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Colour Bleed, and a Good Swim
MDA, Amphetamines (Base) & Alcohol
Citation:   Particle Man. "Colour Bleed, and a Good Swim: An Experience with MDA, Amphetamines (Base) & Alcohol (exp57488)". Sep 7, 2009.

T+ 0:00
4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   oral Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 tablet oral MDA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30 1 tablet oral MDA (pill / tablet)
The first time I tried a 'pill', I experienced the expected rush of energy, pleasure and empathy, but also something I didn't expect. After settling down for the evening I engaged in a LONG conversation with a good friend, and some time during this I had a visual hallucination. The wall, a few metres behind the person I was talking to, turned completely orange, and then completely blue. I expressed my astonishment and entertainment, and my friend, even though she had done plenty of things in her time, was surprised.

Now, knowing what I know, I suspect that it was MDA, and that it had significant effect on me because I had never had the substance, or any like it, before. I've since done many different things, including various psychedelics, and pills that I have known to be MDA, but had never had that particular experience again... until last weekend.

So, some mates gathered for a good time. I am an experienced drug user, but also a moderate one, so I was more than satisfied to have a couple of beers and a good conversation. Four beers later, we learn that another friend, who we were soon to pick up (we had a designated not-yet-drinking driver, don't worry) had an amount of pills known as 'windmills', from the same batch some friends and I had had in the past. These were MDA pills, and when I had them previously they gave me an experience at least twice as strong as any other pill I had had (and my friend, who has a LOT of pills, said the same, which says a lot), and I came off them extremely comfortably.

So off we went, and I decided that I'd have one. I'd been working ridiculously hard and felt I could allow myself the luxury. After picking up our friend, we picked up some base from somewhere (a couple of people were specifically after it). Having never tried base, I discussed it with the others and decided to try at least enough to notice what it was like. I have no interest in doing it, or meth, for my own pleasure, but I wanted to experience it to understand it and the people who do it. During the trip I had one cigarette, which had a very strong effect on me as I smoke extremely rarely (only on big nights, to complement other experiences).

Soon, I had some base, orally, and after it had fought through the alcohol, I noticed perfect awareness and clarity of perception, but not in an interesting way. I was content to perceive clearly but not analyse, which disappointed me slightly as I'm extremely analytical, and find no greater pleasure than perceiving and learning new things on certain psychedelics, for instance. That's not to say I couldn't analyse, I just wasn't motivated to. And this was hardly complaint worthy, anyway. Just thought I'd mention it. It's not an 'interesting' drug.

When we got back, we decided to have a pill each. This, I was looking forward to, because I knew to expect a great experience. We all had one. One person noticed the 'first wave' almost immediately (might seem odd but this had happened before on these, so a good sign). Within about half an hour, everyone was beginning to be affected but me. I was about as clear headed as I'd ever been, but experiencing no stimulation of any kind. The alcohol? The base? I don't know, others had had what I had. The night was still young, though, I had plenty of time to be affected.

An hour after taking it, still nothing. We were having a fantastic time though, singing and dancing around to all sorts of music, and hitting pots with wooden spoons and such. Silly fun like never before, but I hadn't felt the pill, not even an hour and a half in, and the others were surprised. 'Have another one' was the suggestion. I thought about it, and since I'd had multiples of these before without issue I thought, 'Why not?'. The others decided to have another, too.

So we all had another one. Almost immediately I felt it, and pretty soon I was quite obviously coming up on both pills at once. Considerably more fun was had, and eventually, the sun was up. We were all still going strong, though. We went outside. I sat on a chair and looked at some trees. Light was saturating, washing outwards from it's source like when you overexpose a camera, only with rich, strong color. Then this saturation bled into the sky, and low and behold, the entire sky went red, and the trees in front went purple. The two windmills had been enough to get me where my first ever pill had taken me. Only this was much more. I experienced a few more colour changes of various objects and scenes, always like a sort of saturation or colour bleeding. I discussed my experiences with the others.

We decided to walk down to a rather large and beautiful river. The sun reflecting on the water saturated in the most smooth and beautiful way possible. I should mention though that even though I was seeing these light and colour saturations, I was perceiving everything with crystal clarity. For instance if a light source was flooding light outwards in a rich bloom, I could still make out perfectly the shape of the object behind it.

We got to the pier, and got the bright idea of swimming to the other side. A long swim. I was up for it (despite being unfit) and one other guy was. I dove in, he dove in, he froze and chickened out. They still cheered me on, so off I went. As I swam, the sights before me were epic and panoramic. I seemed to be seeing in widescreen (although my position in relation to the water probably influenced that somewhat). Before me was the most beautiful shimmering of light on water, and a long way behind it, some large rocks surrounded by seemingly untouched nature. I swam on. And on, and on. I was still essentially peaking off the pill at this time. Grinding my teeth, too. Probably not the best idea as far as potential heart attacks go, but I wouldn't push myself TOO hard. I did stop and float a few times. My arms quickly slowed, but I did eventually get to the other side.

When I got there, I climbed a large rock, lay down in the sun, and admired the view. I was out of hearing range of the others, we could see each other though, so I waved to them. They waved and seemed happly talking and drinking, so I allowed myself a rest that resulted in sunburn, but I didn't notice that until the evening. It wasn't long before I decided to head back, didn't want to keep them waiting too long. The water was freeeeezing, and having just warmed up, it was very hard to push myself in. I eventually started off, and swam the first quarter or so very quickly, but then ran out of energy. I trudged on, with extreme effort, and by the time I was within talking range, they were all asking me 'Are you ok?' I said I was, and I guess I was. Getting back was the most extreme effort but I approached it positively, as an experience, as I always do, and consequently relished every minute of it. They soon helped me up onto the pier. I was apparently white as a ghost, and I was freezing, shaking, still clenching my jaw a little, I must have looked a sight. I was joyful about my experience though, and what I had gotten from it. I was glad to have done something so different.

We went back to the house and I had an intensely pleasurable bath (although luke warm water felt like lava at first). We all had another good conversation, some friends departed, and then we went to bed. I slept. I woke up only a few short hours later, feeling fine. The others hadn't slept though, most likely because they'd had a bit more base and an extra half a pill.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57488
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 7, 2009Views: 17,577
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MDA (34) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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