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Cosmic Soup
by Darren
Citation:   Darren. "Cosmic Soup: An Experience with LSD (exp56804)". Sep 12, 2018.

10 hits   LSD


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

After about 35 minutes I was experiencing and intensity I have never felt before. When I saw the frame of the house that was being built bending in pinching itself until either sides touched, I knew I may have done something wrong. Going inside to my room with three other friends to listen to music the intensity was increasingly more more and overwhelming the more I recognized it. As we go inside we turn on the music, we all lie down to stare at my painted ceiling and walls with glow in the dark stars all over the room. Everything I had seen was roughly normal considering I had only eaten at most 3 hits at one time until this. Again, everything was about normal until I peaked.

The stars that covered the ceiling had suddenly transformed into a full three dimensional reality and I was in the middle of it...naturally. Some of the stars advanced towards me, some of the stars fell into the ceiling going further and further away. And some seemed to just wiggle around where they were. And then I noticed what the strobe light was doing to the painted ceiling and walls.

The walls and ceiling were all colorful graffiti style words going up the walls and into the ceiling and down again, so this became very interesting. When the strobe light was out all there seemed to be was an infinite sea of stars I was easily lost in. When the light flashed, words crawled out of the walls and onto the ceiling which in turn melted of the ceiling and back onto the walls. Then it was dark...nothing but stars...again a flash and the words crawled all over the room in increasingly more and more undescribable fashions. Then I noticed the ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan had one red L.E.D. light attached to each of the blades. However, when the strobe light have seemed to stop the fan, the blades stood motionless and wavingly pointed to the floor and drifted back up again. To each still and bending fan blade three red planetlike orbs with clouds spewing off of them rotated and circled each fan blade. By this time I felt I chould maybe close my eyes....this is getting to be a bit more than I had anticipated.

When I close my doesn't work. My eyelids were like clear glass. When they were shut, it was as if they were still open. The light flashed, the words crawled, the room darked, the stars shined, the fan melting the orbs circling, my mind....BLOODY SHATTERED!

By this time I stand up to leave the room, as I advance towards the door ivy grew into my way reaching out with leaves unfolding. Knowing they were no arms of ivy growing at unheard of rates in my room I press on and walk right through the things. I reach my red door which had a white cross on it with a mirror and the word 'lazy' written in small font underneath. Below the large cross is written 'life ends sometime' also in white. I stumble through the ivy and reach the door where I stop dead in my tracks and look on in absolute...shock. I say 'hell with it I gotta get outa here.' And open the door.

I walk into a white and gold house with glowing golds fading into shining whites and shadows crawling as i make my way to the bathroom to splash water in my face. I turn on the rainbows, I mean the bathroom light, with sink water I splash it onto my face. I open my eyes and watch my face bubble like pasta sauce with my meatball eye falling off my chin. 'I need to lay down.'

So I lay down and for what I recall to be about forty minutes with my eyes closed were a tree, a human, and the planet. First the tree grew out of the muddy ground, decayed, then fell the the earth. This cycled repeatingly over and over again until the human appeared. The human rose out of the muddy ground, decayed and fell back in. This repeated for who knows how long until the planet happened. The planet was going around the sun, zooming in quickly to make the continents visible the continents swirled all over the planet running into each other still zooming in to watch a mountain form. Then rain clouds formed over the mountain falling as rain melting the mountain back into the ground. This repeated itself for who knows how long. Thinking maybe nap time was over I went outside.

Outside I watched the moon fall behind a hill. Behind the hill shone a bright and powerful white light. The white light turned and came down the hill as car head lights. The head lights lifted off the road and beacame stars in the sky. The trees were all dragons flapping their wings and swimming through the world. While the boards on the porch were shrinking and stretching beneath my feet. And thats about all I remember.

I never experienced any visitations this night. No real intense revelation to change my perception. No enhanced powers of creativity or ideas. It was simply souping around and I was an the middle of it all naturally. Things were strange and everything was a picture. A picture that was transformed in every single way you could imagine. When I started to come down, I looked at a clock and realized this had gone on for 22 hours and I had not eaten. So in an intense after trip 'shower period' where everything is lovely and everything is one mystifying. I had breakfast, which turned out to be a mix of vegetables in my Mom's home made soup.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56804
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 12, 2018Views: 418
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LSD (2) : Alone (16), General (1)

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