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The Night Reality Shattered
Morning Glory
by Beau
Citation:   Beau. "The Night Reality Shattered: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp55824)". May 18, 2018.

9 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
    oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


I had for the longest time a strong fascination with Morning Glory. The first time I tried it, appx 8 grams of seeds (got some weird looks for buying bags of morning glory seeds at 11 at night...), I experienced nothing but an increase in the glow of light and slight sound hallucination. I consulted other experience reports and saw that the difference seemed to be grinding the seeds to a powder.

Nothing could have prepared me for that night.

A friend and I each ingested 9 grams of the seeds, ground in a coffee grinder, in water. We then took some dramamine. 2 hours passed with nothing but slight nausea, and a feeling of disconnected apathy (at least on my part.) I went home, and around 230 started to feel a strong body high, like cannabis combined with codeine. I knew something was coming, so I put on my ipod and relaxed INTO my floor.

I closed my eyes and started to see strong, spiraling pyramidal images form behind my closed eyes. I seemed to float among them with the music, and the longer this continued the more I felt a connection to the mood of the music. Then the visuals became landscapes I dreamt of, and then the trip started to get chaotic. I became overwhelmingly dehydrated, having to urinate constantly, and every time I felt the urge to use the bathroom the trip got more negative. Doubt, uncertainty about reality, all began to sink in.

At one point I tried to control what was going on, but heard only a voice within me, or around me, or coming from the wall or the demon in my head (all of which were floating through myriad realities) 'what did you think you were messing with...' Sure enough, I didn't know.

Whenever I opened my eyes a mesh of mayan eyeballs and colored diamonds washed over my vision, and my body began to convulse uncontrollably. The one time I faced myself in the mirror, my pupils were dialated to the maximum, and I frightened myself. My complexion had turned vaguely purple. The passing of 3 minutes felt like hours on end. It was horrifying, for I didn't even know if I'd return to reality, and what I would believe or remember when I did. I was afraid that I'd found that the universe was really chaos, and that I'd wake up from this and forget that I'd seen what I did and never know...

But around 5 (a couple days later, LSA time) it started to subside. I could remain in reality for longer periods of time, I began to drink more water and slowly return to life. Surprisingly I remembered all of the experience that morning, utterly humbled. I had deeply underestimated the power of LSA.

The next day was rough. I felt, like never before, relief at being alive. Every breath of air felt good because it went into my lungs, and not a cocoon of eyeballs and multicolored diamonds. At one point my friends splashed me with cold water during the afternoon, a full 12 hours after I'd recovered, and I was still shocked. Sensations were too overwhelming.

The pleasantness of bending reality for 30 minutes was blown out of the water by the 3 hours I spent when reality was destroyed. An ocean of nightmares...

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 18, 2018Views: 2,118
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