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Lives Remembered
Salvia divinorum (tincture)
Citation:   John Doe. "Lives Remembered: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (tincture) (exp57495)". Apr 16, 2007.

  sublingual Salvia divinorum (liquid)
My Brother ordered the emerald essence tincture and asked if I would sit for him, I didn't know anything about Salvia, and assumed it wouldn't do anything outside of relaxing you. He tried it and was stunned by how effective it was. I decided to try it 2 weeks later even though I have never tried any kind of drug or entheogen before.

At about 9:00 at night I let the liquid sit in my mouth, It kind of surprised my how bad it burned. After about 10 minutes I felt very light. I remember looking in my room and it seemed like the part of the room farthest away from myself started to move farther away, outwards. This is when I started to panic I didn't know what was going on, my heart started to beat very rapidly but I calmed down once I remembered I took salvia.

I looked down at my clock to see how long it had been since I first started and it seemed as if I was looking at myself look at my clock. That's when I truly realized that something was happening. I started to feel heavy now, as if a huge boulder kept moving on and off my body, every time it slid off I would almost drift away. Similar to putting a glass on a napkin outside so it won't fly off in the wind. At this stage I started to warm up, until I was burning, feeling very hot yet cold at the same time, similar to a fever when you sweat yet have the chills. My hands started to shake uncontrollably as if I was terrified at the experience, which was strange because I wasn't.

Once I got in a comfortable position to get over this slight annoyance I felt like I was moving to another realm almost. The only way I could describe it for me was that I felt as if I was a leaf in a stream moving to some new destination. I didn't have control where I was headed but I eventually just accepted it. I was moving through my own body, in my own blood to my heart down to my toes. It was like I was in between two walls, sliding through them, or like some type of liquid spilling over in a glass. My head would be the guide, sometimes I would move to the left and sometimes to the right, while the whole time I didn't really have a choice where to go, but I was fine with this. This seemed to go on for some time, seeing different images along with the having the sense of being new or reborn in a different state. There were visualizations of thick silvery pink liquid moving up and down in waves, with a sea of my own body and a ship sailing on top of me. I seemed to be going through myself over and over until eventually I knew that I was heading in the right direction, which was a direction that led me out of the inbetween realm.

Once out, I was pushed through a different stage like a canonball being shot out into the sky, but I didn't land on the ground because now I was the wind. It was a whole new sensation, I would glide through nature, through the trees, the grass, the high clouds. I understood what it meant to be the wind without having a self concience of what I was, meaning I didn't question my purpose or myself as wind I just experienced being wind. After being wind, I slowly drifted to the ground like a leaf. I then felt what it was to be the grass, to know what it felt like to have water fall on me and give me nourishment.

As this happened I realized that I was a small child running over the grass. It was a real childhood memory of playing with my sister around our yard and the house. I had such a playful sense of energy, my sister and I were running around the house several times, racing, I felt fidgety just like I did when I was a kid, in a very happy way. I was sitting somewhere in my old yard and was reminiscing what my body felt like to be small, of sitting on a tree stump or a rock or car and having my legs hang down without touching the ground, this was a pleasant sensation because I felt like the world was a huge place and I could do anything without any boundaries.

During this experience I remember off and on thinking of Salvia Divinorum and the connection of it all, the connection of what I was experiencing of being different things with the whole world and how every aspect, every emotion, feeling or existance was linked together. With this link It seemed like Salvia Divinorum, its life force was allowing me to have this experience which I was very grateful of, and it was grateful for having me experience this and to have me as company. This was very humbling to know.

This is where it truly gets strange, I then felt as if I had moved on to a much different level of experience, I started to see someone, I really couldn't believe it at first. It was blurry at first but then popped up and cleared in an instance. It was an older gentleman that was walking with a beatiful young lady, it seemed to be his daughter. He wore an old time round hat like people used to wear in New York. He had gray hair, with big eyes and a big nose, he had a worn but happy and simple look.

I felt like I was seeing this in an alley in New York in the late 30's or so. I saw quick glimpses of people in bars, people who looked like a mix between a cartoon and clay. I could hear accordian music from the streets which also made it feel like it was France. I quickly got a feel for where I was at by seeing the different sights and sounds of the city, like the streets and the pubs and the little shops. I remember walking into a shop that sold food items like bread and cheese, among other items.

I remember the man who always worked there and could feel his emotions and hand movements as I was actually doing his movement in real life too. He was a very frustrated man, a man that had to scrape his way through his whole life, while his shop wasn't doing too well. I remember that, that was the part of the reason I went to his shop over other shops, I felt bad for the man. I could feel his frustrated emotions and could feel myself put my hand on my head and rub the area in between my eyes because of the stress of being who he was. I then went back into myself, after doing this it was clear I was an upper class individual who lived in the city and after paying cash for the items I had purchased I felt guilty because the man I was in this experience was rich and didn't have to scrape by like the man who ran the shop. I had always been rich, and was always fairly well known with a wife.

Then I was getting ready for a party among more wealthy folks for someone's birthday party, or something along those lines. I was probably around 35 years old along with my wife, I remember seeing her getting ready for this event, she was very beautiful, she had light brown skin as if she had Spanish or Arabic blood in her. She had long vibrant dark brown hair that she liked to wear up at parties, she always wore dark makeup over her eyelids and unrealistically long eyelashes when we would go to parties. I remember making jokes with her about that, kind of playfully making fun of her. She wore a black dress to the event.

I suddenly had the sensation of moving very quickly to the event without moving. I don't exactly remember what kind of event it was but it was in this very nice and expensive building with other folks dressed up like me. Violin music was being played and as it did I had the feeling of being the music and moving around the room bouncing off walls. My wife and I were having a good time but something happened, we got into a little argument and I could remember what it felt like, it felt like being the man in the store, the man who was frustrated all the time. I left the building without her for a moment to get some fresh air and I got hit by something, something hard and I was on the ground as my head felt very light. My wife came out to see me as I believe I was dying which I was fine with (a feeling I had throughout the experience) and didn't bother me. I left this man's experience with my wife's face over mine crying.

After that man's life my hands started moving on their own accord to my head and heart over and over, while I kept repeating in my head mind and heart. As I was doing this I started to move my hand up and down on my chest until I started drumming a rythym with my hand (again uncontrollably). I was someone else now, a dark skinned man that I assumed to be African but he could have also been Arabic. I felt so strongly like I used to be this man, more so then the other life. As I was drumming I noticed I was drumming with a good friend of mine who was also dark skinned his name was something like Hikim, both Hikim and I were very smily, and giggly and were having so much fun playing the drum he reminded me of a real life friend I have now.

I remember giggling and smiling because I was having such a good time. At that moment I felt like myself as I am now was going back in time into the consciencesness of who I used to be, the drummer in the desertous landscape, to tell him something of great impotance. He felt his future spirit had come into his body and he was very grateful for that and had great joy and playful energy because of it. Yet I was experiencing that through me as I am now too. There was a particular beat that I kept going over my head and on the drum, my friend and I would play off each other very well with the beat. After we were done playing the drum I remember hearing my name from someone who was asking about a woman I planned to marry.

I was trying to remember what my name was as the drummer, the Salvia plant was hesitant to let me know this at first, it consciencely realized I wanted to know, which again humbled me because of its intelligence. It did allow me to hear my name as the drummer because it could tell I really wanted to know, which was something like Voodar-Sa-La. As Voodar-Sa-La or Voodar Sala I remember myself in this reality hearing myself say my name is Voodar-Sa-La. I remember the name was of great importance in this culture. Everyone's name was of great importance to the culture.

I was telling a tribesmen what the woman I was going to marry looked like. I was saying that she had dark skin, which I had said in a playful and joking nature because it was obvious she had dark skin, everyone in the area had dark skin. As I kept describing it, it was as if the woman I was describing was very similar to my wife as the rich man. I explained to the man that I was just on my way to ask this woman's father permission to marry his daughter. I wasn't nervous because I knew this man well, and loved him very much. When I saw him I asked him permission and he was glad, he saw this coming a long time ago, which we joked about thouroghly because I was acting modest and pretended that he didn't see this coming, similar to what I was doing with the other tribesman.

As I talked to him I heard myself in this reality talk to him in the native dialect. For awhile I realized I was speaking the language in this reality and was awed by how I knew the language so well because I could speak it so perfectly although I'm sure I was just speaking jibberish. I thought myself silly for thinking that it seems strange for some to find other people's way of talking funny. The last thing I remember as Voodar Sala was a couple of words outside of my name which seemed like was possibly the name of the place I was at, which was something like Sular or Sundahar.

After the feeling of moving around another reality again in a floating manner I felt just awed by how much I didn't know before this experience. As this was happening I felt my body moving around and floating outside my body. My head was moving from side to side as I became attracted to something outside my window as if I was the feeling of attraction itself. I looked outside and saw a star and felt like the star and myself were one. I kept looking at it as I felt that someone was waiting for me outside of this experience and that they knew what it was like to be in this experience, as a link somehow. A voice in my head was saying it is time to go, he is waiting for you.

I agreed and afterwards I got up from my bed and sat down and I felt that I needed to drink some water and when I thought about drinking water, all the sudden I was, as if I would think something and then feel my body do it almost as quickly as thinking about drinking water. I didn't really have control of my body but that was still ok and wasn't scary. I wasn't fully out of the experience but I felt like it was time to get out of it, Salvia Divinorum was telling me that if I wanted to get out of it I needed to splash myself with water on my face. As I did so I knew that the experience was over.

This was a very bizzare experience that was very vivid, probably because I haven't done anything before this, I felt very uplifted for about 3 or so days after this experience as well as reborn in a way and more understanding. It made me feel more one with the universe through helping me understand what it means to be something outside of human. All I could say to sum up the whole experience is holy shit that was strange.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57495
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2007Views: 17,359
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