any worse.

The crazy thing is that our friend that tried it didn't feel like that at all. He just felt the trip the way it was suppose to go I guess.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55802
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 8, 2009Views: 14,344
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