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Smoking Ice in the Middle Kingdom
Methamphetamine, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Ketamine
Citation:   Blacklisted. "Smoking Ice in the Middle Kingdom: An Experience with Methamphetamine, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Ketamine (exp56520)". Jul 21, 2009.

  smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  0.5 tablets oral MDMA (blotter / tab)
  1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
This is primarily a report on ice, or 'bing' as it in called in Mandarin. It's a popular drug in China, from my understanding, one of the most popular in the youth/rave scene. Despite using various substances over the past 10 years or so, this was my first experience with Ice. I was not overly keen to try it, as I tend to mainly enjoy a monthly or two-monthly dose of MDMA and don't feel I need any other drugs, having been down the psychodelics path over many years and becoming well and truly over them.

So I had met a couple of girls just off the street who I quickly became friends with and hung out with for a few nights. We chatted about drugs as I was trying to find a supplier of E. They said they were over E and really liked this new shit, which I later discovered to be Ice. One night I got a call from one of the girls to come and join her at a friend's house. She said she was alone and wanted some company. I had an idea of what she was up to, but being new to the scene, was unsure as to what to expect.

When I arrived at her friend's place, she appeared to be acting quite normal. Friendly and bubbly as she usually was. On the table in the small, one-bedroom apartment was a kind of home-made bong, with some variations. The lid was attached to the plastic bottle which was half full of water. Through the lid were two straws. One short one that dipped into the water, came up through the lid and bent until the opening faced almost to the floor. This was the straw that vacuumed up the smoke. The other straw was about two feet long, and was used to inhale the smoke. Also on the table were a bunch of strips of aluminium foil, about a foot long and shaped into an elongated 'v'. There was a solid substance which had been melted along the base of the v. This was the ice.

I later watched the preparation of the ice, which started out as white or yellow crystals which were sprinkled down the length of the v and melted gently with a lighter to melting, but not to the point where they started to smoke. From that point, the preparation was done, and then the ice was melted further under the straw so that the smoke could then be filtered through the bong. These people would smoke from morning to night, similar to the way some people smoke weed.

On the first smoke, the taste is a little like plastic. It took me a few puffs before lying back on the bed and feeling the effects. Heart rate increases slightly, although there is a general feeling of mellowness and well-being. It's a very mild effect, unlike the rush of an E when I peak, or even LSD on the peak. Just a slow and gradual sensation, I guess a little bit like speed. I was sweating profusely, and my companion said this was a good thing and refused to turn on the air-conditioner (it was actually in the middle of summer and about 30-35 degrees celcius). Although I was loving being around such a hot girl, who was wearing only a T-shirt and g-string, I thought the effects of the Ice were pretty crap. I remember thinking, what a waste of fucking time.

Moving on through the night, sleep was completely out of the question as other posters are correct, I was in for the long haul of about 20 hours. I also couldn't eat a bite. Later in the night we both wanted to fuck, and the drug does seem to make me very keen for sex. Problem was, the drug also makes me impotent. We tried for about 3 hours to get it together, but my dick was having none of it. Another point lost in my opinion right there.

The next day two more girls arrived who were obviously hard-core ice freaks and seemingly quite big dealers. It was a stupid risk I was taking even being there in the first place as I believe the house was full of the stuff. They smoked for several hours when they came home at night and first thing in the morning were back on the pipe. My friend joined them for more, but I was already over it and rejected the offers. They claimed I didn't like it because it was my first time or some such crap, but basically, I thought that the amount I need to smoke, and on a continual basis, plus the impotency, no sleep and inability to eat, made the whole thing seem like a joke to me. I couldn't see why anyone would get addicted to such a crap drug.

Moving on through the next day, the effects were still on me, as mild as they were. It's hard to tell if I am high or not on Ice at some points in time, although I inevitably am. I started wanting something more and asked about Es. The three girls smoked for the entire day until a guy arrived with his own ice and joined in the gang of sketchers. His friend dropped off some E later in the evening. I popped one of those immediately, wanting to be high with the gang, but not on Ice. He also drew my friend and I a couple of lines of K, another drug I had never tried. It's called 'King' in China among locals. We each snorted a line and my friend snuggled up into a ball and told me not to disturb her while she tripped.

The E kicked in like a stallion, and the K must have helped it along, because I was feeling unbelievably fantastic, literally dancing around the room on my own. It was one of the rare times where everything just works together and the euphoria just won't back down. The next two or three hours of the two day binge were the best part. Sex was completely forgotten about, which is regretful, although now I'm starting to mingle my drugs with Cialis and Viagra to avoid the impotence effects some drugs provide.

That was two months ago now, and I have not touched Ice again and never will. It's not that I'm scared of becoming addicted as so many over in China seem to be, but more to the point that it is simply not my thing. A couple of weeks ago I did repeat the E and K experience in a club and yes, it was fun again. I also dropped a V, but I don't think it stood a chance. I think I will limit the K intake though, as some of the info online mentions it being a pretty fucked up drug. Perhaps I will return to the occasional E and leave it at that. It's a hard one to beat in my opinion.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56520
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2009Views: 38,327
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