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A Little Flip'd Out
Piperazines - pFPP
Citation:   Psyonic-One. "A Little Flip'd Out: An Experience with Piperazines - pFPP (exp56641)". Jun 26, 2007.

37.5 mg oral pFPP (capsule)
After some flirtation with other chemicals in the piperazine family, my attention has turned to Flipiperazine. First because of its legal status in the US (at the present unscheduled) and further because of some anecdotal reports of its possible hallucinogenic activity. Although it was also described to me as “Like taking a downer and some acid” the downer part of this is a detractor. However, considering the stimulant properties of other piperazines, I doubted the depressant function of this substance. So, lured by the prospect of a new, legal, and easily available hallucinogen, I purchased a commercially available product that contains 37.5mgs of this novel chem to take it for a spin.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to get some breakfast and organize things before ingesting the Flipz. After a bagel, a juice, and a big glass of water, I ate the capsule at about 9:00am and began to watch a horror movie to kill the time between baseline and noticeable effects. I counted on a long come up because of my recently filled stomach and figured I could get through the standard 90 minute horror film before peek effects took hold.

9:00am -GULP!, I drop the capsule and pop in the movie.

9:20am -Huh, what’s that, first alert already? Warmth, an internal feeling of flushing heat throughout my body, especially around my head and chest.

9:30am -Uh oh…this feels like it’s going to be big. Every 30 seconds or so a rolling and increasingly intense wave of warmth comes over me, like a fever that actually feels rather good, but the speed of onset is a little startling. I begin to wonder if I have over done it. I had read that the average dose was 20-30mgs and I just took 37.5mgs…a significant 25% dose increase from the maximum dose mentioned in what little I had been able to read. I check pulse and relative arterial BP, everything feels pretty normal there so I relax a bit.

9:45am -Feels like everything has stalled a little. I’m still going up though the heat waves are not increasing at this point. Subtle visuals are starting to come into play. There is a mild shifting of the spatial orientation of fixed objects and patterns, the walls and my glass hide away door are breathing a bit, though no real apparent color enhancement at this point.

10:00am -I’m beginning to wonder if watching “Saw II” is a good idea. It is an admittedly graphic film and though I have seen many such films, in my current head state, it is maybe a little too much. But then again, as soon as I think this, I feel like I can stand it for the remaining 30 minutes or so of the movie. At times it is almost comical but then there is also an underlying diabolical nature of real suffering that is unsettling. Perhaps this substance is heady enough to be considered psychedelic instead of merely a stimulant with some visuals.

10:30am-ish –Saw II comes to it conclusion and I decide to just sit and listen to my apartment. I have not ‘really’ listened to this space like I have with the other places I’ve lived, but then again I’ve done very little in the way of psychedelic material since moving here three years ago. Normal city sounds abound, voices, cars, the city bus at the corner, and my upstairs neighbors making a seemingly ridiculous amount of noise. This neighbor noise begins to agitate me, I feel as though they have ruined my “listening to my apartment” time and I feel annoyed.

11:00am –Humph….it has only been two hours. Seems like longer some how. Although during the come up it felt like it was going to be a mind-wrecker, this phase has passed and I am now settled into a relative calm and slight introspection accompanied by minor visual distortions, breathing, light trails, a mild filmy coating to things that moves just above the surface. Maybe like a low or threshold dose of LSD, but even that seems too exciting, these are pretty mild visuals but definitely present. I am surprised that this substance feels so tame compared to an hour and a half ago where I was not sure I would be ok. Now things seem mild and pretty pleasant.

12:00pm –Definitely feeling introspective. I have been examining my behavior of late, drinking too much, doing more chemicals than usual, desiring more from my partner with whom I have an otherwise good relationship, and just generally not realizing my potential. It seems funny how doing this drug, something that many people I am involved with at this point would frown upon, has reminded me that at one time in my life, exploring these realms and this kind of introspection was happening with almost ritual regularity. At no other time in my life had I ever felt as clear as three or four years ago when I moved here. Then, upon arriving, I everything came into question. Was I really in love? Did I just move 3000 miles across the country only to make the biggest mistake of my life? Am I going to be happy?

But before it had been like even things that seemed apparent curses on my day and my life were welcomed like an old friend, with a warm and knowing smile. But I have since lost touch with that perhaps partially because I have lost touch with the teachings from the psychedelic realms. But now, even with this active but relatively benign substance, the inner eye feels open again. Alas, though I cannot dwell at the present.

2:00pm –Feeling more or less unchanged but still affected, I think I’m just used to the effects. I guess my thoughts got a hold of me earlier. It has truly been a while since I’ve done anything that makes me consider myself this much. Now I feel like I have a little clarity that I was lacking, perhaps this is what I was after all along.

3:00pm –I’m still too up to answer the phone and be confident that I can hold an intelligent conversation but I am on the way down. This has been an odd experience, initially it was an overwhelming physical experience, then it settled into a mild hallucinogenic trip, then I went inside myself, now I feel nice. I want to be active and I move about the house, stopping occasionally to watch something on the TV. I’m starting to think about food but again, I don’t want to cruise into my local corner store eyes blazing and mental coordination riding in the back seat, so I go without. I wonder if I would really want the food once I had it anyway. I consider smoking some cannabis to see where that takes things but decide against altering the direction of what has already happened.

4:00pm –Coming down slowly, no further insights on the horizon.

5:00pm –Still a +, but feeling uninterested in being under this chems influence anymore. It is not unpleasant, I’m just over it and bored.

6:00pm –I walked out to the corner store that I frequent the least to get a drink and a snack. Though the store is weird, I think I handled it without incident.

7:00pm –Not quite baseline, but could probably handle just about anything at this point with the same confidence as though I were sober.

I feel mildly off-baseline until sleeping and awaking the next day.

Afterward: Funny day this one, I had gotten a mix of something completely unexpected and just what the doctor ordered. The initial reports of this being hallucinogenic I can confirm, however, I also feel like I would not want to have done more than I did. Though I have not, nor have I ever experienced, negative effects from the Piperazines, I get the sense that more could produce some unwanted affects. I did not note any significant depressant qualities to this chemical. It reminded me of the BZP/TFMPP combo without the speediness and slightly more visually active. But it was weird. I have never experienced anything quite like those initial hot flushes, but then they just went away.

I am left wondering how some of the other piperazines would mix with this and if some relatively MDMA like sensations are possible, although I accept that the empathy and magic probably belong to MDMA exclusively. I still have like 200mgs left of this substance and will probably try it again. But for the moment, I’m happily awaiting my next experimental relative of the piperazine clan, mCPP.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56641
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 26, 2007Views: 27,039
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pFPP (415) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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