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Pleasant Surprise
Morning Glory (pearly gates) & Cannabis
by Daytripper
Citation:   Daytripper. "Pleasant Surprise: An Experience with Morning Glory (pearly gates) & Cannabis (exp57524)". Jan 26, 2007.

19 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  0.5 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I have smoked marijuana consistantly for years and tried psilocybin mushrooms two times at high enough doses to really get the full trip experience (at my body weight, over an eighth up to a quarter of an ounce of dried shrooms). After reading for countless hours about Morning Glory seeds and the LSA contained within, I was sure they worked just fine so my roommate and I ordered some from a website that advertised them as organically grown and untreated as far as fungicides or any other poison goes.

After recieving the package and having determined by reading accounts that the best way was to simply grind up the seeds in a coffee grinder and get them down on an empty stomach with something tasty, we each took 10 grams of seeds and my roommate mixed his with a milkshake and I mixed mine with a bowl of oatmeal. This was at around 7:45pm. We downed them pretty quickly, and sat down. Well, to make a long story short, the nausea from ingesting the whole seed was unbearable or at least unfit to be conductive to a healthy trip so we both vomitted pretty well after about 10-15 minutes. Then we returned to the couch, defeated.

After a couple hours (about 10pm) I decided I wasn't going to be beat that easily. I remembered reading that the emetic agent (causes nausea) was mainly found in the hard, dark shell and the LSA was mainly found in the soft, sand colored insides. I didn't have the tools or the trust in a chemical extraction, simply because I read so many conflicting results and I have little practice in home chemistry so I didn't want to risk sending myself to the hospital. Certainly, I thought, there must be a way to manually seperate the hard shell from the soft insides.

The a light went off in my head. My coffee grinder is a shitty little model. It has a plastic cover, and the really finely ground particles, 95% or more pure insides, no shell, accumulate around the inside of the top, while the harder shell material that doesn't break up as easily stayed in the bottom of the grinder. So I set about taking all in all about 18-20 grams of seeds and grinding them up in batches of about 5 grams each. I would grind for a short period of time, take the top off, use a small brush to brush the finely ground insides into a seperate container, and grind for a nother few seconds to accumulate more insides. I would do this with each batch until the black shell material really started to break up too and tiny specks of black started appearing more and more mixed in with the nice insides on the inside of the cover. At this point I would just throw everything else away, brush out the grinder, and start another batch.

I would go through maybe 4 or 5 grinding and brushing cycles for each batch of about 5 grams of seeds. After all 18-20 grams had been done, I was left with a nice pile of almost completely sand colored insides. Now, I was fairly sure that if the emetic agent WAS found mostly in the shells, that if I ate this pile I shouldn't get sick. It was at this point that I should have weighed the pile, but I was excited because of my manual extraction technique and its possibilities, so I just made a few pieces of toast with wheat bread and butter and poured the seed dust on top. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how much of the seed center material I actually ingested, just the amount of seeds I started with. The toast was definately good and easy on the stomach. After I ate it, I sat back down on the couch and waited to see what would happen. At this point it was about midnight. Now, one final note on my methond of extraction: I GOT NO NAUSEA THIS TIME. All I ate was the center of the seeds, no large hard pieces of shell, so I have to assume that the emetic agent did indeed inhabit primarily the shell.

Now, the actual trip: Nothing much happened for a couple hours, my body had the familiar 'about to take off' feeling, but I never took off. I made frequent trips to the bathroom to check my pupils, and sure enough, they were growing larger than usual. However, around 3am I had given up and assumed that even though they indeed worked, I had used too low a dosage. So I went to bed.

I laid in bed for about an hour, restless and my mind was racing. Then, at about 4am, it hit me. Four hours after I took them, it really kicked in. I was laying in my bed, on my back, in the dark, and found myself questioning the nature of reality. I began to feel that 'third hand pushing' kind of feeling where my thoughts led my in leaps and bounds in whatever direction I aimed them. Moment after moment of 'Aha!'

I don't remember any distinct visuals, perhaps this time my mind was more introspective so they didn't manifest. However, that said, I generally don't get many visuals when I trip. My trips (the heavy ones) have been a tearing of the fabric of reality. A total loss of ego and sense of self. And this trip was no different, only not as intense. I felt the beginnings of a big trip, like I was on the verge, but I hadn't had enough to push me over the edge.

It was a very introspective and soul searching kind of trip, very lucid and vivid. I clearly remember it, unlike many moments of my other trips where I was so far gone from reality that I can only remember fragments and the general sensations and general ideas and concepts they left me pondering later. This time I just laid in bed and analyzed my life with real curiosity. I was able to understand in the flash of a second these deep seeded things that determine my psychological makeup.

I could pinpoint specific things that make me unhappy, moments that I make the conscious decision to define my life by sadness and emptiness instead of full with all the world has to offer. This theme was with previous trips and was something I expected because before I started tripping I had the symptoms of clinical depression. However, with each trip, it has been like peeling away another layer of ugliness and allowing the peaceful center to become easier to focus on, unclouded by negative re-enforcement that has built up over years of unhealthy mental living.

It sounds like your average chat with a shrink, but when tripping, these emotions and subconscious feelings I am working with manifest themselves instantly and profoundly. The actual world around me does not take on that appearance anymore and seems foreign. Each trip belongs to the tripper, just like life. My description is just how I usually trip. It is introspective and my life becomes like a paint pallate set out in front of me. If I am unhappy with all of the negative colors in my life's painting, I simply choose to focus on the happier colors and use them to set my tone. This works on a level that has lasting changes after the trip.

The end of my trip came around 5:30-6am although after effects were still felt when I woke a few times during the morning and my dreams seemed to be the result of something still working in me. However, around 5:30am or later, I don't remember exactly because I wasn't looking at a clock, but I felt that I had learned what I set out to learn and was ready to sleep, this may have been my body's reaction because I was simply worn out and literally exhausted. The trip was still there though, and I suddenly felt this rush of negativity. It grew out of my control. It wasn't that I felt terribly sad, but I was able to sense these things within me and all together.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face with cold water, but it didn't help. The feeling still hung on me. It felt like I was resisting the trip, but I wasn't. I had learned a good bit on it and had come to a place of understanding. Then I remembered oddly, the native method of purging at the end of a trip as a way to symbolize the exiting from the body of negative energy. Now, take in mind, my body didn't feel in the least bit sick the whole time. I had forgotten about the first experience completely and it felt like my extraction method worked. But here I had the nagging suspicion that to get rid of the negative energy, I needed to vomit and purge it out. So vomit I did. It was no pretty process, but real change can be a hard process. After I threw up, I felt 100 times better, so I brushed my teeth and just went to bed. And here I am the next morning typing this.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57524
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 26, 2007Views: 61,212
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