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Preperation for a Scare
Citation:   Steve Smith. "Preperation for a Scare: An Experience with DMT (exp56557)". Apr 20, 2021.

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
      Cannabis (plant material)
  2 hits smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
Alright here we go for my first report. Stumbled across DMT in a different report and caught my interest. Enjoy science personally and the challenge of the research and performing the procedure.

So ordered some Mimosa hostiles (MH) on ebay for that matter. 30 mg. Had a previous order that was attempted for preparation and unsatisfied with result of the preparation performed.

So over at my friend P's place for the day long procedure. Used 2 preparation instructions in tandem. The studentís lab write-up, very nice, clear well done, only to many days. The elf write up was used for the 12 hour procedure.

So a quarter of grass and a 12 pack were to accompany us for the 12 hours of work ahead. Can't make drugs righteously without being on drugs come-on.

So had made the necessary stops at hardware stores and science and surplus.

Muric acid (hcl 31%)
Red devil lye
Naphtha, found it straight in a medium size can.
Electronic ph meter, 34$, ouch
500ml separator funnel 20$, end of breaking it too.
Stack of coffee filters,
Bunch of jars
Couple t-shirts
Non aluminum pots and pans,

Went with the electronic ph tester because didnít like screwing around with the strips. Happy the tester was bought, reusable to.

That should do er, and we are off.

1. Blended the MH into a powered.
2. Added muric acid to water until ph of 3 reached, tested frequently with snazzy ph tester.
3. Added 5 times amount ph 3 liquid to powdered into steel pot.
4. Boiled down to reasonable amount,
5. Ran everything through t shirt filter and set liquid aside.
6. Added more water and repeated for total of three times. Each time the boil down and filter performed the liquid coming out became much clearer.
7. After the last boil down the solid was thrown out.
8. The three liquids pulled out were then filtered through t-shirt, then coffee filter till satisfied.
9. The 3 liquids then combined and boiled down to reasonable amount.

Let me add that at around this point my friend P had the jar with the 3 combine slip and knock over into the sink losing ĺ of the liquid. Yes, definitely pissed, but it was a accident and what can you do now. And really just wanted to test drive and see if even like the results of all this work.

10. Liquids then transferred to a jar, a ľ the volume of naphtha added. And shaken.
11. Jar then dumped into separator funnel, let settle, and pulled red bottom layer. Saved top layer in side jar.
12. Repeated 2 more times with naphtha. Each time the naphtha pulled off and set aside, keeping the red bottom.

13. A solution of water and lye were created for a ph of 12.

14. Naphtha warmed in glass jar in pot of boiling water.

Now an error in following the instructions was made, so I canít blame P as I am not perfect either.

What occurred and what should have occurred differed here.
15. What occurred was the basified ph 12 solution was added to the red liquid until a ph of 12 was achieved. Then warmed naphtha was added, again ľ the volume.

What should have happened is the naphtha should have been added first then basified water added.

Mistake was realized. To late now. These things will happen on the first attempt. And drunk and high also had an influence no doubt. Donít believe this had effect on final product. Could be wrong.

16. Now the teks make strong reference not to shake at this point as a ridicules emulsion will form. So stirring was where it was at. And definitely successful.
17. Into the separate funnel, pulling out the clear top liquid and setting aside.
18. Add more nap that and repeated 2 more times.
19. Discarding the red liquid after the final separate.
20. Putting the combined clear liquids into the separator funnel and removing the emulsion. Filtering emulsion and adding salt help the breakdown. Recommend t-shirt only for emulsion filter.
21. Final clear liquids combined. Remaining emulsion discarded.
22. Put crystal clear liquids on plates in front of fan to dry overnight.
23. Woke up to 2 plates full of dime size circles of powdered.
24. Scraped up and your done.

Pretty happy. Key items for success were the electronic ph tester, good call. The separator funnels good call. Got knocked over and broke. Still useable but a new one is inevitable.

So now to test drive as we like to say.
Little personal background. 23, 180, male. Done DXM 30-40 times rather enjoy it, pot for a couple years, NOS, salvia, shrooms at low doses twice. So no really solid shroom experience or acid experience, nor xstacy. By choice, kind of cautious on my drug selections. Not a hard head by any means but I like a solid, kick your butt experience. Not about the seeking inner consoious or mediating, weíre here for thrill seeking. Say what you want but thatís the motivation.

So onto some foil the small pile goes. About the size of 3 match heads. Should have been way more but ĺ got dumped over, grr.

By the way, 2 more people came on over, Pís friends, J and G.

So Pís laying in his bed, decides to take a pass after seeing all that went into this.
I on the other hand canít wait to see what 12 hours of work rewards.

Not into any screwing around, get right down to it.

T0:00 Free based style the stuff. Took two good lung fulls. Definelty has the plastic burinig smell described. Then there was no doubt it worked. Did the second inhale and put everything down.

T-1min Well kids, woah, the being shot out of a cannon feeling you may have read else where is sure no joke.
The rush feeling like after a long heartpounding run instantly goes over me. Visually everything obtains green and red overtone colors, similar to the cheap 3d glasses with the red and blue make everything, or the way the cheap 3d pictures look on paper without the glasses. Everything is normal but has a additional image of red or green color ontop.
Now I got definetly freaked the heck out. Usually a very stable person when it comes to drugs. Not a freak out or wig out person. This on the other hand definetly freaked me.

I was seated on the couch while taking the hits and had layed down, grabbed the nearest blanket, covered my self up curreled into the corner of the coach and was in that state of intense terror and parinoia for about 30 seconds. I believe my words were, holy sh_t this stuff is no joke. The relative strangers J and G onlooked.

Shortly after the brief terror session I looked up at the ceiling and saw what to me was the appearance of gas or oil on water, that rainbow flowing over the entire ceiling. This lasted for another 30 seconds.
Then I stood up, which I believe shorted the experience, ran around the corner and perred around back at the coach I just got up from and perred at it in a paranoia terror state.

Over came the paronia and terror in another 30 seconds.

Total experience lasted maybe 2 minutes and felt completely normal in 5min.

So I was good on doing dmt for a little while. Very looking forward to having a different friend sample and get his opion and see if this is to occur again.

That is all

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56557
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 20, 2021Views: 1,528
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