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Lost My Mind
by LSD
Citation:   LSD. "Lost My Mind: An Experience with LSD (exp57582)". Jun 17, 2018.

4 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


After doing shrooms, and ecstasy numerous times I had been wanting something more intense, something that would change my whole aspect on life. I remembered my dads stories about lsd and when he was my age, and thought to myself I need to try it.

I asked around for months for this substant and know one had any idea where to get some. Until this one day one of my friends told me he had just took some the weekend before that was named Sunshine Acid. My heart instantly started racing when I heard that. That day after school, we went to the dealers house and finally got a hold of it.

Me and another friend took our doses that coming weekend at about 6 o'clock at night, and headed downtown on our skateboards to the skatepark.

One and a half hours of skating had gone by and we had hardly felt anything, so we started thinking it was bunk.

Another half an hour had went by, and I could feel a weird , but good body high come on to me. I looked at my friend and told him we better start heading out....

We were walking by the park which had alot of trees, almost like a forest. The trees started reaching over us on the road and the grass on the ground started turning bright colors. This was still the begining

After another hour of skating town, not knowing where to go, we realized we were way to high to skate, so we decided to head to a friends. When we showed up there, there was loud music being played, Tool I recall. When I got inside the peak hit me. I was zoned out to the walls mealting down to the floor too faces coming out of the wall.

Zoned out to the walls for about a half an hour, I told someone to plug in a movie. They put in chronicals of narnia(crazy on lsd). I had never seen that movie before, and the only thing I remember from it was wolves coming out of no where, and they freaked the shit out of me. After an half an hour of that we decided to get a ride home.

It was now about 10pm, and we were still peaking, heading home in a car. They dropped us off a block from my house, and made us walk in the dark. I remember walking up the street and seeing big cracks in the ground, and orange stuff coming out of the cracks, almost like lava. The trees around us were spiraling up high in the ski, and were white with little color on it. Everything had seemed so detailed. Finally we had arrived in my house.....

I instantly layed in my bed with the lights off and just zoned out. In my head I could see shapes and patterns changing color, and I kept hearing car horns, and other strange sounds. I had then thought I had lost my mind completly. I kept telling myself that I had lost my mind.

After being scared for about an hour my friend asked me if I wanted to play some video games. I usually didnt like video games until I decided to try it out on acid. This calmed me down way more. That and the weed.

We played games until we seen light out side, and decided to go to bed before my mom woke up to go to work. We sat in the room trying to go to sleep but it just wouldnt work. I'm always moving your body around. We ended up pulling and all nighter not getting any sleep.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57582
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 17, 2018Views: 709
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Various (28)

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