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Layering Away My Subconcious
Salvia divinorum
by Progmafia
Citation:   Progmafia. "Layering Away My Subconcious: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp56138)". Apr 4, 2009.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum


We had picked up a couple grams of Salvia from a local headshop. We got back to our house and decided with little hesitation to dive into it and try it out. My roomate has had significantly more experience as far as drugs go and was the only one out of the three of us who had smoked Salvia before.

We sat down in our living room, pulled out the bong and packed a bowl. Since my roomate N had smoked Salvia before, he agreed to smoke it first. He hit it up and let it sink in. He tried talking to us during his trip and was explaining how he was feeling the effects set in. He glanced around the room a bit and then looked down on the coffee table. He put his hand on a deck of cards and just kind of pushed them around. We told him to look up at a poster on our wall which was a big optical illusion. He looked at it and started laughing, mumbling a few random things. A few minutes later we sat around and he told us about his trip.

Next the bowl got passed to my buddy L. L hit it a couple times, geeked out a little bit and watched the visualizations on the TV. We had sat around talking about their experiences, and the general concensus was the neither of them really liked the experience. They got really sweaty and didn't enjoy the body buzzes. Finally I torched the bowl...

I handed the bong to N and set the lighter down on the table. I sat back and almost instantly I felt a complete shift. I felt as if everything just flipped backwards. I was really heavy in the chair and felt extremely warm. I felt stuck to the chair and I tried to remember that I should hold the hit in as long as I can. Literally the moment I sat back and felt the effects, I was gone. Apparently I exhaled right away, but I don't remember that.

I could hear the music on the TV in the background and it felt like a very somber background music for this new reality I was experiencing. As I looked around I saw what can only be described as infinite layers peeling away. Everything that I saw around me in the living room was no longer there, in its 3D environment, but looked as if it was just an image on the surface of the first layer. Behind it, ascending like a staircase were infinite amounts of layers behind it. Each layer slowly descending behind the other as each layer in front continued to peel away and disappear. Each subsequent layer had a similar image on it, of whatever was in the room. I looked to my right and on the layer was L looking over at me smiling.

I remember talking and telling my friends how I wanted to explain everything, but I couldn't. I couldn't even comprehend what was happening. From the moment the effects set in, I had lost all recollection of ever smoking salvia. Everything I saw, heard and felt seemed completely real, yet not at all logical. I felt like I had just found an unknown dimension. Everything up was down and left was right. Nothing felt normal and I couldn't understand how I had ended up in this place. I thought about all the things I loved doing and wondered if I would ever experience the reality I knew ever again. I said over and over 'I want to explain this.' Apparently I repeated it over and over and my friends told me time after time to sit down and chill out. I felt myself stand up, step over my friends feet and stand in front of the table, confused. I could feel myself moving yet all I kept seeing were these trippy visuals, floating above the peeling layers. I felt like I was moving my hands around trying to touch the layers. I could feel them, but I couldn't see my hands.

The one thing I really didn't like about salvia was the fact that it was so uncontrolled and powerful to a point where I literally thought everything I felt was real. The body buzz/comedown was also less than pleasant. Finally after a few minutes, which seemed like so much longer, I began to come down. When I came down, I tried explaining to my friends as clearly as I could, which has taken days to get into words, my experience. The whole time I was coming down I just didn't feel right, right being the only way to really put it. I felt like I was stuck to my chair. I didn't want to move and I couldn't find a comfortable position to relax in. We were waiting around for one of our regular friends to stop by and the last thing I wanted to do was answer the phone or get up to get the door. We all felt so burned out and just wanted to relax. The whole time I kept dwelling on the experience. It felt so real and I was so unsure what I should even consider real. I walked outside to smoke a cigar, hoping to catch some fresh air and just ease the mental tension I was undergoing.

Eventually our friend J showed up. My body buzz had finally gone away and all I could do was dwell on my experience. J and I decided to walk to a local convenience store so I could pick up more cigars. Neither the cigars, the fresh air, nor J listening to my trip story helped this completely lost feeling I had. In the bluntest of terms, Salvia is 100% the biggest mindfuck I could have ever imagined. A day has yet to go by where I don't think about the trip I had. As out of control and almost scary the trip was, I'm still planning on trying it again. Hopefully this way I can at least have some idea of what I'm going to experience and it wont be as wild and unenjoyable as it was the first time.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56138
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 4, 2009Views: 4,569
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