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Preconceptions of the Universe Unfold
Citation:   Baker. "Preconceptions of the Universe Unfold: An Experience with 2C-I (exp56605)". Oct 15, 2006.

18 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
It was about 9:30 when I decided to introduce someone into the wonderful world of hallucinogens with my own desire to attempt to increase my connectivity and understanding of this man. My mind state was relatively calm and I was prepared for whatever the 2c-I was willing to offer me, though not particularly looking for anything in specific, but a little colourful connection and intensity that often accompanies a 2c-xx experience.

We each swallowed 12mg and waited as its effects slowly began to build up during the next hour or so. Enjoying the luxuries of a romantic indulgence, embraced in each others arms on my bed I began to feel a mild stimulation initiate itself. I decided we’d push the experience into something more profound and pulled out 12 more mg to half and insufflate approximately 6mg each, 3mg up each nostril, to avoid the excessive burn that is often associated with snorting this substance. We lay there together as the irritation began to build-up within the lining of my nose. It’s not so much an intense burning like that associated with most drugs, it’s more just a really irritating pain that pulls at my desires to blow it all out and get rid of it. It is quite difficult to meditate out, or to ignore for that matter, it has a hold that can pull one to appreciate it as the only thing that matters in that moment.

Within about half an hour the first 12mg had made itself evident along with the 5mg we’d just combined, as the grains in the wooden bookshelf next to me began to run in a pristine precise kind of way. 2c-I’s visuals seem very direct and precise when comparing them to other hallucinogens, 2c-I tends to take on an exact form, I either see things or I don’t, the wood is either moving in one direction or it’s not. Differing from 2c-b which seems to take on a more abstract edge, where parallel lines seem to shift in different directions and colours and 2c-t-7 where there is a whirlwind holographic effect that takes hold on everything that is viewed. 2c-I visuals, though hard to discern from other 2c’s without understanding that it may be purely subjective to my experience take on a plastic like appeal, things seem to take on a superficial shiny plastic colour, the sensation is similar to that of 2c-t-7. Though doesn’t have the same direct warmth as 2c-b and instead has a more philosophical approach to viewing things. My vision doesn’t simply confuse, I see evident rainbows race past as tracers when I move my hand, or I’ll see the shadow of my hand repeating itself with blue shadows, like when I move my mouse curser really fast and see the arrow presented several times (as you know them… tracers).

2c-I is quite different to LSD in the sense, it doesn’t have that same depth to it’s visuals as LSD, the visuals are purely superficial and seem to represent patterns purely by coincidence as opposed to relating to a direct train of thought, when I see fractal or geometric patterns on LSD, they usually relate to the patterns represented in my thoughts, such as evolution, of the universe, evolution of my ideas, and the language with which surrounds them. No 2c-I has a much easier edge in that regard that, the visuals seem real (or plastic enhancements, on the objects I see) as opposed to lush associative thinking.

Now onto the mindstate, the experience felt subjectively like my experience with mescaline, in the sense that it had a warm stimulant like effect and the mindstate was relatively soothing, although quite erratic and lacking complete lucidity. It seemed very wavy, and it was difficult to grasp a single concept and explain it directly like my mind would quite easily do on LSD. It was like the visuals although matched somewhat with a mild psychadelia, lacked that deep edge that justified the immense magnitude of flying rainbow tracers, and streaming lines of colour that presented itself to me. 2c-I didn’t feel visionary at all like a good dose of LSD, and even less so, was it close to the sheer randomness of the visionary state of mushrooms. Things still seemed quite logical, no increased logos, it was like a superficial wonderland of visuals without the full visionary psychadelia attached, as many come to recognise, a trait of the phenethylamine family.

So now that we’ve digested the visuals I will try to encompass the experience in general, A relative speediness was felt, like that of a strong coffee, more similar to 2c-t-7 then 2c-b in relation to it’s body stimulation. The feelings were felt, though my chakra energies didn’t seem to make themselves as prominent as they would be on a 30mg dose of 2c-t-7. I seemed to be wrapped in a blanket that isn’t evident on 2c-I, a mild loss of ego, comforted by the joy of 2c-I and the intense association I was pulling from being with my partner.

We explored each other as I felt the ripples of electricity jump from my hands into his body, I felt the static increase as hands were massaged into my body, I could feel an intense attachment to the pheromones present in my mouth, and I could feel a chemical communication occurring through the sweat protruding from our skin. I rested my head on his chest as I indulged in the rhythms of his lifestyle, I sounded as though I could hear his city lifestyles crying through his mildly stressed heart. I could feel the joys of his sweet existence and I could hear the heartache of the pain attached that makes those joys worth experiencing. It felt like I could hear an apartment, with noisy cars driving past through his chakras (an apartment I had not yet visited). An intense existence of partying sedation, depression, confusion and solution among his friends. I could not describe these thoughts in terms of there existence, just in terms of the emotions I felt emanating from various points on his body. (I was not strictly aware of where these signals were being sent from, all I was aware of, was that I was experiencing them.) This is where I mention again, the empathogenic yet superficial basis of 2c’s or phenethylamines, they don’t tend to open up one to experiencing intense spiritual ideations, but they do allow one to connect with the inner energies of ones self and those of others. More like an insight into the way things are, based around the understandings you’ve already developed, rather then an intense tunnelling into the depths of my own instinctual subconscious or understanding of patterns and the universe.

My conscious senses seem slightly confused, like one would feel on cannabis, the sensation is slightly dissociating in the sense, you see things from different perspectives, but not in the sense of what I believe to be “true psychadelics” in the way I don’t truly realise anything profound. Just an intense connection with ones inner psyche and with those around me. An ecstasy like fear dissolution to allow one to open their inner counsellor and inspire ego softening to understand those around on a deeper more connected basis.

It was quite difficult to form coherent sentences during the peak of the experience, so any messages that needed to be conveyed were performed using the minimal amount of words possible and again, unlike LSD there is nothing that can be intensely conveyed, only superficial descriptions of things.

I do have an increased emotional communication, but in relation to speaking in tongues, one doesn’t have that same intense connection, where it really feels like I can communicate telepathically, eg secreting pheromones, showing my emotions through body language and other instinctual understandings, and talking in volume of voice and lyrics as opposed to just purely language. I have the ability to understand myself and the person next to you, but it just doesn’t seem to push to the next level where I have that extra edge to actually understand the “true” methods of communicating. To use an example, on LSD or mushrooms, I might feel an intense connection with an animal I’ve just seen… I’m able to stare it directly in the eyes and communicate with it as though it understands me, and as though I understand it. I am able to send it messages and am able to receive messages in return. 2c-I doesn’t seem as “instinctual” in that regard, and so, although I might feel I can understand what the animal has to say, I do not believe I can effectively convey the level of communication with it that I desire, my instinctual subconscious simply just hasn’t opened up.

If LSD and DMT connects one with ones instinctual ego (e.g. understanding the hard wiring of the universe, or in essence living in the moment as it occurs, living as the universe in the subconscious of the mind… which I understand to be synonymous with the universe that exists on the exterior as well. It’s just that an experience of existing as the universe is open to so much interpretation that various experiences are broken down into different language IMO anyway) Rather then what happens beyond that moment, 2c-I appears to just give a connection to the pre-developed ego, the ego that has all preconceived knowledge prior to the experience.

So once the experience began to die down a little and everything beyond the intimacy of the bed was no longer a jungle of visuals that I had to swim through, we were both able to head outside and really appreciate the colour of the sweet night air. Living in the country at the moment, allows me to experience some of the most beautiful night skies, where all stars can be seen sparkling and even more so under the influence. Walking around the neighbourhood, I got another little taste of the superficial nature of things. Things were alive with animation and bright colours, yet again things just didn’t feel quite right, like although they were beautiful, it was just that, not an increased aesthetic appreciation of what was already there through geometric hallucinations of LSD or the abstract flowing of mushrooms, things had a photo like appeal.

We walked slowly for around 40 minutes before returning home at about 1:30 and retiring into some more intimacy. We reviewed the experience as it was finally easier to converse and eventually started to feel sleepy at about 4am. Though it wasn’t till about 6 I finally gave up on sleeping naturally and had some valerian which gave me that extra little sedation that I needed to drift off at about 6:30.

I awoke with little to no hangover, there wasn’t really anything profound that lingered around, and no real empty feelings that might follow I night of stimulant or ecstasy use. Pretty much just a feeling that I’d stayed awake quite late a slight scattering of thoughts, and a memory of a fantastic night based around intimacy. Though we never actually had sex, the whole experience was extremely erotic, on a much more romanticised tantric basis then anything else

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56605
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 15, 2006Views: 23,432
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2C-I (172) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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