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Breathing With Happy Endings
Clonazepam & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   Diabete. "Breathing With Happy Endings: An Experience with Clonazepam & Nitrous Oxide (exp56282)". Sep 17, 2018.

1 hit inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  1 mg insufflated Pharms - Clonazepam (ground / crushed)
  1 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (ground / crushed)
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  1 hit inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  1 hit inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
This small venture began when I received a phone call from a good friend of mine, who I will refer to as 'Joe.' I haven't seen Joe in awhile except for a few times recently and was hoping to hang out with him more often since he has gotten his life back on track. That being said, the phone call was received at around 8:00 PM.

I wasn't doing anything really interesting or worthwhile at the time and he asked me if I would like to come over and try some nitrous. I had done 'whippits' before using the whipped cream can method with minimal success, which I conveyed to Joe. He assured me that this was nothing like that, so I thought, what the hell, I'll give it a huff.

I arrived at his abode somewhere around 8:45 PM, excited to feel this new sensation. After exchanging the normal pleasant small talk, he loaded a canister and took a hit himself to demonstrate the effects. Everything seemed quite kosher so I decided to take one and shoot for the stars. I exhaled all I could and then sucked in quite as much as I could stand, (the sensation is much like inhaling helium straight from the tank.) and proceeded to hold my breath as long as possible. The feeling began to creep up on my skin at first while my breath was still in my lungs. But, as I exhaled, then it all came down in a quick rushing sensation. It was an incredible couple of minutes. It was like being as absolutely stoned as one can imagine, but with none of the paranoia. Wonderful vibrations all around. The room seemed to breathe in a very strobe like way, and it all kind of faded back into focus like a gradual slow motion replay accellerating back to a normal speed. Very strange audio hallucinations and incredible electrical energy throughout the body. I was very serene afterwards.

Later on, Joe tells me he has a few spare Klonopin available. Me, being the huge benzo fan that I am, accepted with much gratitude. Each pill was a .5 mg, so I did four. Two ground up into my lip, and two insuffulated. After a cigarette and some chatting, we decide to do the last two canisters. This time around, it was much calmer and at the same time, much more fucked up. Stronger body feelings with an almost sense of weightlessness, but no loss of reality. (something very important to consider when it comes to a drug or drug combinations)

Later that night, I felt extremely relaxed and had no real problems with anyone or anything. It was like a slight euphoria and just general appreciation for life.

Best wishes, Diabete.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56282
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 17, 2018Views: 2,749
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Pharms - Clonazepam (125), Nitrous Oxide (40) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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