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A Tale of Two Minds
by G-Spot
Citation:   G-Spot. "A Tale of Two Minds: An Experience with 2C-E (exp57392)". May 1, 2009.

20 mg oral 2C-E


I had been wanting to try a psychedelic drug ever since i began my drug journey. My friend A had been trying to buy some lsd for at least a month, but with a unrealiable dealer he came up short handed. He called me up on a wensday night and said that he could get some 2ce form his freind he wrestles with. I had never heard of it before and was skeptical at first. I did my research online and decided that i didnt want to try it because it is a 'research chemical' which back then just hearing that made me look the other way, which is very juevenile.

The next week after school on friday I was board out of my mind, and the I remembered the 2ce offer. I thought ah what the hell its not gonna hurt me. So I called A up and told him that I wanted to try 2ce. He was excited(he had already done 2ce about 3 weeks before and had a wonderfull trip).

I arrived at A's house at about 6pm. He called up his dealer and said that we were gonna make the deal in 30 miniutes. So we walked up to the Wallgreens buy his house and got the 2 capsules with 20 mgs of 2ce powder each. We walked back to his house and his parents had left for dinner so we decided to pop the pills.

T+0:00 mins: we were in A's room and dropped our pills with a glass of water. Mindset was happy and prepared for an exciting trip.

T+ 30 mins: We begin to start feeling anxious in our legs which we knew was the first effects so we decided to take a walk outside.

T + 40mins: As we were walking we notice that the houses in the nieghborhood begin to look 2d. We both still had a clear mindset. My music was beggining to sound better than usual and we started to notice halos around lights.

T + 45mins: We arrived back at A's house after only 15 mins, but it felt like we had been gone for an hour. We walked in the kitchen to get some food. this is when the giddy effect hit us strong. We both decided that we wanted hot pockets and for some reason that made us laugh our asses off. We laughed for 5 mins straight while we were making our food. Then all of the sudden his parents walked in the door and our laughing stopped in a split second and all of the sudden nothing was funny anymore. We didn't want to talk to his parents very long so we walked upstairs to his room.

T + 1:00: A thought it would be a good idea to play with some of his glowsticks that he had lying around. He put some together with his conectors and made a ball. We walked into his gameroom and turned the lights off so it was dark and started throwing and kicking it around the room. The tracers were amazing and i didnt want to stop seeing them.

T + 1:20: We got bored of that after 20 mins. and went back into A's room. I noticed that i hadnt eatin any of my hot pocket and so i took a bite and wasnt hungry anymore. I then started talking to my hotpocket as if it were my friend and A started laughing histerically.

T+ 1:45: The visuals become very strong the room is wavey and the colors on the blanket on A's bed began meshing together. When i was starding up next to the bed i held my arms up and it felt like a beam of energy was shooting from the sky into my body, and I felt like i was God and could control anything i wanted to.(At this point A's trip started to go bad.) I noticed that he was feeling bad so i snapped my fingers at him without letting him know what my intensions were and all of the sudden he said he felt good again which made feel even more like God.

T + 2:00: I am sitting in the computer chair staring at a poster on the wall with a road, the trees leading up to a mountain and seeing the trees waving and different faces from shadows on it. This fascinated me and i was losing perception of time. I felt like i had been staring at it for hours but looking at the clock it had only been 10 mins. A's trip started going bad again so he decided to lay down in the bed and close his eyes.

T + 2:20: A says that he is seeing sawblades spinning a hundred miles an hour flying at him and starts freaking out, and thinks that he is going to die so i try my best to convince him that he is just on a hallucinagin and that its not real and told him how good i was feeling, but it didnt help very much. He said that he wanted to go tell his parents what we were doing and take him to the hospital. I explained to him the concequinces that would come of that and that he would be fine just staying here.

T + 2:30: He is still having a bad trip and it is starting to make my trip go bad. Time is going by so slow and i just want it to be over now. A decides to take an anxiety pill to kill his trip and i decide to do the same because i didnt want to trip out alone while he was sleeping. So i go into the guest room and get in bed and watch Howard Stern for an hour then fall asleep.

In retrospect i see that this could have been a lot more fun trip, but one reason why i think it went bad was because we were mostly in A's bedroom which wasnt very big. So if you decide to do this drug make sure you are in a good setting to help the trip go well.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57392
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2009Views: 5,569
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2C-E (137) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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