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I Put My Teacher Through HELL
by drtool
Citation:   drtool. "I Put My Teacher Through HELL: An Experience with Cannabis (exp55900)". May 30, 2020.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It was my free period and I had one more class afterwards, which I knew in advance there was a substitute for. So I left the building went to the local forest smoked a few bowls with some friends and went back to school. The walk back to school was pretty sweet. I stopped at this food kart that brought back so many memories. Then when I got to my next class, a whole new persona was bourn.

My typical behaviour while high is to become very very quiet and very disconected. Usually I am incapable of having an complex conversation and having difficulty stringing my words together. But this high for whatever reason was different.

In my class I'm known as that quiet kid in the back who never talks and never raises his hand. That image got shattered.

Now I'll describe my experience in class. The substitute teacher was a foreignor, she didn't know english too well and often used expressions that are unusual and had an odd sarcastic manner of speaking. The afternoon announcements came on and I began to speak very loudly, fully intentionally, I spoke very loudly and very obnoxiously to the person next to me. The teacher became upset and told me to stop talking. So I stood up and pointed at her, and then told her I wasn't talking, I told her she was hearing the PA system deliver the announcements and that I was wrongfully accused. After the announcements she handed out a peice of paper that was our work. So I made an airplane. She saw the airplane and told me to throw it away, so instead I threw it at her, and when it hit her, I proceeded to laugh amazingly loudly and bang my desk with my fists. There was an instance where my phone rang. Instead of the typical anxiousness to make the phone stop ringing and appeal to the teacher's desires for not hearing the phone, I got it out of my pocket, held it up high in midair and then said, very loudly, 'Hmmm it would appear my handy dandy cell phone is ringing'. I held the cell phone in air for a good 30 seconds until the ringtone had ended. The teacher was not pleased. There were about one instance every ten seconds where I randomly shouted something confrontational to my teacher, just disagreeing with anything she said. Eventually she told me to behave and speak more respectfully, so I responded by saying 'May I kindly request that you extend me the common courtesy of allowing me to engage in respectful conversation?' She didn't understand what I said since she wasn't too good with english. At another point I got up and demanded she give me a dictionary. When she gave it to me I got up and went to her desk and proceeded to search the dictionary vigorously for her name. She got angry and told me to sit down, and I gave some back talk about how I deserved respect.

Eventually she smartened up and began ignoring my every action, no matter how dramatic. This effectively ended my spell of terror, lucky for me the period ended 5 minutes later. I came back into the room after class and told her I lost my bookbag, but I was wearing it, and she got mad once again.

Unfortunately, my whole class knew I was stoned, but damn it was well worth it. It was so hysterical. During this time I had full control over my actions, I acted so obnoxiously just to piss off the teacher, I was completely lucid, and I have no regrets. But this is a polar opposite of my typical high experience, just later on the same day I smoked some more and went back to my usual retreated state.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55900
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 30, 2020Views: 434
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), School (35)

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