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Drunk as Shit Throwing Molotov Cocktails
Alcohol - Hard
Citation:   Lucifer Sam. "Drunk as Shit Throwing Molotov Cocktails: An Experience with Alcohol - Hard (exp56601)". Sep 20, 2018.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
So. High School had just started again and me and a good friend were feeling very bored with school and just life in general. At the time I also didn't have many dealer friends and therefore no drugs (which I always prefer over alcohol - no hangover, no bad taste, and as long as I got the right kinds no addiction.. But thats really another story.) So anyways, it was decided that my friend was going to come over, and along with him four beers and a half finished bottle of brandy. I then provided various amounts of vodka, whiskey and tequila (sorry I can't be more specific - I never bothered to measure it out)

Pretty soon the weekend was there. We were going to sleep outside in a 9x9 tent so as not to disturb my parents who were home. So we drank. And drank a little more. And then we even drank some more. My friend didn't drink nearly as much as me because I was the one who kept all the bottles, so he had to ask for some while I just drank it whenever I felt like it. Initially I didn't feel that different, but pretty soon I was giggling a lot more than I usually do. I was also finding it hard to stand still, although not because I was dizzy or anything, just because for whatever reason I kept moving. I found that if I wasn't constantly holding on to an object for support I would start stumbling around trying to stand up straight. I also remember wondering what was so funny, even though I was the one laughing. My friend says that I kept repeating ' I don gettit... Wash so funny?' and then would proceed to laugh

We just kinda did that for a while when we decided to throw some molotov cocktails on the side of the road. My friend says he threw 4, I only remember one. By the time we were in the front yard I had pretty much lost it, and by now I was spending a great deal of time rolling around on the ground trying to get up. I grabbed a pine tree that wasn't fully grown and flipped over it trying to hold on to it. While I was on the ground I was shouting that I could still think straight, and I pointed to tthe stars and said 'see, thoser the shtars, and 2 plus 2 ish 4'. I think this is when he was throwing the molotovs, but I honestly dont remember. He tryed getting me to pour some chemicals together because he wanted to see if he could make a bomb but I was pouring the stuff pretty much every where besides the cup.

The rest of the night I dont have any recollection of, although my friend described it in great detail. He said I was carrying a bottle and kept saying how it tasted like shit, but would then go and take huge drinks from it. We went back to the back yard and got on the trampoline, and I couldnt stand up if I tried. My friend left me there for like 20 minutes, mumbling to myself, and when he came back I kept repeating 'dude, you gotta get me the fuck off this shit' and he said 'do you even know what you are on?' and I said 'yeah, this shit. Now get me the fuck off it' and it went on like this, me stumbling around saying stupid things until he decided it was time to go to sleep. By this point I had thrown up once. He said that it was only with great effort that he was able to get me into the tent, but once I was in I passed out right in the middle. He looks over and sees me hugging the last bottle while asleep. Ten minutes later I threw up in the corner of the tent and fell asleep partially in my puke.

The next day I wake up and feel like shit, every time I move I feel like I am about to puke. I have puke caked all up my nose and on my face, and I cant smell anything besides the puke. My head hurts. I keep telling him I feel like I'm gonna throw up but he doesnt beleive me. As we are packing up the tent I threw up again. For the third time. I stay in bed the rest of the day and I have not had a drop of alcohol since. Alcohol is really not worth it, and any time I even smell vodka anymore I almost puke. Of course, this was the first time I had ever gotten really drunk drunk, so that might explain why I was so out of it, but I have learned that the strong stuff is just that. Really freaking strong. It also prewtty much always tastes like shit, which is why I sometimes wonder why alcohol is so freaking popular. But anyways, that was my first experiance with lots and lots of hard alcohol, and I must say that from now on I'm sticking with my weed, acid and ecstasy.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56601
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 20, 2018Views: 1,652
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