An Insufflated Summary
Citation:   SigmaS. "An Insufflated Summary: An Experience with 2C-B (exp56106)". Nov 5, 2008.

10 mg insufflated 2C-B
I have only ever snorted 2CB because where I’m from, the UK, the shit is pretty expensive. We pay ten pounds (18 bucks?) for a capsule of – I think – 10 mg of the powder, which we whack into one line and snort.

People say snorting 2CB is the only way to go, and although I never took it orally I’d say they’re probably right. I thought I’d provide a few pointers:

1) The burn. 2CB doesn’t sting *that* much. It makes my nose run like crazy however, and there will be short periods of pain for the first twenty minutes or so. I ride it out.
2) The drip. The drip on 2CB is pretty gross compared to many other chemicals. Not only is the taste nauseating, it stings my throat a bit, and the sensation of having something crawling down my throat as I'm coming up HARD on a psychedelic is not pleasant. I have something to drink and some weed to get rid of the nausea.
3) The nausea. I’ve seen people properly purge on 2CB before actually being able to feel good – partly because the drip is just so rank. I’ve never felt more than a bit sick but snorted 2CB does hit my body quite suddenly, so I guess for some people their bodies will just say, “right – something is up here, lets flush out the stomach and see if that helps”.
4) Onset. Onset is fairly fast and fairly furious for me – I feel the first alerts as soon as I lift my head from whatever substance I snort from and I’ll be peaking within forty minutes. The come up is similar to a STRONG ecstasy come-up, and I think to myself, “oh no. This is going to be too much, things will get too weird.” Once that phase is finished and I begin to level off and loosen up things get GREAT.
5) Effects. 2CB is almost my favourite drug. The come up is just a bit too strong for it to be perfect. For me snorted 2CB gives peak effects that start to finish about 3.5 hours after dosing so duration is perhaps a little too short. I can still ‘get’ visuals if I want to up to 6 hours after snorting the stuff. Visuals are absolutely delicious, I remain quite lucid and only gently introspective while the entire visual field is distorted. More introspection comes as the drug wears off but I can think about things that would mess me up on LSD and still be in complete control on juicy bees.

Physically, I feel energised yet not wired. ‘Body tripping’ doesn’t affect me that much – legs feel like a mild ecstasy high, occasional ‘waves’ through the body. One time I felt like the group of people I was with, who were all sober (although fine with drugs), were kind of ‘watching’ me a bit too much. I realise now they weren’t but I kinda felt self-conscious and this led to a kind of jitter in my lower neck. It happened a few times when I felt people were focussing on me. It faded however.
6) Comedown/day after. 2CB is very easy on my body. Next day will be a little tired, but sleep and food after it is easy. No depression over lasting aching ever noticed. Taking 2CB with X seems to alleviate comedown effects of the X for me.

2CB at 10mg snorted is definitely controllable but the strong come-up and the fact that the pretty visuals and mild dissociation/weird body effects contribute to a fact that nothing is real (I often feel that when I take 2CB, a little world is constructed purely for my own pleasure) means I have to be careful. If I'm in a situation where I could get hurt – or worse, make a social faux pas (only joking), I am on my guard.

Dysphoria has never been present. Negative thoughts are controllable and I’ve never been trapped in a loop on 2CB. It seems to be unique in the psychedelics I’ve tried (LSD, shrooms, AMT, DMT) in that it’s a PSYCHEDELIC that makes me care *less* and makes me lighten up. That’s where it’s similar to MDMA for me.


Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56106
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 5, 2008Views: 29,973
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