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Relaxation and Good Tunes
Hydrocodone & Alcohol - Wine
by Matti B
Citation:   Matti B. "Relaxation and Good Tunes: An Experience with Hydrocodone & Alcohol - Wine (exp57503)". Sep 14, 2019.

4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  5 mg insufflated Hydrocodone (ground / crushed)
  150 mg insufflated Acetaminophen (ground / crushed)
  4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


I started the night out in a good mood, I had just gotten back from my girlfriends and my mother had a nice dinner waiting for me. I hadn's really had a chance to sit down with my family for a few days so I was pretty excited to be with my mom and dad for dinner.

I ended up having a few glasses of wine with dinner, I figured about four. When I left the table I could feel the alcohol in me. You may say I'm a lightweight but hey, I'm not a big guy.

Feeling just a tiny bit intoxicated (no slurred speach or trouble walking yet), I went to my room, ready to do a 'vicoden' my friend sold me.

Before I did the pill, I looked it up online. It was generic hydrocodone, pretty much vicoden. What made me happy was that it wasnt the 10mg hydrocodone/ 600 something mg acetaminophen, but it was a generic with only 300 mg of acetaminophen, it would be a little easier to take.

(+20 minutes)I decided to snort the pill since swallowing 10mg wouldnt do too much for me. I ground up half of it and divided it into four lines. I snorted all four and felt a mild wave of euphoria with a very slight burning.

(+35 minutes)Since my parents were gone, I decided I could just go and get tipped. I downed about for glasses of wine, and with the prior wine and the hydrocodone, I was feeling quite good.

(+40 minutes) Up to now, I had pretty much just felt alcohol, so I decided to finish up the hydrocodone. I snorted the other half of the pill real quick and fel it within five minutes.

The feeling was great. Along with the slight drunkness, I felt a warm, numbing feeling. I felt like I was under a warm blanket and could just sit doing nothing forever.

I felt like just relaxing so I turned on some music. The only thing other than the normal drunkness and opiate numbness was the music. I could really get into it. I just listened to some relaxed songs for about an hour, just absorbing it.

Right now its just starting to fade. I have a very slight drunknes and a noticable numbness from the hydro. I'm ready to go to bed and am very happy with this dosage for somone with no opiate tolerance. Mixing with alcohol feels good but I've hear it can do damage to your liver.

Keep it lit, peace.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57503
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 14, 2019Views: 1,303
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Hydrocodone (111), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : General (1), Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22), Various (28)

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