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Fuck Knows How Long Til I Feel Normal Again
by concept collision
Citation:   concept collision. "Fuck Knows How Long Til I Feel Normal Again: An Experience with DXM (exp5659)". Jan 18, 2002.

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 250 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)


*This was orginally posted to the usenet newsgroup alt.drugs.psychedelics*

You may have noticed my post titled 'DXM Virgin' where my mate wanted to take DXM to go to a concert. I managed to dissuade him and we took E instead. I took 2.5 tabs, 1.5 more than I normally would, simply cos he was (yeah I am too easily persuaded).

So anyway he came over on Saturday night and we got some wine and smoked some weed. The next day I woke up feeling a little the worse for wear, but not too bad. My friend came down again and we smoked another 3 or 4 joints before he had the idea to take some dex. I didn't think this was a good idea as it was Sunday evening and I had work the next day, and from what I had read on the FAQ this wasn't your typical drug. BTW I have never taken it before.

But stupidly I was talked into taking some. I had some in powdered form, so measuring it was pretty hard. All we did was measure what looked like a quarter of a gram (250mg) put it in a skin and swallow it. This was at 5:30pm on Sunday.

After about an hour nothing much was happening so (fucking idiots) we decided to repeat this again. About an hour later I started to feel really strange and felt as though I was sinking into the couch. I didn't feel like talking much and for a while I didn't notice any major effects. My mate was well tripping and was talking about his mind being ahead of his body and stuff, so I guessed it had hit him.

Anyhow we sat for quite a while and then he had to go home (I think at about 9:00pm). This was when the DEX hit me hard. I couldn't walk properly and when I stood up I felt it took ages and I stood up in stages rather than in one fluid movement. I felt I had grown bigger in proportion to the room and that everything had a cartoon like sheen to it. I stumbled into my room and onto my bed. I lay there for ages just thinking. That's the only way I can put it. Thinking about how fucked up I was and how I shouldn't have been persuaded into taking it and about various other things. Time started to go really slow for me. I thought I had been lying on my bed for hours when my girlfriend came into the room and it had only been around 30mins.

The next few hours were like a blur. All I remember were patterns of green and red and alien like visions. Sound was very distorted and I remember being very confused. I saw visions of myself as a young child and visions of me lying in bed when I was younger and having tough times and somehow being comforted by it.

These hours felt like days. I managed to stumble up to feed my cat but my movements were like clockwork. I moved like a clockwork zombie. My brain was telling my limbs to move but they were far behind my thoughts. I remember looking up to see my hand reach out to grab the catmeat and it looked alien somehow. The fact that I could move at all without help or without hurting myself was good I thought, I can't be that fucked up..I let the cat out and felt as though I was seeing reality through a green treacle. Everything was moving in slow mo even sound and it was very strange indeed.

I went to bed and lay there for what seemed like days but it could only have been hours. I didn't want to close my eyes cos this only brought even more intense closed eye visuals which I can only describe as an interlocking lattice of microchips, motherboards and living matter (green and black, looking like something HR Giger would create). At 12:00am my girlfriend joined me and I fell asleep. I cant believe I managed to do this. It was so intense.

The next morning (Monday) I woke up and felt very much still under the influence. My movements were better and easier and my head clearer but there was definitely a fuzziness surrounding me. I wasn't back to reality by any manner of means. I phoned in sick to my work (I definitely had to, everything was still very fucked up) and stumbled back onto my bed to feel sorry for myself and to worry how long this was to last. Again I just lay there and thought about things, about my life and about the fact that I had trouble in the past after taking LSD and stuff and just pondered and pondered...

I 'woke up' (I didn't really sleep) around 2:30 and stumbled in to phone my mate. He was off work too and when I phoned his house he was still fucked up, but like me, getting better. Better is the right word, I felt sicker than I have ever felt before. It was comforting to know he was fucked up too and that we were recovering somewhat at a similar rate. He laughed and told me he felt strange and could I imagine what this must've done to our minds to leave us in such a state.

I said I would phone him later and went back to bed. My communication faculties were getting back to normal, I noticed this during our conversation, so I felt better and felt I was making a recovery. I went to bed and slept for a thousand years. I woke up at 6:00pm and phoned him again, the two of us felt much the same as before still sluggish with a change in visuals and a grogginess. I told him I was scared that this would
now be normal and that I had suffered brain damage.

He laughed and said I was to phone him at 10:00pm and if we didn't feel better we would see each other at hospital. I laughed and scolded myself for being so melodramatic. But a voice at the back of my head still thought the worse. Went up to my brothers house to pick up mail and saw my g/f's mum at her house. Managed to act fairly normal. Offered Chinese takeaway at g/f's mum's. No appetite at all. Haven't eaten since Sunday evening before ingesting the dex. hmm.

Phoned mate at 10:00pm and the two of us were a tiny bit better so we left it at that. He said he was going to bed and I bid him a good night. I went in to watch some TV with my girlfriend and felt a little more positive. I even made (lol) plans to go into my work the next morning.

So, to this morning (Tuesday). I woke up and still felt out of sorts - fuck! I phoned in sick to my work and managed to sound reasonably coherent so I think I am getting better still. Still, there is a buzzing and a perceptual change so everything isn't a-ok just yet. Still a little scared. What have I done to my grey matter? Tell my girlfriend this. Get some breakfast (hunger returning - good sign again!) and go in for a shower. I feel pretty strange still. This is now two days later.

Fucking hell. I manage to go to the bank to pay some bills (I walked btw it is 100 meters or so) and found communicating a hassle. Manage to sort it out. Everything looks too bright, too lucid. Am I coming back to reality? Went to paper shop and didn't want to talk to the shopkeeper. Manage to mumble a conversation but find it scary how hard it is so piece my words together. This was about 3 hours ago.

I thought I better scan all the posts on alt.drugs.psychedelics and find 600 odds waiting. I'm glad I can read them and look for any on DXM for any help on how I am feeling. See one from a poster where he is tripping for a few days but notice this is from a slow release syrup whereas I have taken DXM Hbr powder. Shitcakes.

I am feeling better even as I write this but I haven't been outside for a while and had to communicate with anyone except for my g/f. So we shall see. But my intention of writing all this was to get some advice on a few things. Firstly what plateau do you think I reached. I really cant work it out. I am approx. 170plbs and I think I took about 500mg ( a very rough guess-timate).

Also how long before I return to normal? How common is it for a DXM trip to last this long?

I can feel myself getting better but you just never know. Any side effects I should look out for short/long term?

Thanks for reading, this is more like a trip report now, but I was scared. Still am. But the fact I wrote all this is a good sign right? I think it is written reasonably intelligently without all the spelling mistakes I normally see by DMXers. I'm sure I will be flamed a bit for being such a lamer, and you know what, I deserve it. This is the most intense drug ever. This fucked my mind and then ate it. Fuck knows how long it will be before I feel like a normal person again. I was scared especially because of the proximity of taking E and then the dex. Something I've read about this being a really bad idea. Any other thought/comments much appreciated.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5659
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 18, 2002Views: 126,008
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