My Favorite Band with Enhancement
Citation:   dilated_pupils. "My Favorite Band with Enhancement: An Experience with 2C-I (exp56281)". May 2, 2007.

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16 mg oral 2C-I
This year at Warped Tour there were a few bands I liked, not many (like usual) but a few. My favorite band, Thursday, to see them sober would have been amazing, but watching them on 2c-i was incredible.

The day began when we woke up at around 8am, grabbed some breakfast, and started driving from the Philly suburbs to Camden, NJ for Warped Tour. I was driving there and back (car packed with a bunch of my friends) and I knew that 2c-i was my best bet since it was short acting, and MDMA would have been fun, but the weather was in the 100's, with high humidity, so obviously MDMA would have been a poor choice.

At around 11:30 I dose around 16mg of 2c-i, as 20mg is a fun dose for me, but would have been way too much stimulation. We grab $4 waters/powerades and start heading around listening to bands. It's around 1pm by now and we're sitting inside relaxing away from the hot sun listening to some bands and I start feeling my eyes dilate like I always do, and that feeling you have smoking a cig when tripping. My first test is spitting, which, whenever I do while tripping, I see the tracer fly right with the spit, almost looking like it splashes with the spit when it hits the ground. I start looking around and notice the vivid green coloring of everything I always see when I do 2c-i, all the rows of chairs are so incredible looking for some reason, I'm very interested in my vision enhancement as well. I feel as if I can see better then 20/20 vision, and it's a great time to start tripping.

At this point I'm sitting in the middle of all my friends, and I get this out of place feeling, like I don't belong, and everyone kind of zones out from me and I feel as if everyone is talking behind my back, but I quickly relinquish these feelings and go back to looking at my surroundings. I notice the rafters are swaying a bit from the wind, and I quickly realize how lucky we are to have a breeze since it was so damn hot out.

I take off my shirt and end up keeping it off all day (bad idea, some sun burn, but I'll live). We walk inside to get some food, and I have a lot of trouble deciding if I want to eat, and what I want to eat if I'm even hungry. We wait in line for what seems like 20 minutes, and then once at the front, it seems to take even longer to be served. I end up getting a slice of domino's pizza for $3.50 (what a bargin!) and a iced tea for $4.00. Money is no object today, I ended up spending around $50 on drinks, but it was worth it to keep myself from passing out.

We finish our food while walking and start heading to see some bands outside playing. We get in line to meet the band Thursday, having nothing to get signed, only wanting a picture. So a friend of mine goes up on the side of the long line and snaps a few pictures of the band and we get out of the line. We're now just standing around, waiting for the next band to play, I would love to tell you what bands were listened to while waiting, but I honestly would have to call someone up and ask them. But 3:00 finally rolls around and it's time to go watch Thursday play (basically the whole reason we went to Warped Tour).

We're really close to the stage, probably 5 feet away from fence seperating the crowd from the stage, and about 10 feet away from the stage itself. It's a half hour until the band comes on, but we're willing to wait. The crowd quickly builds, and a group of people next to us are hitting a bowl, I have a strong urge to ask them for a few hits, since I didn't bring any bud with me, but end up resisting, because well, I know I'd want more then one or two hits.

After a few minutes, bottles (all plastic, no glass allowed inside, I now know why) are being thrown everywhere. Everyone is being hit with plastic bottles, literally every couple seconds BAMB hit in the head with a bottle. They gave out free condoms when you walked in, and of course everyone is messing around with those too. But the damn bottles are the worry of the moment, and for the next half hour we are getting hit in the head repeatidly. One of the girls who was with us, got hit so hard she got a huge welt and bump on her head, it was from a huge ass suvenior bottle that was in the shape of a guitar, a bit over a foot long, and really thick, those mofo's hurt when they hit you in the head.

FINALLY the band comes out, and the second the music starts everyone rushes the stage.


What seems like thousands and thousands of people all huddle closely together, I have no shirt on, and I have people just all over me. Mash pitts start on either side of me, and I decide to join in a bit, but quickly realize I can barley move because I'm surrounded by people thinking it's cool to run around and punch people in the face and such.

The pitts quickly subside a bit, and everyone decides to rush the stage again, and once the people in the front hit the fence, they push off, and theres basically a huge rebound effect, and you're squished between tons of people. Somehow I manage to stay near everyone, almost losing them several times. My friends girlfriend is very tiny, and she falls several times, almost (in my mind) losing her life, because if she was trampled on, no one would have noticed sadly.

After the 3rd song, I'm just not even supporting my body anymore, I'm feeling like I'm going to pass out, my hands are extremely white and wrinkled from all the sweat/drinks all over me. My hair is covered in probably 5 different drinks and what seems like hundreds of peoples sweat, but I don't really care. I literally let my body fall into the hands of the surrounding people, and they are the only thing holding me up. One of my friends notices I'm not looking too good and decides it times we head towards the back and grab some drinks. I start to loose him and his girlfriend but his girlfriend quickly grabs my shirt and basically drags me along with them. It's amazing how fast people let you out when theres a hot chick who needs to get out.

We leave the rest of our group since we have been seperated from them, I feel horrible at first thinking that something bad might have happened to them. I buy a drink and dunk my head into a huge bucket of ice water, everything goes kind of black for a second and I could have sworn I was going to black out, but I quickly shake it off and light up a cig.

I'm sitting down now, still listening to Thursday, I mean I did come mainly to see them, so there was no way I was going to ditch out on watching the rest of the show (even though I felt horrible).

The show was amazing, and the music sounded great. Thursday is one of those bands that sounds great live, basically exactly the same as they do on cd. The show ends and we are trying to figure out where everyone else is. After calling them all several times we decide to go inside and cool off (air conditioning in the one area) and look for them in there. Avenged Sevenfold is playing in the indoor area (the back is open though, like I said earlier the wind just blows right in and it feels great) and we decide if we can't find them soon we're going to sit down and watch the show, since it's pointless to try and look through thousands of people. Low and behold they're all sitting together watching and we regroup and all sit down and talk about the amazing show we just watched. Everyone grabs drinks and we sit down for what seems like an hour, and I'm definitely not feeling too trippy anymore, but I know I had a great time, and this experience will be very hard to match.

We spend the rest of the day relaxing when we can, walking around listeing to some new bands as well as some others we liked. At around 7pm we head home and amazingly we get home very fast. The day had went fast itself, and it was an amazing time, I had hung out with a lot of my old best friends I hadn't seen in a while, watching my favorite band play while on 2c-i 'my visual enhancer', and had survived what seemed to be the impossible - the killer/humid heat. We spent the rest of the night swimming at one of my friends houses, and getting wasted while playing cards. It was an amazing night, no hangovers, easy sleep (probably from the alcohol), and a time I will look back on for a while and not forget.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 2, 2007Views: 5,809
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2C-I (172) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), General (1)

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